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Father’s Day is a tricky day…

I want to wish all the wonderful fathers well and tell all the bad ones to go to hell

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I wrote this poem when THE HANDMAID’S TALE first came out…the photo is what my book looked like when I was finished with it

wimmin were stolen taken right off the street beaten into submission on both hands and feet they were given new clothing new manes different jobs in spite of their panic their terror their sobs the enforcers were female right-wing of … Continue reading

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of all the things that are withheld from the masses by the rich and powerful   the cruelest are lack of freedom opportunity and idleness   why do we put up with it

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none of the stories we read ever end   they continue to move forward in our hearts and minds adding characters and reflecting our own lives back at us   that’s what books are for   once read they are … Continue reading

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the sun…a poem

the sun has been out for many DAYS in a row and I’m SO happy I can barely contain my JOY seriously I’m squiggly inside and want to dance with the neighborhood cats and climb trees so that I can … Continue reading

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Mean people…

mean people let nasty words fall from their joyless lips while sucking the happiness from the air as thoughtless sentences rain down upon those unfortunate enough to be within their radius   when you see mean people   walk away … Continue reading

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we all live in the prisons of our own minds   failing to realize that the bars that hold us are made up of blind faith dogma unquestioned beliefs fantasies patriotism and the lies handed down to us from one … Continue reading

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