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Beauty…a poem

Christmas tree covered with snow

is in the eye
of the beholder
we know this to be
the above photo
is beautiful
to me
leaning toward
other worldly
as if one
could simply
walk into another
without even
realizing it


Photo:  redcharlie

Doors…a poem

Winter, Season, Wilderness, Outdoors

walking in silence
in a world of
white and shadow
opens doors in your mind
which cannot be opened
any other way


Photo:  Pixabay

Christmas tree…a poem

Free Green Christmas Tree With White Baubles Stock Photo

every tree
represents those who
decorated it
each unique
in its own way



Photo:  Karolina Grabowska

Deep in the Forest…a poem

Forest, Trees, Sunlight, Sun, Alley

deep in the forest
as the sun goes down
and the sounds of daytime
begin to disappear
time seems to stop
for the changing of the guards
as night pushes the light
away and starts
to sing its own
dark song
Photo:  Pixabay

Bradley…a poem

a person standing on a map

he just couldn’t take it any longer
life on earth
that is
it was drab
full of demons
and ill will
death was always
the outcome
for everyone
and everything
people fought
and took what they could
oh sure
there were givers
and lovers
and kindness
there were a lot of things
but none of them
interested Bradley
he wanted more
a LOT more
he wanted color
and harmony
he wanted lightness
and new visions
he wanted solitude
and time to think
so he left the planet earth
and went to the sky
where beauty and colors
were everywhere
he floated
and took in
as much as he could
he was overwhelmed
by the vastness
of the universe
so he stayed
and wandered
but after a while
he caught himself
thinking about how much
he wanted to tell others
what he had seen
he saw stars die
he saw huge galaxies
swallow smaller ones
he saw so much
and realized
that wherever he went
things were pretty much the same
he missed the noise
he missed the trees
and the birds and animals
he even missed the people
he laughed
realizing that being cut off
and completely alone
is just a different form
of death
so he smiled
and headed back to the planet
with a new attitude
and a new appreciation
for what life on earth was like
it was bad
but at least it was loud
and full of choices
he thought
was quite


Photo:  Cash Macanaya

Here’s a sign that promises something good…Resa, is a pie maker, but lives way to far away for me to rush to her house and sit out in front until she gives me a slice of blueberry. Sigh. A poem, of sorts.

red and white love neon light signage

I love the crust
I eat that first
I just snap the crust
off the back of the slice
and gobble it down
then I eat a bit of the inside
and look for more crust
I love blueberry
with vanilla bean ice cream
that melts over warm pie
cherry would be my second choice
and I suppose
if I were desperate
I’d eat apple
especially the crust
always with ice cream
pie is one of the best things
on this rock
after chocolate
of course
but some pies
actually vie for first place
now and then
just sayin’
warm pie
cold ice cream


Photo:  Martin de Arriba

A memory…poem

Free Woman in Black and White Striped Shirt Standing Near Body of Water Stock Photo

some people don’t leave
when they exit
stage left
they hang around
visiting people
and places
they loved
a living memory
just someone on a
different plane
of existence
wandering close
to the earthly life
he left behind
a memory
kept alive
by those who
miss him


Photo:  Ali Ramazan çiftçi

War…a poem

rusted armor
form a war long past
bleeds into another
and weapons
becoming more lethal
killing faster
killing more
war is death
no matter what we tell ourselves
war is the death of peace
of love
of life itself
it’s about money
and who makes it
from the lifeless bodies
that litter the earth
and are remembered by


Photo:  Tim Sohmidbauer

It’s that time of year…a poem

it’s that time of year
when twinkle lights rule
and ornaments sparkle
candles glow brightly
and beautifully wrapped gifts
sit under faux trees
that are decorated
with memories
it’s the best time of the year
for hot chocolate
and stories that remind us
how Scrooge learned
his lessons the hard way
and how angels get their wings
and how a little girl named
made the Plaza Hotel
a special place to be
it’s a time being Home Alone
can be interesting
to say the least
it’s a time of generosity
and laughter
of all things bright and beautiful
a time for family and friends
if one is fortunate enough
to have them
a time to remember those
who are gone
a time for music
a time to cuddle with our
animal companions
and sing sweet songs to them
about love and loyalty
it’s a time for chicklets
and gratitude
It’s a time to remember the pagans
the Yule celebration
and the return of the Light
a time for reflection
and a time for fun
this is the most wonderful
of the year


Photo:  Anita Anst

A poem for our time…

human skull on black background

 in a world
where darkness rules
the sun cannot burn away
the twisted poison
that infects humanity
a species
that turns against
and killing
with impunity
filled only
with malice
and greed
done in the name
of some made up
invisible god
that preaches love
with the sharp
blade of a knife
or fists
of hatred
no one is spared
not the guilty
nor the innocent
not the animals
or the earth itself
the species
that kills everything
cannot survive
and once gone
the earth
will refresh itself
things will bloom
beauty will return
Mother Nature
won’t make the same mistake



Photo:  Mathew MacQuarrie

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