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Every time I see a blurb, in an ad, or on a book cover, that tells me THIS IS THE TRUE STORY OF…THE AMAZONS, CAVE PEOPLE, whatever, I don’t want to read it.  There is no way that anyone can know the true story of what happened in the past.  None.  Everything is pieced together by fragments of pottery, beads, or nothing at all.  We have no idea what happened in our distant history.

Even recent history, the Orange years, if we all wrote books with the title, THE NIGHTMARE YEARS/The orange one in the white house, every book would be different because no one can know what actually happened.  The republicans would say one thing, the democrats another.  The north and south certainly would not agree, Red and Blue states would argue about what happened and so would the peole.  If those in the future wrote a book saying it was the truth, about those terrible years, they would be wrong.  Same goes for any historical rendering.

We don’t actually know anything at all.  We write assumptions, prejudices, our own beliefs and experiences, according to where we came from and what we have been exposed to.  Would a book about the civil war be the same if it was written by a southerner or northerner?  No.  It wouldn’t be.

The lies we have been historically fed are coming into the light.  But that’s what historical books are.  Fairytales and lies.  Places where minorities and women didn’t exist and where white males were the only ones alive.  In fact history can’t be known or explained in any real way because a lot of the populations were kept uneducated.

We have the diaries of women, physical relics, but how people felt, what was going on, those things can’t be known.  So when I see that line, THE TRUE….whatever, I just walk away.

My grandson knows more about the time I was a teenager than I do.  That I actually LIVED IT doesn’t mean anything because he read about it by people who weren’t even born then and that’s his truth.  It’s not true at all, but the fact that I was there, doesn’t count.  That’s what history is.

If you’re interested in Jimi Hendrix you can read tons of books on him, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, etc., and all of them will be different because they were written by people who knew the person and only saw that side of him/her.  We can never know the whole story because the stories are too big.

White people can’t write about what it’s like to be African American any more than African American’s can write about what it’s like to be white.  Misconceptions abound, we don’t have a clue.  I have no idea what it’s like to have a baby in a wagon crossing the open plains, while fighting the rightful owners of the country I was stealing.  I could write about it but wouldn’t know what I was talking about.  I can’t even imagine being without a chocolate for a day, let alone being pulled by horses to a place in the middle of wherever, while having a child.  I can’t imagine the hardships people faced.  No penicillin, 24 hour-care, dentists, grocery stores, cars, skyscrapers, nothing.  But I could still write a history book, using diaries, fragments of this or that.  Those women could probably write sci-fi about having a baby in a hospital with drugs and and care takers.

No one knows what happened in ancient Rome, or with the Amazons, or anything else.

The survivors of the death camps in Germany, are worried that when the last of them is gone, history will be REWRITTEN and the truth will be lost.  Their truths and experiences will be lost, taken with them when they go.

Men don’t write female characters very well.  The reverse is often true.  Imagine writing about an entire civilization.  I don’t think so.  Well, science can do tests that show the diseases people died from, whether they were murdered or not.  Carbon dating is useful, but feelings and the problems/governments/child rearing, etc., are not transferrable.  We can’t dig them up.

Research isn’t alive.  We are.  Stories are alive while they are being lived.  After that, they slowly disappear to be rewritten by others who didn’t live them.

When a person dies, stories about him/her are sometimes passed down to others but later, the stories are retold differently and the feelings attached to them cannot be given to future generations who never knew the person or heard the original tales.  That’s what history is.  A forgetting and a patched together remembering that’s often fictional for the most part.  We need to remember that.

History is made up by people who weren’t there.  And never forget the old saying:  History is written by the winners.  Lies and pretend.  Written by slave owners, rich white guys.  Where is the history of the Native Americans that’s being taught in schools?  One voice.  It’s always one voice.  History is white, rich males.  That’s all there is.  The past was written by them and it’s being written by them today, so you can’t believe what you read, except in that context…one voice, one slant, one opinion, all to make themselves more powerful, in charge and right.  None of that is true, it’s just all there is.

In recent years books have been written by women and African Americans, Latinos and others, but they aren’t taught in schools, at least not all of them.  They are still in the shadows of a dark and bloody past.

Why aren’t there best sellers on backstreet abortions and pictures of the dead women who were literally FORCED to seek help from places and people who could kill them?  Why isn’t that part of history that’s taught so everyone can see what dead teens look like, killed by their own white, male, out of touch hateful government officials who constantly attack Roe vs. Wade and make it impossible for girls to get help without parental consent.  MEN WOULD RATHER HAVE THEM DEAD, THAN FREE TO OWN THEIR OWN BODIES.  Health care should be a right between doctor and patient but it’s not.  Not if you’re a women and now some states are passing laws that say you have to keep the fetus from rape and incest.  How ugly is that?  But no history books are out there in schools, showing how hated women are.  How disposable they are, how violent their lives are and after the violence, they are forced to die for what others did to them.  Yeah, we need history books like that so it’s in the open…the HISTORY OF WOMEN IS UGLY and kept quiet because the guys who write the books are the ugly ones.

