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No matter what…

no matter what was going on I knew that everything would be okay if I could only lean against you

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remember when we would call each other to say that we were on the way home then race to the house so we wouldn’t miss a second when we could be together

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whenever you walked into the room the world disappeared and all I could ever see was you because that’s how brightly you were shining

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Night…a poem

the night is pressing against my window asking me to come out and play to dance and twirl in the street to give in to its dark wings and smokey promises

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Every now and then…a poem

every now and then I see a man that I’m instantly attracted to we lock and eyes and smile   and as I turn to go I always wonder   what if…

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the thing about not dealing with our problems is that there comes a time when it’s too late to do anything about them

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if you listen you can hear the heartbeat of the night the whispers of growing things the rustlings of those who love darkness the muffled scurryings the low pitched gnawing the clicking of claws the beating of soft wings the … Continue reading

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