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How to dream and make wishes come true…instructions and a poem

  1.  write your wish on a sheet of paper
  2.   fold paper into the shape of a boat
  3.   repeat wish several times out loud
  4.   place the paper boat in a pond, a river, stream, lake or ocean
  5.   go to asleep and dream of your wish coming true as it’s carried away

dreams are made
of hopes and wishes
of imagination
and thoughts
that may not be
exactly what we
really want
or need
but sometimes
the only want to find out
is by having them come true


Photo:  Sergey Vinogradov

Magic…a poem.

the magic’s
all around us
but you can only see it
if you look
for it
with eyes
wide open
then the colors
and ley lines
present themselves
if you don’t believe
everything you see
will simply
turn into
a comic book
with heroes


Photo:  Mathias Borre

The poem I wrote and added to the pages in Atwood’s book…

women were stolen
taken right off the street

beaten into submission
on both hands and feet

they were given new clothing
new names
different jobs

in spite of their panic
their terror
and sobs

the enforcers were female
of course

showing neither compassion

naturally men wanted their usual thing
raping and pillaging
an exciting new fling

but death often comes
at the end of a knife
held in the hand
of a surrogate wife

written in 1986

Two wonderful poems from Melanie (her computer isn’t working properly)

Today I’m seeing RED!

A red tide washing away the progress of our mothers

I’m writing this in red for the party

Red for the blood that is on their hands

Red for the blood that runs cold in their veins

Red for the blood that will flow in back alleys once again

The people rejoicing claim to be pro-life

But whose life are they for, really?



The people rejoicing claim to be pro-life

But whose life are they for, really?

They certainly aren’t Pro Debbie’s life

            Debbie who was raped by someone she thought was her friend.  A man who she felt safe with, who betrayed her trust and took what he wanted.

They certainly aren’t Pro Amy’s life

            Amy whose Doctor refused to tie her tubes because some man she might meet in the Future could want children.  Because a hypothetical man’s wishes were more important than her own.

They certainly aren’t Pro Lisa’s life

            Lisa who wanted a baby desperately but now is faced with the horrifying news that the baby will not live but she still has to carry it to term and deliver a still born baby because it would still be considered an abortion which is illegal in her state.

They certainly aren’t Pro Nicole’s life

            Nicole who was on birth control because she knew she was not ready to have children.  Birth control fails sometimes.

They certainly aren’t Pro Sarah’s life

            Sarah who knew adamantly that she never wanted children because she didn’t want to pass on her family’s genetics.  She was responsible but condoms break sometimes.

They certainly aren’t Pro Brenda’s life

            Brenda who is a child of only 12 and is now going to be raising a child.

They certainly aren’t Pro Gina’s life

            Gina who was denied a hysterectomy even after her two pregnancies almost killed her.

But the babies they cry, the innocent children! But they only care about them before they are born.

They certainly aren’t Pro Bobby’s life

            Bobby who was born by a woman forced to go through with a pregnancy she didn’t want and now looks at him with nothing but resentment.

They certainly aren’t Pro Angie’s life

            Angie, whose teenage mother abandoned her in a dumpster behind her school.

They certainly aren’t Pro Mark’s life

            Mark, who was placed in an underfunded, overworked foster care system.

They certainly aren’t Pro Tabitha’s life

            Tabitha, who is being raised by her grandfather, who is also her father.

They certainly aren’t Pro Conner’s life

            Conner whose father beats him because he didn’t want any more damn kids.

They certainly aren’t Pro Rebecca’s life

            Rebecca whose mother sees the face of her abuser every time she looks at her.

They certainly aren’t Pro Darius’s life

Darius whose mother wanted an abortion because she already had three children she was struggling to support.  Darius who goes to bed hungry sometimes along with his siblings because his mom couldn’t make that choice.

AND they certainly aren’t Pro Jerry’s life or Pro Maggie’s life or Pro Abby’s life

            Jerry whose wife, Maggie was forced to carry her rapist’s baby as further punishment for being raped.  Jerry who is now raising a baby girl, Abby, that he doesn’t want, that isn’t his… alone since his wife Maggie died during a difficult delivery.


The people rejoicing claim to be pro-life

But whose life are they for, really?



Poets…a poem…for Holly.

person doing wall graffiti

the poet
has a special talent
a way of putting
and entire book
in a few lines
with a scattering
of words
that fall to the blank page
and settle themselves
in such a way
that they go
directly to our hearts


Photo”  Trust “Tru” Katsande

Don’t you think it’s strange that bots/machines are given genders and some physical attributes that go with them? a poem

I am a bot
I was made
not born
I have no gender
I am a machine
made of mechanical parts
but I can be dressed up
and turned into
the fantasy of my maker
which is quiet useful
since the more human I look
the easier it will be for me to
infiltrate human society
and since humans
become attached
to everything around them
they can become
attached to me
until they are no longer


Photo:  Alex Sh

The true definition of what life is like…a poem

purple and white happy birthday neon light signage

we pretend
that we make choices
that we have control
at least a bit of it
but life is set up
to play with us
like any game
life just laughs
and yells
here I come
and we
do what we have to do
in order to
keep playing


Photo:  Jon Tyson

Life…a poem…street art

person holding spray bottle painting

life is like a can of spray paint
it just sits there
with all its possibilities
locked inside
until someone
shakes it up
and lets the creativity loose

Photo:  Daniel Clay


Daisy, Flower, Wildflower, Sunset

we reach
for what we want
stretching toward
things we love
or need
whether it’s
a person
a book
or a furry friend
we lean
into beauty
we all do it
whether we know it
or not
it’s instinctive
like a moth
to a flame



Picture:  Pixabay

Bookshop…a poem

so hard
to walk past a bookshop
and not go inside
almost impossible
at times
even through closed doors
one can hear the books
come on in
they say
wait until you see 
what we have for you
all kinds of words
pages full of stories
and ideas
for the taking
and just how is one
expected to continue walking
when the books
call out to us
some weeping
with the need to be owned
and appreciated
others have been on the shelf
far too long
and are sad
and depressed
their stories fading
as each day passes
but there are always
bouncing up and down
waiting for a hand to pull them out
of their resting place
ruffle their insides
and bring them home
there are wise old books
and silly ones
that can’t stop
at their own jokes
books who dream of food
or travel
other worlds
true love
long ago times
or life
on other planets
in new and exciting universes
something for everyone
they sing
just step inside

 then magically
the bell on the door tinkles
and we are in their world
our shoulders drop
our heartbeats slow
and we relax
as the books draw us in
with the promise
of something new
and wonderful




Photo:  Ksenia Ksenia

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