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Excellent and uplifting TED Talk for kids the system turns against

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This should be horrifying to everyone…Deb just sent it. Schools having to take down posters that show diversity…read it and act. The students are fighting back, since they have more brains than all the government officials put together.

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I have been writing about this forever…Quote from: Noam Chomsky

Pinterest This is what I kept telling parents…if your child is in trouble in school, s/he’s not bad or wrong s/he simply won’t be broken to fit into the herd.  Be happy about that and fight the school, not … Continue reading

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Wonderful TED Talk about Public Education and how we are failing our kids…

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This plays into what I said yesterday. Excellent TED Talk, if you have kids, know kids or teach kids

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And we wonder why…

Picture from: Pixabay

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Source:  Pinterest I love this so much because it’s beautiful and true.  

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