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if you believe in MAGICK you’ll always find your way HOME   Photo:  Darius Bashar Unsplash

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s lot of people lock themselves in cages thinking they’re safe never realizing that the thing they should fear most is inside of them   Photo:  Jake Irish Unsplash

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it’s funny how so many people think wearing a mask takes away their freedom when they don’t have any problem taking away freedom from women minorities the elderly Native Americans gays & lesbians immigrants and the poor they don’t seem … Continue reading

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Empty…a poem

the new reality a world without   Picture: Pixabay

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some beings are so perfect so sweet so absolutely beautiful they simply take your breath away   Photo:  Ian Cylkowski Unsplash PLEASE DON’T EAT ANIMALS

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Sparrow…a poem

unencumbered by the things that imprison us this tiny bird has more FREEDOM than we will ever know   Picture Andy Holmes Unsplash

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Sheep in the yard…

sheep in the yard hard for a city kid to imagine there were no wooly ewes or lambs grazing when I looked out of my window not in Chicago no fuzzy friends baaaaaaing behind the apartment buildings or bungalows not … Continue reading

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Left…A poem

it doesn’t matter what it is anything that’s not cared for will eventually start to decay once this wall was freshly painted the color green it was new clean and good looking but at some point whoever took care of … Continue reading

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The Apple…A Story poem

Eve held the apple gently against his shoulder and looked away he wasn’t sure if it was poisonous but he had eaten everything he found growing around him and nothing had harmed hm so far he was tired of being … Continue reading

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Birth…a poem

we seem to be meant to be together to scream and jump and dance as one at least some of the time for a little while but with a deadly virus stalking us those times have been put on HOLD … Continue reading

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