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We always seem to think that everything is somewhere, but what if it’s not?  What if only certain people, driving down this road, get to where they planned on going.  The Bermuda Triangle and the Great Lakes spot, take people to other places, whether they want to go or not.  What if there are places like that all over the world.  What if they are just there, waiting for the right people.

Where do those disappeared people end up?  Why are some taken but not others?

Some people may think this road is beautiful.  It’s not to me.  No trees, just stripped and barren.  Cold, slick and boring. You would think that the road had to lead somewhere, but maybe it doesn’t, at least not all the time.  I think there’s a lot we don’t know.  A lot we take for granted.  Things people never talk about.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.

What if…

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What if we really are the Matrix…nothing more than dots and numbers, code and clever programing?  What if that’s ALL we are.  What if Keanu Reeves can’t save us?  We don’t seem to be able to save ourselves, so maybe we need young hackers to figure things out.  It couldn’t hurt, right?  The reason those kids are hunted by governments all over the world, is because they can tell us the truth about what’s going on, not because of national security.  They’ll expose the lies.  Can you even imagine it?

If we are part of the Matrix, maybe the kids could figure out a way to screw up the programs of the 1%, so everyone else could finally catch a break and live.


What if…

What if we’re wrong about absolutely everything?

What if you’re good but Santa doesn’t stop by?

What if we all stopped doing what we were told to do?

What if we admitted that love has no real definition because we don’t know what it is?

What if government officials had to give their messages while wearing lie detectors monitored by regular people?

What if we stopped obeying arbitrary laws the government enacts for their own gain?

What if teachers were allowed to stop teaching lies?

What if instead of kids playing competitive sports they all wrote songs, painted pictures, and freed their innate creativity instead?

What if students decided which classes were taught in schools?

What if students could learn what they wanted to learn instead of what the government wants them to know.

What if girls were considered as important as boys…in the world?

What if women had rights?

What if religion just let Christmas be what it always was, a pagan celebration of the return of the light?

What if church didn’t own the state?

What if the bad guys were held accountable for their crimes?

What if people were ALLOWED to be happy?

What if the police worked to protect the people from the state instead of the other way around?

What if age didn’t make people invisible?

What if people stopped believing that having children was necessary?

What if violence disappeared from the media?

What if people knew what other people actually meant when they spoke?

What if life became more important than money?

What if we stopped saying life is good, or bad, and just said life IS?

What if artists used their art to make a difference?

What if people stopped trying to please others, instead of themselves?

What if we stopped bringing children into a world that’s dying, in so many ways?

What if we could trust each other?

What if we changed the way we lived so that people could be happy?

What if the cures for major diseases were not withheld because of greed?

What if people got enough rest?

What if our government stopped promoting unrest and hatred?

What if concerts and art exhibits were free, so that everyone could attend?

What if the class system was dismantled?

What if people cared about what others didn’t have?

What if…

What if…

What if there is no Yellow Brick Road?

What if humans can never be better than they are right now?

What if violence can never be eradicated?

What if there’s no such thing as peace?

What if we just use the word love to define things/feelings we don’t have any other words for?

What if Death is the best thing that can ever happen to us?

What if we stop pretending that we know what’s going on?

What if we admit that there is no justice or equality, just brutality and power?

What if we admit that the way white men have set up our culture is wrong and always has been?

What if everyone was heard?

What if we celebrated the creativity of all people?

What if we stopped teaching hate?

What if we redefined beauty?

What if we listened to older people instead of dismissing them?

What if there were no political parties and anyone could run for office?

What if rich white males were not allowed to have a say in government or anything else, for the same amount of time they have excluded everyone else?

What if men respected women?

What if there was shelter, food, and clean water for everyone?

What if we remade the world in a kinder and more inclusive way?

What if we stop making excuses for the way things are?

What if we took responsibility for the bad things that are happening and did something about them?

What if government officials made minimum wage?

What if we stopped telling ourselves that everything was going to be okay?

What if people stopped doing drugs?

What if the customer was always right?

What if the government couldn’t lie to us?

What if…


What if…

What if…there was trust in the world

What if…parents never had to bury their children

What if…labels and judgements disappeared

What if…everyone was respected for their special talent

What if…art was considered more important than everything else

What if…people listened to each other

What if…children could trust their parents

What if…competition was replaced by cooperation

What if…our differences were allowed to blossom

What if…there were no political parties and anyone could run for office

What if…care of the planet and everything that lived on it was our main focus

What if…everyone had enough to eat

What if…everyone had proper shelter

What if…there were no camps surrounded by barbed wire

What if…all children had clothing and toys

What if…education was free to anyone who wanted to learn

What if…no one had more than anyone else but everyone had a lot

What if…we all worked together as countries and individuals to answer the important questions

What if…there were no weapons

What if…there were no hateful people

What if…

What if…

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What if…we are more than we seem to be?

What if…when we kill other living beings, we are killing ourselves?

What if…other living beings are here to help us but our gigantic ego riddled brains, won’t allow us to see that?

What if…we admit that nothing is as it seems?

What if…we admit that we don’t know anything for sure?

What if…the people who are held down…are held down because they are the answer?

What if…white males had no power?

What if men had no power?

What if…the killing/violence stopped?

What if…kindness, instead of greed, was what we moved toward?

What if…we cared for the planet?

What if…hate didn’t exist?

What if…we cared enough about children to make the world a better place?

What if…equality existed

What if…


What if…

what if…money grew on trees

what if…females were included
in running of the world

what if…our food was always
served hot and French Fries
were on every menu

what if …schools taught
the truth about history
and the white man’s part in it

what if…the Arts were the most important
subjects in schools

what if…creativity was valued

what if…books and education
were free

what if…we listened to each other

what if our government was sane
and run by the people

what if…the media started
working for the people
instead of manipulating them

what if…fear and desire weren’t being shoved
down our throats to make money
for rich white guys

what if,,,war could only be started
when all the people agreed that it was necessary

what if…the military worked for the people
not the government

what if…pears didn’t spoil the second
you bought them

what if…dogs finally realized
that cats ruled the world

what if…children had a
bright future and an
environmentally sound planet
on which to live

what if…eating chocolate
ten times a day
made you thin

what if…our government
stopped poisoning our food

what if…Big Pharma stopped
making up new diseases to
sell the same pills

what if…people stopped
listening to the news
to TV
to the government
and to

what if…people
woke up

what if…we stopped
killing and eating animals

what if…we refused to let
the government destroy
our children

what if…we read more
and stopped binge watching
old TV programs

what if…we could understand
what animals were saying

what if we could stop adults
from raping and beating

what if…minorities were allowed
to thrive

what if…rich people
had to pay all the taxes

what if…everyone in government
made minimum wage
and had no insurance

what if …people
fought back

what if…

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