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A New Creation Story…

In the beginning, Mother Nature woke up.  She stretched and looked around.  What she saw was a planet on fire.  “This will never do,” she said, out loud. So, she calmed the fire and cleansed the air.  Little by little the earth cooled and became peaceful.  Well, as peaceful as any newborn can be, that is.  She tinkered with this and played with that, until the rock she was standing upon, took on a new and less violent and deadly appearance.  It was still hot, of course, I mean a planet erupting in volcanoes and spewing boiling hot lava doesn’t just change overnight.  But Mother Nature had all the time there was…ever…like in forEVER, so she wasn’t in a hurry.

When she came up with an idea, she tried it out.  It was a hit or miss kind of thing.  Finally, after eons, she turned the sky blue.  After awhile, she grew unhappy with the blue sky. It was boring and dull, so she threw a few clouds into the air and was satisfied.  The clouds drifted around, pushed by the breeze she had called into being, and she could see shapes in the moving clouds, as she lay on her back on the newly grown grass.  She dragged the sun into position, no easy task, and put another rock in place to play with the oceans and tides.  Yes, she thought.  Things are coming along nicely.

Once Mother Nature had the basics down she combined the molecules in the water to make tiny living things, like volvoxes, a lovely algae, and for freshwater streams she added the ever popular paramecium.  Eventually, she decided to go bigger and trees, ferns, and plants of every kind popped up wherever she walked.  Oxygen started to fill the…air.  She looked around and saw that what she had done, was really good.  Still, not having a perfect sense of size she made dinosaurs.  She was delighted.  Everything was super-sized and fit into the now oxygen rich environment perfectly.  I mean a leaf was the size of a…well, it was truly gigantic.  Everyone was happy.  The dinosaurs frolicked and played for a few gazillion years, some slow and methodical, others fast and hungry.  She had fun with the T-Rex, giving it tiny forearms as a kind of experiment.  T’s were incredibly fast and ran flat out, head down, to cut through the wind.

While the dinosaurs were busy doing their thing, Mother Nature began painting flowers.  She made some that were delicate, with thin soft petals, and others that were a bit more hardy.  She made them large and small, and every color she could possibly think of.  The dinosaurs ate them, but still they blossomed and made her very happy.

Then she made fairies and elves.  Tiny creatures, who lived everywhere.  The dinosaurs were no threat, since the fairies and elves were quick, small, and not worth chasing.  Besides a lot of the dinosaurs were vegetarians and just enjoyed an interesting conversation, now and then.

Little by little, things began to spring up on their own.  Beings, as well as flora.  Mother Nature was delighted.  She danced and clapped her hands at each new birth.  It was wonderful to watch everything evolve.

Time passed (that’s an understatement of epic proportion).  She continued to watch things grow, hatch, bloom and flourish.  And then one day, the dinosaurs all stopped what they were doing, and looked toward the sky.  There was a being there, throwing something at their rock.  A being they had never seen before.  The thing he threw hit them and everything exploded.  Death was everywhere, walking among them, releasing spirits and waiting for those not yet dead, to expire.  The tiny ones, who used to mind their own business and try really hard not to be prey, went deep underground.

The flames were back.  Mother Nature was royally pissed.  She screamed at the sky being so loudly and so mournfully that the sound scientists think is a remanent from the Big Bang, is actually the echo of her grief.

And then they came.  Ugly, ignorant, violent beings that walked on two legs.  They looked around and thought about what they could kill or eat.  They thought about stock options and how to enslave those weaker, or more innocent, than they were.  As they evolved and became even more aggressive and dangerous, the Earth Mother wept.  She wept and wept and it began to rain.  It rained so hard that the land began to flood, and she saw that it was good.  She gathered the DNA from her creations and put them into her pocket…and she kept crying.  She wanted the two legged, ugly things, the hateful sky being sent, to die.  Everything was drowning except the ducks.  The ducks were actually quite happy, since they had a lot more places to swim.  The fish were okay as well, but you probably already knew that, right?  Lots of things were happy with the flood, pretty much anything that could breath underwater or float on top, so it wasn’t as bad as everyone thinks it was.

When Mother Nature stopped crying, the super saturated earth SLOWLY began to dry.  But a few of the ugly ones survived.  She made new creatures as quickly as she could.  Poisonous snakes, deadly spiders, anything that could rid her paradise of the parasitic ugly ones, but they simply WOULD NOT DIE.  That’s when she learned that hatred and violence were stronger than peace and love.  But she refused to give up.  She sent snow and sleet, incredible heat, but still they lived.  The spun tornadoes, and hurricanes but they clung to life, their hatred keeping them warm and safe.  Dreams of death and destruction, strong in their minds.  They killed Mother Nature’s children, they cut down her trees.  They trampled her flowers.    They killed their own kind and enslaved those they allowed to live. They turned the Garden into a gigantic garbage dump that smelled of them and of the death that followed them wherever they went.

And then the Mother Nature understood.  The sky being was hatred and destruction.  A monster who stank of blood and greed, rape and evil.  A being who despised beauty and freedom.  A being out of control and blind with jealousy, rage and violence.   And she smiled.  She knew that in time, and she had a lot of that, the beings he made would self-implode.  She did not have to do anything but wait.  Then she would begin again, making sure that he would never be able to return to harm what she had made.



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