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I have not heard from Vivian, but I’m hoping that she’s well on her way to Paris.  Or, at the very least…half way down the street.  I admire her courage…to follow her dream.

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What kind of future will our children be inheriting from us…

It’s strange to me that people so easily accept the violence around them.  The fact that children can no longer play outside without supervision, the fact that they can never be left alone, because they can be taken, violated, or … Continue reading

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All the FACTS you’ll want to know about…are in this book. Read it and you’ll know who the bad guys are. There’s no filler, just studies and proof of what the bad guys are doing to us and how and why we need to stop them. It’s a book for YA’s so it’s fast, to the point and excellent.

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The Librarian…14

“So?” asked the Librarian. “I put in for the complete annihilation of the human male species on this planet, but my request was denied.” The Librarian nodded.  “I knew they wouldn’t let you do it.” “Something about balance,” sighed Dusa. … Continue reading

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Another quickie…

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Picked this up at Half Price Books yesterday…Looks like fun.

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Queen Isabella

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Originally posted on Art Gowns:
Did you ever feel like you were sculpting an Art Gown? Well, that’s exactly how I felt building Queen Isabella. Dedicated to my sweet friend Isabella: I said to her and T, I want Isabella…

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I want to…a poem

I want to write about happy things about beauty and freedom and joy I want to write about the pretend America the one that never existed but should have I want to write about equality and peaceful things I want … Continue reading

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the government cannot make money off of peace or equality that’s why we don’t have those things there’s no money in happiness either there’s money in war and hatred there’s money in drugs guns violence ignorance hunger slavery and greed … Continue reading

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Wow! From: Astronomy Picture of the Day

M83: The Thousand Ruby Galaxy

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