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the beauty of life is endless if we stop concentrating on and making problems there will be room in our lives to see something different we can now see that some of the things that seemed important weren’t and the … Continue reading

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Whisper…a poem

Whisper spent all of her time OUTDOORS her spirit was such that all she hand to do was stand in the garden and BUTTERFLIES would land on her arms and hands tickling her skin birds flew to her and bunnies … Continue reading

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stairs are amazing they are multi-purpose to the extreme you can walk UP or DOWN them you can SKIP some JUMP on them go sideways slide things on them SIT on them SLEEP on them use one for a desk … Continue reading

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City streets…

when city streets are DARK and EMPTY stay inside no one truly knows what wakes up when night falls sometimes you have time to SCREAM and sometimes you don’t it all depends on what catches you

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people are like BUBBLES floating through LIFE bumping into each other some stick together others pop and still others simply drift away we come in all different sizes and colors but we are not all one we are all individuals … Continue reading

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Empty streets…a poem

the streets are empty no one’s out a microscopic bit of RNA has brought the world to its KNEES so let’s take a moment and think about what holds the REAL POWER over all of us

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Uncaged…a poem for birds

she asked why he was singing since they were lost at sea and a huge monster it’s fins cutting quickly through the water was right behind him I sing because I love you he said and I sing because we … Continue reading

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