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What I learned on BBC AMERICA tonight…

  1.  We have to charge putin with illegal war aggression.  The expert said when we do that, we get his whole cabinet…and then we can work other charges.  We can’t just say he’s a war criminal, or charge him with genocide because we have to prove that he is the one who ordered the things to be done.  This is according to the rules laid down in 1945.  Even with the evidence of what’s being done on film, etc., we can’t prove he ordered it.  The way to get him is on charges of aggression/an illegal war.
  2. A study done in Europe shows that children up to the age of two, born during Covid, cannot recognize facial expressions.  This is a problem.  They have only seen others wearing masks and do not have the ability to read emotions/faces.
  3. If we don’t immediately change the way we are living, we won’t be living well, or long.  Catastrophic environmental disaster is right around the corner.  Electricity is number one, as far as being overhauled so we can stop using fossil fuel.  The man said that we have been lied to, and the promises made to clean up our act were not kept.  If we don’t change right now, it will be too late.
  4. All of us, across the globe, are breathing polluted air, which is making us sick and killing people.
  5. Footsteps have been found in North America next to giant sloth prints.  They did studies that show people were here 21,000 to 26,000 years ago.  Originally they thought it was only 13,000 to 16,000 years.   So, people were here with huge animals.  They are carbon dating the pollen.  They carbon dated the seeds under the footprints.

I didn’t take notes, so…I did the best I could.


Photo:  Carlynn Alarid

The news…truth or lies…either way, it invades our lives.

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