This can be said about many groups, but dying is the price one pays for not being a landed, rich, greedy, hateful, mostly republican males.  They make me sick and they kill women.  Histories like that aren’t there for all to see because they aren’t pretty and no one want’s to deal with it.  Dead women, scarred women.  That’s just one history that’s been left out.

Lastly, why do you think it’s called HIS STORY?  Because that’s exactly what it is.  It’s just His Story.

From: Bored Panda…so important

People Are Listing The Women That Got Overlooked In History Along With Their Important Achievements (54 Pics) 

History 2

The world is not flat.  Humans did not live during the time dinosaurs roamed the earth.  Cave people didn’t have lighters, matches, or even fire, when they first stood up and looked around.  The moon is not made of cheese.  Pluto has lots of features on it that astronomers just found out about, throwing all of their original theories into the garbage.  When we look at history, we can see that it changes.  Pluto was a planet and then it wasn’t, and now it is something else entirely.  But for all those years, we were all TAUGHT that it WAS a planet.

So, what we were taught were guesses, not truths.  We were not taught what happened in the past, we were taught about what white males wanted us to BELIEVE about the past.  Now we know the founding FATHERS (how creepy is that), owned slaves, did horrific things and were not at all those wonderful human beings kids were led to believe they were.  Tommy Jefferson had his slave walk through tunnels under his house, so he wouldn’t even have to see them.  Disgusting MEN that were put on pedestals when they were horrible people, by today’s standard, or any standards, ask the Grimke sisters about that one.

I must tell you that some religious people believe that people and dinosaurs lived happily together and show a little girl reading to one of them.  People can and will believe anything.  The problem, of course, is when they teach that what they believe, as the TRUTH.

Eye witness are notoriously unreliable.  Five of them, who all saw the same accident, will give five different versions of what happened, depending on where they were standing, what they were focused on, and who they themselves are.

Apparently, those of us who saw George Floyd murdered, were watching him kill himself.  Suicide by having a policeman crush his windpipe, by kneeling on his windpipe.  When the men in charge don’t want to be charged with murder, they say that the man they killed…KILLED HIMSELF.  See, that’s what I mean about history.  HISTORY is a bunch of lies, written by liars, who want things to be seen the way they want them to be seen.

We all saw George Floyd murdered, but the lawyers for the cop who killed him, is saying that Mr. Floyd KILLED HIMSELF. 

And then, when the riots start, because the fury over that outright lying injustice start, they will BLAME THE RIOTERS FOR BEING OUT OF CONTROL.  It’s called blaming the victim.  Like rape, like all the other horrible things that men get away with.  The blame belongs on the government, on the unjust laws, on lying lawyers, who sell their services to lying clients for pieces of gold.

How long can people be expected to believe that someone would kill themselves by having a cop crush his windpipe and suffocate him on the street, while people kept saying, HE CAN’T BREATH?

Are we then to assume that the elderly man who was shoved down on the sidewalk by a police officer, hit himself in the chest so he could go to the hospital.  All the people who SAW the cop push him, were obviously mistaken.

And what about trump lying every single time he opens his mouth?  People started counting his lies and it’s over 20,000.  And those are just the ones that can be proven.

This’s exactly how history is written and taught.  By adding things, and by taking things out.  Faces are removed from photographs, crucial information goes missing.

Look at all the books that are being written, pro and con on trump.  How there can be any PRO trump books is beyond me, but if people a thousand years in the future read them, what will they know of the reality of his insanity?  How can they know, or possibly understand the division and rage that we all feel.  They can’t.  Not ever.  Because no one can ever know what happened in times gone by.  Not really.

If you aren’t marching, or fighting for justice, you can never feel the PASSION of those who are working for equality.  You can’t read about passion, dedication, fear, frustration, or the yearning that people feel.

HISTORY IS ONE SIDED.  RICH, WHITE MALE.  Slaves were forbidden to learn how to read or write.  Women had no rights either.  Nor did Native Americans.  History is lies made up by those men who had the power over words.  And, as we can plainly see, we can’t believe anything they say.


Okay, so…

The reason we can’t learn from HIStory is because we have no way to CONNECT with history.  We can’t IMAGINE what it was like living during historical times.  Kids can’t even understand what their parents are talking about when they tell them what life was like when they were children.

We have to stop lying to ourselves.  We don’t have a clue.  We can’t THINK the way people thought in the past.  We have new toys.  You’ve all probably seen the video of teenagers trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone.  They can’t do it.  BUT THAT’S WHAT WE DO WHEN WE PRETEND THAT WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST.  We cannot know, or understand anything that happened historical.  THE PAST IS FOREIGN TO US.

