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The Singer…a poem

he stood on the stage in the smokey room the words playing tag in his mind the audience was still waiting eyes closed he started to sing and the whole world fell into place and was alight with passion   … Continue reading

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A sea of gold…a poem

floating on a sea of gold in a world suddenly brighter one must never think a break in the clouds will last forever all we can do is enjoy the light as we float through it   Lukman Hakim Yusoff … Continue reading

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flowers in her hair she sleeps dreaming baby dreams unaware of the world adults have waiting for her   Shahbaz Akram Pexels

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as I was walking the sun was out the birds were singing and America took a deep breath and began again   Photo:  Pixabay

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Tiny child…a poem

tiny child will the love you receive be enough to save you from the hatred that is running free through our divided world   Adele Morris Unsplash

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Our lives…

our lives are like photographs each has a negative where the color is different where our vision has a beauty of it’s own when held to the light we live in both places one more than the other at least … Continue reading

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some think that SHADOWS are all about the play of light personally I think SHADOWS are our true selves trying to escape   Photo:  Erik Travica Pexels

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Flowers and Life…a poem

she watched as the flowers opened stretching their petals as they reached for the light she watched them mature into full blooms strong and  beautiful she watched as they began to fade curling in upon themselves their petals wilting falling … Continue reading

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Christmas tree…

the tree laid in the street her lights still lit she couldn’t believe this was how her life was ending she’d barely had time to grow and now she was alone and dying she tried to remember where she sprouted … Continue reading

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Lost and found…a poem

she thought she’d lost it FOREVER it had been so long since she had felt ANYTHING that she had given up HOPE but SOMETIMES when you least EXPECT IT you find that what you have been LOOKING FOR was right … Continue reading

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