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Some of the chicklets are starting to look for something to wear to the party…


Ida is announcing the start of the “getting ready” part of the Easter Bunny Party…

WP will not let me reblog any longer. No idea why. But please go to Resa’s blog and see the truly wonderful post she made for the chicklets and their Easter party. I’m so grateful to her, as well as to Holly, for this wonderful scrapbook. I can never thank them enough. <3

The final act, the spine tingling, EGG DANCE, by the FABULOUS Resa…2 pictures

Resa’s Egg Dance is something the chicklets and their guests look forward to seeing each year.  And every year The Resa’s Egg Committee, makes a different Egg for her.  It’s a wonderful experience.  Magical, really.  Everyone loved it.  It was the perfect ending for the entertainment portion of a perfect day.

This is Resa, last year:

It’s a dance of rebirth and new beginnings.  It takes about forty-five minutes.


After the wonder of the the ballet and Egg Dance, everyone will catch their breath before treats and time to discuss the events of the day.  Then there will be another Story Time, and another pajama party.

The chicklets hope that you all had fun and a wonderful Easter Day.

The sun is almost down, and the easter ballet…begins

The chicklets, along with Beth, Holly and Melanie, danced the Easter Bunny Ballet, in the main entertainment Barn, for an extremely enthusiastic audience.  It’s the first time humans have been included in one of the dancing events.

It was a free form ballet, to music by Queen. The women not only danced with the chicklets, they picked them up and twirled and leaped with them in their arms.  It was a beautiful thing to see.

Post script:

The dance lasted for thirty-seven minutes.

The ballet received five curtain calls and much wing flapping, as well as peeps, chirps and MANY other sounds, made by all the others in the barn.

A smashing success.  Thank you to all those who participated.  Chirp.


Letters to the Bunny. Please note that due to the virus, and the human participants, the bunny read the letters in the field and wore a mask. Thank you for your attention.

Easter, Hare, Mask, Ffp2, Face Mask

Dear Easter Bunny:

Why are humans so mean to everyone?  Love, Rainbow


Dear Rainbow:  Humans are not as evolved as other animals.  They have a long way to go before they are civilized and in control of their brains and actions.  Love, Easter Bunny


Dear Easter Bunie

I want to be just lik yu wen I grw up.  I am a chicklet but do u think tat wil mater?  Love, Jenny


Dear Jenny:

I’m sure being a chicklet won’t matter in the least.  You see, being the Easter Bunny is all about having love for others in your heart.  It’s about kindness and warming others.  It’s about sharing and having fun and seeing all the wonderful things others can do.  So it never matters what you are, it just matters what’s in your heart.  Love, Easter Bunny


Easter Bunny:

If I try really hard can I grow ears like yours?  Love, Joe


Dear Joe:

I’m afraid that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to grow bunny ears.  But then bunnies can’t grow wings like yours either.  You are perfect just the way you are.  Love, Easter Bunny


Dear Bunny:

It’s me again.  If I jump, is it the same as hopping?  Love, Joe


Dear Joe:

It’s a lot like hopping.  So, yes.  Love, Easter Bunny


Dear Easter Bunny:

Why don’t bunnies have feathers?  Love,  Lois


Dear Lois:

That’s a very good question.  Bunnies and chicklets are different species.  Their genes are in a different order and because of that, bunnies have fur and chicklets have feathers.  Love, Easter Bunny


Dear Easter Bunny:

I thought it was something like that.  Genetics is something I’m interested in and I’m going to draw a double helix for the Science Club.  Thank you very much.  Love, Lois



by Honey

life changes all the time
the humans try to push the animals out
they take their habitats
their food and water
they think everything belongs to them
even our bodies and coats
they take and never give
they don’t have the chicklet spirit
in their hearts
that’s why they are so mean
they don’t know how to share
and see the beauty in everyone
and everything
animals never take too much
I wish we could fit all living things
inside The Coop
all living things
except the humans
then everyone would be happy

by Lester

bunnies are our friends
they work in the hospital
and in the nursery
they are never too busy
to warm someone
or to help others
bunnies are soft
and loving
I’m so happy to have them
as friends
I’m so happy they live at
The Coop

by Lois

Chicklets have power
the power of kindness
the power of love
the power of sharing
and seeing beauty in others
that’s no small thing
Chicklets love almost everyone
not factory farm workers
or mean people who hurt animals
but everyone else
Chicklets are eager to learn
and to teach
they care for each other
Chicklets save lives
they fight back
and rescue others from
Factory Farms
Chicklets are political
and they are willing to
do what needs to be done
to help those in need
I am proud to be a Chicklet
I realize how fortunate I am
I promise to always be a good
Chicklet and fight
for what’s right

by the Flying Chicklet

Our wings might not
get us off the ground
but if flight is all you dream about
you can find a way to do it
never give up on your dreams
unless it makes you unhappy
then get a new dream
because it’s silly
to waste your entire life
moping around
but if you want to fly
you can do it
even if you can only fly
in a straight line
it’s still flying





Welcome to the entertainment extravaganza…

Part of the Welcoming Committee is here to invite you in to the entertainment barn for the amazing Ballet and Egg Dance. It’s going to be wonderful, so please, enjoy yourselves.

First up is the Poetry Slam.  After which, there will be a tribute to the Warming Bunnies, who work tirelessly to heal and bring happiness and joy, to those around them.  It will be awhile before the headline dance routines take place, but have fun at the opening acts.

Happy Bunny Day…

Hare, Field, Animal, Wild Animal, Mammal

I am a living bunny.  I am not made for coats or the inside of gloves.  I am not food.  I am a living being with a heart and mind.  I do not belong to you.  I am sweet and kind.  I do not harm anyone.



Today is Bunny day…hop and have fun.


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