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Feeling winter…

Free Back View of Person Standing on Country Road Between Trees Stock Photo

I was looking for a picture
and came across this one
I immediately felt the dampness
the wetness
the chill
and I knew exactly
what it felt like
to be standing there


Photo:  Domen Mirtič Dolenec

Dreaming about summer and flowers, color, sunshine, warm breezes and birdsong. A poem.

people often say
don’t long for things
enjoy the moment
don’t think about
the freezing cold
the ice
filthy snow
and all the rest
snow can be beautiful
sparkling like diamonds
under the light of the moon
on a silent night
because the wind
isn’t blowing forty miles an hour
then it’s magical
that lasts for ten minutes
but flowers
summer days
and nights
are wonders
for the senses
for the heart
and mind
showing us
the beauty
of Mother Nature
long summer days
bird song
I think those
who don’t understand that
are cyborgs
from somewhere else
in the Universe
or mole people
those who love
damp, cold, wet
definitely mole people


Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson



Peanuts and water, help a friend get through winter…

Photo:Deborah L. Carlson

New life frozen in ice…a poem.

Rose Stem, Frost, Winter, Rose Branch

the seasons change
each bringing
their own weather systems with them
never caring about what
they do to other living beings
Nature just is
it has no intent
is simply


Photo:  Pixabay

It was -11 degrees, with the wind chill when I went walking this morning…

I tried to find a picture of a woman walking, that looked ANYTHING like the place or way I walk, and failed.  I don’t walk with dogs, wolves, other people, in the mountains, on the beach, or in heels and suits.  Even the silhouettes have dogs in them and women with skirts, or dresses from the 1800’s.  It’s insane.  I don’t live in the country or on the coast, or in the mountains.

Anyway, It was 11 below zero, but I got up, dressed, fed Emmie, had a bagel and left.  It was beautiful outside.  Reason:  the wind was only 6 miles an hour and the SUN WAS OUT!  The sun was out, that’s why it was so cold.  Can’t catch a break.  If the sun’s out, it’s freezing, if it’s dark, the clouds hold what little warmth there is…in.

Anyway, I know myself, and if I skip a day, it’s easier to skip another, so I make myself go everyday, unless the streets are completely icy.  I did have to walk in the middle of the street, at times, but it was a quiet street, no cars.

The bottom line is…that it was beautiful outside, and I was mesmerized by the the sparkling diamonds not only on the snow, but in the asphalt on the streets.  There’s something in that stuff that glitters so beautifully, it’s hard to look at anything else.  It was magical.

Cat in snow…

Cat, Kitten, Snow, Winter

Photo:  Pixabay

Cat in snow…

Winter, Cat, Black And White Cat

Photo:  Pixabay

Cat in snow…


Photo:  Pixabay

Cat in snow…

brown and black leopard walking on snow covered ground during daytime

Photo:  Alessandro Micelli

Dashing through the snow…

Photo:  Emma Birman

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