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The Future…

Pixabay the things we take for granted will be fought for in the future beauty destroyed by greedy humans who believed that riches were in paper and coins instead of clean air and water blue skies and petals they traded … Continue reading

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This is Albert the Beautiful…

Pixabay there’s power in size and focus a solidness and grounding nature made visible a delicate balance of spirit and grandness even when faced with barren ground and loss the will to survive is deep and tenacious and in an … Continue reading

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Calvin Smith…

at age ninety-six Calvin Smith decided to go home for the holidays

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Bear…a Poem

she heard the beauty of his song and ran to him climbed the icy pillar and stared into the face of love her umbrella gave her balance as the bear moved closer his heart beating the world into being and … Continue reading

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Mother Nature…Fey Mother Nature takes many forms She is everywhere She is everything She Is

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pixabay Kellepics the last of the giants frozen in place never intended to be seen by human eyes eons passed beings came and went still he remained silent and bereft the moon his only companion

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Winter in Chicago… the thing about winter is that we get to see the delicate beauty of trees their naked branches and graceful movements as they dance with the wind vacant nests appear out of nowhere left by feathered beauties who may … Continue reading

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