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Okay, so…

To me, life is just life…if it’s a journey, it’s a journey toward death.  We can journey to the kitchen or the garage.  Somehow we have stopped accepting the fact that it’s okay for Life to just BE Life.  Anything … Continue reading

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Balconies in Highland Park…

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warm syrup and whipped butter…waiting for pancakes…

Yum.  No pictures of the pancakes…we ate them immediately.

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Okay, so…

we all know different things   don’t you think we should take advantage of that   instead of hiding and hoarding information and knowledge   wouldn’t it be better for everyone if we shared it   wouldn’t it be better … Continue reading

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Moon Party Welcome sign…

The chicklets have been working very hard on the sign that will welcome guests to the Moon Party.  Smokey agreed to model for them, so the sign, made out of cardboard, looks a little like him.   It will eventually … Continue reading

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  some people spend so much time examining and reexamining the details of their lives   that they lose sight big picture   they forget what it’s like to BE alive   lost instead among the tiny bits and pieces … Continue reading

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Looks like peppermint.  Unusual (to me anyway), but it’s a rose.

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I just love carnations…they are the most beautiful flowers, layers of soft petals and the toughest flower around.

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wishing doesn’t make it so   it just points us in the right direction

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