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poetry is a waterfall of words cascading inside of us landing in a swirling pool of chaos which eventually finds its way to a place where words come together and tell a story

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Think about it…

we have absolutely no idea where we came from and we have absolutely no idea where we will end up so it seems like a waste of time wondering about either of those things when we should be spending our … Continue reading

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spring is creeping in a little at a time it’s no longer dropping to single digits at night the sun was out today I heard birdsong green leaves will be pushing through the soil in a few weeks flowers will … Continue reading

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the night is always hungry always searching looking inside behind and under whatever exists starving for dark energy darkness wasn’t always that way night was once beautiful and free filled with wonder and joy then humans came along and brought … Continue reading

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Stage left…a poem

she felt as if people were standing off stage in the wings of their own lives watching the days play out as if they were not part of them as if what was taking place had nothing at all to … Continue reading

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Love…a poem

this is how my heart felt when you walked into the room every single time until death took the spark

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The chicklets are very excited to share a poem written by Resa and her special cat Jeep. It’s a wonderful poem and it is being read by Mitzi. Poem is under picture.

  THE CORNUCOPIA Peck, peck, peck Upon the corn of life Cheep, chirp, cheep We met a unicorn In the woods It was good. This corn A unicorn A cornucopia Peck, peck, peck. By: Jeep & Resa

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