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One…a poem

what people say about needing others isn’t always true alone one can still stand tall reach for the sun and be happy

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it was a foggy damp day steamy and drizzly but the beauty of the trees the water and the pier could not be denied

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it’s okay to go slow as long as you’re not in a hurry to get anyplace or if going slow is as fast as you can go

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sometimes going from one place to another is easier than we think once we learn how to do it

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everything is part of us and we are part of everything it’s too bad we can’t remember that so when we KILL things we’ll understand that we’re KILLING parts of ourselves

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when you’re little it’s usually a good idea to follow your mom even if she’s lost because she’ll keep you safe no matter where you are unless a heartless and evil human in hiding gets her with a high power … Continue reading

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Tipping point…a poem

he had reached his limit it was simply one bird too many after years of being sat upon he decided he’d had enough so during the night under cover of darkness he tore his feet from the plinth on which … Continue reading

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Life and death…a poem

many things that are no longer loved appreciated or cared for crumble and fall to into ruin the very same thing can happen to humans everyday people walk away and let beauty fade and die forgotten and alone

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question EVERYTHING you read that’s what LEARNING is all about not believing what you read but questioning what you read

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Magic…a poem

the world is filled with MAGIC it’s just that we call it something else

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