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Sunsets on Maui are beautiful…

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Mountains in the mist…Maui

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Orchids are all over the Hyatt on Maui…

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This looks like science fiction to me…like people waiting for the Mother Ship to land…but it’s just the people on the Sunset Cruise looking at the sun going down…Maui

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Lush foliage at the Hyatt on Maui…

Trust me, when you’re from Chicago, seeing plants this large outside is amazing.  I’ve seen things like this in Florida, even Vegas and it’s such a treat.  by the time our wee plants get going it’s winter again.  I remember … Continue reading

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Quan Yin…

The Hyatt on Maui had some beautiful are work.  Quan Yin is in the center of the hotel.  Poor thing will never open her eyes.  I often wonder if she’s sorry she promised to keep them closed until all suffering … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

We were at the Polynesia Cultural Center (I think that’s what it’s called…I don’t pay attention to those things, sorry) and we were sitting in on a talk and demonstration by the Samoan native tribe.  The Chief saw us (before … Continue reading

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Hyatt on Maui…

In the hotels on Waikiki and on Maui, birds are kept in cages.  They are removed during the night and brought back during the day.  This cage is empty because it was raining. It made me feel really bad.  All … Continue reading

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These are the warm weather penguins who live at the Hyatt, on Maui.  They are adorable and well cared for…not free, but I hope they’re happy.  They seem happy, but people like to think that captives are happy because it … Continue reading

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The chicklets took first place in the dance contest on Maui…

Violet and Jake did a fabulous job and won first place in the hula contest.   The rest of the chicklets were peeping and chirping loudly, flapping their wings and bobbing up and down.  The other contestants were very good … Continue reading

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