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The Fashion Show is being moved up, since many of the baby chicklets are falling asleep. The Fashion Show is being hosted by chicklet Princess. She is wearing a Designer Gown, made by the Fabulous Resa.


Something a little different…Madam Butterfly is being sung on stage, due to the fact that there were butterflies down by the Rubber Duck Pond, during lunch. Everyone is thrilled and Holly is dancing in the background, in her cow and tutu suit.


Everyone loved THE TUMBLEWEEDS act, and now, Henry and Zelda are going to sing, while Spot, Prickles and Feathers, do the backup humming…They are very popular, and well loved.

One of the treats tables in the lobby of the Party Barn.

Holly brought her delicious corn bread and popcorn balls, Beth brought cookies, Resa brought pies and Dale brought yummy drinks and surprise treats.  The chicklets are so happy, and even though the show has begun…there are a couple young chicklets who seem to think it’s better to stay around the food.


Flashing on the BIG SCREEN, are pictures from 2014’s Halloween party…


The TUMBLEWEEDS…Opening act.

the athletic group
skates, walks the wire
flys and tumbles

The Main Stage in the Party Barn, is now open. Representatives of the PEACE Committee are opening the show.

friends, siblings, guests
and all who are here
we welcome you
to this FABULOUS
Halloween Party
at The Coop
(chirps and peeps)
most of us want PEACE
in the world
no more torture
pain and suffering
no more Factory Farming
or the slaughter of our
loved ones
so if you want to work for
there is a sign up sheet
on the table by the door
in the meantime
we would like to introduce
our first act
for your viewing pleasure
(more chirps, peeps and wing flaps)

The votes are in…Winners of the BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST.

It was a triple tie
and yes, the bee won a special award
but these three have been voted winners
of the 2022 Halloween party
they will have their picture taken
and be interviewed by a reporter
from The Coop paper

A few of the Poetry Club’s readings…


Halloween can be scary
if you’re all alone
but if you’re at The Coop
Halloween means treats
Gondola Rides
Story Time
fashion shows
other stuff
and lots of love
I want to go to Paris
and I know that doesn’t
have anything to do with Halloween
but I just wanted you to know
because the older chicklets talk about it
and I wasn’t born when they went there
so I didn’t get a turn


everyday is so much fun
and when special times come along
like Halloween
there’s even more fun
and that’s a LOT of fun
the Committees are so busy
making everything perfect for everyone
and that’s fun too
because life is supposed to be
and it is
if you live at The Coop


Poetry is
a special way
of communicating
you can write a long story
in a few lines
Halloween stories are fun to write
like a tiny brown mouse
made a home in a pumpkin
knowing that the pumpkin
wouldn’t last
but the mouse was rather zen
and when his house started wilting
he simply moved somewhere else
Happy Halloween


I like Halloween at The Coop
I live here
and on holidays
I give the baby chicklets rides
on my back
Halloween means costumes
and masks
and contests
and treats
so we all have a great time


Halloween Poetry Slam…They’re lining up.

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