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A colorful life, makes all the difference…be bold…use reds…poem

cover yourself with reds and yellows blues and greens don’t be stingy with purple and mangenta orange or teal use all the colors you can find and when you’re finished and your life is winding down rainbows will ask you … Continue reading

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you know that moment when you’re out and you make eye contact with another person and something clicks and you feel as if you know who you’re looking at and you both stare at each other and smile and then … Continue reading

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if you think one thing is more complex than another it’s only because you don’t know the other life is one gigantic knot of chaos into which we dive head first looking for a quiet spot to sit before it … Continue reading

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Smoke…a poem

we are smoke once we’re gone and floating free we can’t be caught our stories can’t be told at the end we simply mist away and mingle with the clouds a puff of air no longer familian with the lungs … Continue reading

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poets are people of few words who pack an entire book into a sentence or two they simply cut out the unnecessary and get right to the heart

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Ripping paper…poem

tiny bits of thin white paper landed on the table top she tried for a larger piece her fingers working diligently but all she got were more tiny bits never one to give up she kept at it until her … Continue reading

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The Poet…Short story

“your skin like alabaster glows…” “Like what?” she asked, staring at him. “Like alabaster,” he said, grinning at her. “Am I that pale?” “No, I’m a poet, you see, and…” “I must look terrible.” “You don’t look terrible, you look … Continue reading

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