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Fuzzy bee on pink flower…

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

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Es, the Orb spider, is the size of a pea. That’s how tiny she is. But my daughter was out talking to her, she lives under the top of a ladder, and got these pictures. Remember, she’s the size of a PEA. So tiny you can barely see her. In the last picture you can see her wee nest. She has deceased wasp.

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This is Es (short for Esmeralda), my daughter’s friend…

Es is an ORB SPIDER.  They are very gentle and sweet.  My daughter checks on her everyday, talks to her, and makes sure that she’s okay and her web is fine.  They have become good friends.  She’s so very, very … Continue reading

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Insect…a poem

I may not know who or what you are but I would like to say that you are beautiful and look VERY interesting if you were larger and didn’t bite maybe we could become friends it you don’t mind being … Continue reading

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