History books are written by people who don’t have a clue.  The diaries written by people who lived back then, are being interpreted by people who can’t understand what it was like to be alive during that time period.   So what we read is the past revised by current world views, typed on computers, when people didn’t even have electricity.

Kids can’t imagine not having televisions, even flat screen televisions, computers, iPhones and cars with windows that don’t have to be rolled down by hand.

It’s a joke when people relive the civil war, or go to ancient sites and try and figure out what people were like during that time period.  WE CAN’T KNOW.

We can’t know the past, anymore than we can know the future.

Yes, we can look at dinosaur bones, but even then, some of them have the wrong heads attached to their bodies for YEARS, and no one knew until recently that some of them had feathers.  BUT NOT KNOWING, DIDN’T STOP TEACHERS FROM TEACHING THAT THINGS WERE THE WAY THEY SAID THEY WERE.  Because people are crazy enough to think they know what they’re talking about when THEY CAN’T POSSIBLY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT.

You can’t be a person alive today and understand what it was like to live through the civil war, the Depression, the Chicago Fire, or to cross the country in a covered wagon for real.  There’s no way, with our minds, that we can RECREATE those FEELINGS, FEARS AND REALITIES.

We have airplanes, fast cars, rockets.  Tribes worshiped a downed airplane.  Prehistoric men thought a spear and fire were top of the line innovation.  The wheel is still being celebrated.  But we can’t imagine living then, with, or without those things.  You can’t sit in a cave, wearing a rag for a year and think you know what cave people actually felt while they HAD NO OTHER CHOICES OR KNOWLEDGE.  It’s embarrassingly outrageous.  It’s not as if the cave people, who may have broken a bone, been harmed by an animal, or caught a horrendous disease, could be airlifted out of the jungle to a hospital.  Those people DIED.  We cannot recreate the past, no matter what we do, or how hard we try.

We need to start facing the facts.  We can’t even understand what’s going on right in front of us, let along a thousand years age, or a hundred years ago.  And those in the future, if there is one, will come digging around here, wondering what we used all our primitive tools for.  They won’t be able to understand how we FELT, OR THOUGHT, OR LIVED.  They’ll see broken buildings, shards of pottery, wires, rusted out cars, etc., and think we were like cave people.  WE will then become the history they can never understand.

History is IMAGINED, MADE UP, by people who don’t have the slightest idea of what historical reality was like.  Just because you can imagine not having books, before the printing press was invented, doesn’t mean you can UNDERSTAND it, while reading about it on your Kindle.  It’s simply IMPOSSIBLE for our brains to forget what we know and live with, in order to put ourselves in the position of those who lived in the past.  We might know dates and events, but the real living history, is impossible to capture, understand or know.


Memorial Day…

Memorial, Cemetery, Grave, Flag, Heroes

Okay, so…

Another thing about so called history…the person writing it, is usually from a different era, unless is’s current history, only a few years old.  I mean yesterday can be considered history, so there is that.  But I’m talking about history that took place long ago.

If the writer is American, then what s/he writes will be seen through American eyes.  It will also be seen through the thoughts of the current ERA.  Both will impact what is written.

Prejudices, biases, resentment and all the other feelings people, or countries, may have for each other, come through in what they write.  We do that with the North and South, with cities and the country.

History is conjecture and play acting.  For many, history is learned through movies or novels.  Rarely do kids learn history in school.  Ask anyone what they remember.

“Write what you know,” isn’t that the advice everyone gets?  Well, history is made up of guesses, probabilities, imagination and propaganda.  Even in the past propaganda was used to control the masses.  We have absolutely no idea what people thought, except through the scraps of writing or hieroglyphs left behind and those things were written for gods, or written by people who could actually WRITE.

There’s a program on PBS called FINDING YOUR ROOTS.  The guests on it, have no clue as to their own family history.  I don’t know anything about mine, after my grandparents.  Nothing at all.  A lot of us don’t have a past that we know about.  And that’s right now, while we are alive.  History is a shadowy thing.  We don’t know what happened a couple of generations ago but we act as if we know what people in Egypt thought, or what Americans lived through, when they were slaughtering Native Americans.  I think that’s crazy.  Where are the books written by Native Americans, about that period in time?  Why aren’t books by them taught in school, so kids know what we DID TO THEM, you know small pox blankets and all the rest?  How can we teach history and leave the IMPORTANT THINGS OUT?  The things actual people LIVED THROUGH?

And current history, well, how much truth do you think are on those pages, when they lie to our faces.  Tricky Dick?  Johnson and the war, the idiot in office now?

History is: omissions, secrets and lies.

