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Dragonflies are vicious and if they were bigger they would kill and eat us. They kill and eat each other. It’s what they do. They kill. So next time one lands on you, be glad you’re as big as you are.

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Anytime you stop thinking the world is weird…think of this pretty beetle.

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Fuzzy bee on pink flower…

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

Es, the Orb spider, is the size of a pea. That’s how tiny she is. But my daughter was out talking to her, she lives under the top of a ladder, and got these pictures. Remember, she’s the size of a PEA. So tiny you can barely see her. In the last picture you can see her wee nest. She has deceased wasp.

This is Es (short for Esmeralda), my daughter’s friend…

Es is an ORB SPIDER.  They are very gentle and sweet.  My daughter checks on her everyday, talks to her, and makes sure that she’s okay and her web is fine.  They have become good friends.  She’s so very, very tiny, even thought she looks big in this picture.  Anyway, we all love her very much and she’s getting good care and lots of happy and encouraging words.  She’s so cute and adorable.  She lives under the platform of a ladder and only comes out now and then because she’s very shy.  🙂

Insect…a poem

I may not know
or what
you are
but I would
like to say
that you are
and look
if you were
and didn’t
we could
become friends
it you don’t
mind being friends
with a human

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