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Gray…a poem

I think we should start calling the blues the grays because feeling down is more like a rainy DARK sad gray kind of day while all shades of blue are beautiful and uplifting like water and the summer sky or … Continue reading

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Empty Spaces…poem

EMPTY SPACES empty spaces are left by those who go on ahead shedding their lives like well worn coats as they step through open doors into new beginnings

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Smile…it’s a new day…poem

Pixabay Wikilmages   SMILE Monday’s over that means the weekend is on it’s way it’s spring for some of you at least and I’m happy as can be I just hang out play swing from trees eat whatever I like … Continue reading

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Pinterest cats are like stars in the sky there can never be too many they brighten the world with their beauty and they are there for all to see better yet you can touch them

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You know it’s true…

Oh, come on I know I can’t be the only person to hand an empty candy wrapper to the checker to be scannd

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deckled edges creamy soft pages with bold black print a cup of hot tea a comfy place to curl up preferably with a cat and reality disappears leaving us with nothing but pure pleasure

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  little by little our lives fade into whispers that eventually dissolve into the mists of time and are gone forever      

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