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The Conversation…

Pixabay “Mom, why do they keep telling me to fight for my country?” “Because the men in power want more money and even more power.” “They said that if I loved my country I would kill other people.  People I … Continue reading

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Jenny Smith…Short story about bullies

Jenny was an average person.   She had friends, played baseball, loved her cat, did her homework, at least most of the time, and sat at any lunch table she liked.  She minded her own business and only gave her … Continue reading

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Pinterest Quote by:  John Dewey

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Quote: bell hooks…loved her books

Pintrest Quote: bell hooks We destroy creativity, imagination and critical thought in children as a matter of course.  It’s so they FIT IN and don’t go against the status quo.  It’s so they know their place.  It’s like giving … Continue reading

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I despise outlines.  Teachers should only allow children who like them, to actually DO them.  For the rest of us, well, WE CAN’T DO THEM.  It’s cruel and unusual punishment to MAKE kids write outlines.  They DON’T organize your thoughts, … Continue reading

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The yearbook…we never thought they would print it…1 picture

Ages ago my daughter called and said, “Since Justin is graduating, we need to do that stupid thing in the yearbook.  Write something, okay.”  This is how it goes.  You turn in a baby picture of the graduate and write … Continue reading

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