There are alternative histories.  Those are the histories told by the people left out of the things kids have been taught.  Those are the histories told by women and minorities, which do not agree with, or have anything to do with, the white male history we’ve had shoved down our throats.  That’s why they have Black History Month and Women’s History Month.  The ten other months belong to while males, well those two months belong to them too, they just step back to shut us up and act like they’re giving us something.  If you don’t think that’s a joke and a tell, you need to think again.  History is all about white rich males and power.

No one can write history if they don’t know what’s going on and no one knows what’s going on.  There has been so much suppression of information for so long.  Women had to publish under male names, minorities couldn’t get published…what kind of history does that make?  It makes a false one, that’s the kind of history it makes.

Okay, so…

No matter how many books are written, or read, we can never know what took place in the past.  When written by those who lived during a certain time, we simply get their personal point of view.  Those who do research, piece those personal points of view together and try and give us a bigger picture.  But the things they find, have been written by educated people, usually by men, in specific places.  There are few facts and many opinions and lies.

Our view of history is a sham, written by those who had money and were in charge of what was printed.  Fortunately, we have diaries and accounts from people who wrote down what their lives were like.  If we didn’t, we would think there were no women in the past and that children simply appeared of their own accord.  Until recently, no one mentioned what they went through, crossing the land in wagons, pregnant, caring for the sick, wounded, children and doing EVERYTHING else.  We never get more than a bird’s eye view of what the men in charge want us to know.  Lies, omissions and more lies and omissions.

The truth is, even if you’re right there, when something happens, you’ll get as many stories as there are people.  And, those who weren’t there will be writing about what happened as well, even though they have no first hand knowledge of the event/s.

So, history is a kind of joke.  We can’t ever know what happened in the past.   We are simply trying to put pieces of a gigantic puzzle together without a picture on the front of the box.  We can’t know.  We DON’T know.  And again, most of history was written by MEN, white men, white rich men.  Those men don’t write about the rapes, the murders, the terrible things that are done to normal everyday people, however.  Those things are left out.

I think we should stop teaching lies to every generation, as if we were telling them something that was real.  There’s nothing in the books about the manipulation the treachery and all the terrible things our own men and country did.  We aren’t supposed to know about that.  How we destroyed other countries, enslaved their women, for the use of our soldiers.

It’s happening today.  The lies continue.  History is distorted and stretched so that even if there’s a shred of truth on a page, one has to question it’s authenticity. WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING AT THIS VERY MOMENT.  The history that is being made right now is shrouded in darkness and WE THE PEOPLE don’t have a clue as to what’s going on.  That’s what history is…hidden agendas, lies, lies, and more lies.  It has always been that way.   People write history books without having all the information since we are never allowed to know what’s going on.  We are lied to constantly and that’s why history is a lie.  We are constantly lied to by the people who are running the show.  Again, rich white males in office and in charge.

The brutality,  hatred, cruelty, and LIES  of what our country does to us, as well as to others, is simply covered up, left out, erased.  History isn’t real.  History is FICTION.

I’m reading a couple of books right now that give an entirely different slant on what Paris was like in the 20s.  It’s written by a woman and it’s about women living in Paris, during that time.  It starts by saying that the history we know of that time, was written by men who were drunks and spent their time in brothels and chasing women who did not want to be caught.  The men, who were turned away by those women, tried to destroy their reputations and careers for spite.  Lying and doing what they could to punish them for not giving them what they wanted.   So, part of the history of that time period, was filled with lies, written by men who were turned away by women who refused them.

All I’m saying is that we teach something called history when it should be called Lies and other Fictional Stories.  Factual history would be made up of things like:  The first train ran on this date.  It took this long to get where it was going.   Anything else is pure fiction and should be taken with a ton of salt.

Men lie and men wrote history.  Jefferson didn’t talk about all his slaves and how he had them move through underground tunnels to SERVE him.  Someone else found out about that and the fact that his mother owned 144 slaves.  So, if another person didn’t give his POV and find out about the things that were LEFT OUT OF THE HISTORY BOOKS, no one would have ever known about those lies and omissions.

History is whatever the person writing about it says it is.  Now women are writing and history looks much different.  History is BIG and ENCOMPASSING and cannot be fit into one man’s opinion.

Women’s diaries and writings have given us a different view of our past.  A view that was intentionally left out.  Minorities and women have always been erased by white men.  That means that what we considered to be history was not only incredibly incomplete,  it was faulty and pretty much a lie by omission.

I realize that a lot of people reading this won’t like it.  But we are force fed what the guys in charge want us to know.  Everything else is hidden.  That’s what disinformation is for.  It’s to make the truth look like lies and the lies look like truth.  People who tell the truth have to flee or are killed.  One whistleblower said, to a group of people he was speaking in front of, that the government would kill him for what he was saying.  He was found dead, strangled.  It was called a suicide.  His wife said the government murdered him but no one is listening to her.  History is filled with lies and omissions.  It’s not really history it’s propaganda.  

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