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The Moon and Stars…a poem

she couldn’t keep track of all those who had gone on before her so she asked the Moon when it was in its crescent form if She would hold a star for each of them in Her arms that way … Continue reading

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Masks…a poem

some people wear their masks so well no one notices they aren’t who they pretend to be

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Doorways…a poem

doorways exist everywhere but only the ones we see are there for us most doorways are exits only so be careful which one you decide to enter

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The Takeover…a story poem about time and aliens.

they said that time wasn’t a living thing until it landed and started eating the city it’s hands never slowing counting out the minutes of our lives balloon searchers watching from above time is a cruel taskmaster second by second … Continue reading

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Night…a poem

in the darkest night when thoughts start circling I try to remember what it was like when you were still here and made everything alright

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Life and roses…a poem

roses start out as seeds they put down roots and if their roots are allowed to survive they flourish and eventually produce a bud wrapped tightly the bud feel the warmth of the sun and begin to unfurl reaching for … Continue reading

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A poem from Resa…in response to the slaughter of chickens

Resa says: November 6, 2019 at 10:14 pm (Edit) I’m so sick of the killing!!!!!!!! SLAUGHTER TIME Here little chicken Here little lamb Call in the pigs They make a good ham. What a cute goat Such a sweet cow … Continue reading

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