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A family affair…winter

“Yes,” he said.  “You did very well.  It’s beautiful and just the right mixture and weight.  It’s perfect snow.” “Thank you,” she said, throwing her arms around him.  “But…” “But you still don’t understand why you can’t play here all … Continue reading

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Snow day…Winter chicklet

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I LOVE this picture so very, very much…horses know how to have fun.

Photo:  Sheri Hockey Unsplash

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Dine out in this beautiful Paris cafe…

Photo:  Shche_Team Unsplash

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Debbie took this picture on the way to work yesterday…I love it.

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Fairytale of New York – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

every year at Christmas New York disappears no one really notices but that’s what happens it’s picked up by two giants who are very strong indeed and carried to a secret fairytale place to be evaluated and dissected by lab … Continue reading

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Play…a poem

childhood for many is a time of freedom a time when responsibility consists of brushing your teeth and doing your homework it’s easy to love snow when all you have to do is play in it play is exciting it … Continue reading

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Walking in a winter wonderland…a poem

we live so close to each other strangers passing glancing bumping and ignoring each other we all know there are others around us so why are people so carless mean hateful violent and cruel when the world is so absolutely … Continue reading

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Always take your dog along when you’re going to build a snowperson…

dogs are very creative especially when it comes to building snowpeople they know where to get the very best sticks for their arms and they can carry the carrot for the nose and sometimes they don’t eve eat it besides … Continue reading

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