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Read this little story to its end, please. Thank you. Short story.

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“Hello,” he said, smiling at the phone, feeling his heart beat faster, just hearing her voice.  “I can’t wait until you get home tomorrow night. I miss you.”

“About that,” she signed.


“It’s my job.  You knew that going in.”

He didn’t say anything.

“Are you there?” she asked.

“I’m here.”

“I’m sorry.  There’s another war breaking out and I have to cover it.  I’m flying out of here in ten minutes.”


“I promise I’ll come home as soon as this assignment is over.  We’ll spend some time together.”

“That’s what you said the last three times.”

“It’s what I do.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.”

“Well, be safe.”

“I’ll call when I can.”

“Right,” he said.

“Gotta go, we’re boarding.  I love you.”

“I love you too,” he muttered, thinking of how many days, or weeks, it would be before he saw her again.

Well, he had his job at the little bookstore, and his three little friends.  And he loved her.  Her long shiny hair, her sparkling eyes, her body.  She was perfect.  So he got a tub of Chunky Monkey ice cream out of the freezer, and turned a sappy love story on the TV.  He would wait for her call.  Wait to see her.  And let his life pass him by.  He reminded himself that she was worth it, and he was lucky to have her.




Only women do stupid things like that.

No one would be surprised by that story if the women was home waiting for a man who had a real life out in the real world.  No one likes reading about a guy switching places with a woman.  You’d wonder what was wrong with him.  WHY DON’T PEOPLE WONDER WHAT’S WRONG WITH WOMEN WHO DO THAT?

My cousin just gave me a book (about Paris) and I don’t think I can read it.  it’s about a lame woman just like the guy I wrote about.  When my cousin handed the book to me she said, “There’s a little romance in it, but you’ll love the parts about Paris.”  Romance is one thing, pining and waiting is something else entirely.

That old saying, “TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN.”  Well, it doesn’t wait for WOMEN  either.  These stories simply reinforce the role women are expected to play.  Waiting.  Putting up with things they hate, wasting their lives.  Living tiny little lives.  Gak!

Whenever I walk BY the romance section in a bookstore, I never see men standing there, looking through the books.  Actually, I think men should read them.  If they did, they might know what women want, how to satisfy them, and how to make women happy. If men did that, women wouldn’t want to read romance novels, because they would be living in one.

Anyway, if you ever want to see sexism and brainwashing, just reverse the gender roles in any story.   You can’t miss it.  Imagine a woman pirate, bending a guy backward, after sliding down a rope from the mast, and kissing him.  Then pushing him away and getting back to business running the ship, as he slowly walks back to his cabin to wait for whatever will be done to him next.  Think about the things we put into people’s heads.  It’s truly pathetic and insane.

Ah, sexism rears it’s ugly head once again…from: Bored Panda…women are fined for not wanting to play in bikini bottoms. Insanity.

Pink Offers To Pay ‘Sexist’ Fine For Women’s Handball Team Who Wore Shorts To A Game Instead Of Bikini Bottoms

From: Bored Panda (this has saved lives…read the comments) Sad that women need to do these things.

Bartender Explains What Different “Angel Shots” Mean And How Ordering One Can Save Someone From A Bad Situation


Why don’t men ever wear veils, or cover their faces, unless they’re robbing a bank or some such thing? Why are women taught to see themselves as beautiful when they are hiding, covered or veiled? Let the men wear veils for awhile and you’ll see how stupid it really looks. Oh, right, men would never DO anything that made them look fragile, weak and powerless, so never mind.

Yellow Flowers on White Textile

Photo:  Sara Outeiro

Don’t miss this…from Bored Panda…

Texan Valedictorian Addresses The State’s Anti-Abortion Bill After Dropping Her Approved Speech At The Last Minute

Okay, so…books…QUESTIONS

Are there any novels for men, where the main character (male from a small town) weeps, is devastated by a breakup, runs away to open a bookstore that he conveniently inherits from a long lost relative, where he meets the love of his life and they live happily ever after?

Are there any novels for men that have children in them, other than the one’s they are hired to rescue, or kill?

Are there any novels for men that deal with caring for parents, or sick spouses, or kids?

Are there any novels for men where a woman is the hero?

Are there any novels for men where they are RESCUED by a woman?

Are there any novels for men where they are hunted, and kept in a basement for a year, constantly abused and tortured, then murdered, by a woman?

Are there any novels for men where they defer to women?

Are there any novels for men where men are made to look like weaklings, victims, pathetic, sad, lonely, inept, terrified human beings?

Are there any novels for men where they talk about how fat they are, talk about their thighs and body image, dieting, their nails, hair or the clothes they wear?

Are there any novels for men that are long boring sagas about family life and relationships?

Are there any books for men where the men are afraid to go out at night?  Afraid to be in their house alone?

You know, I could go on and on and on and on but where would these books be shelved in a bookstore?  Nowhere, that’s where, because they don’t exist.

We are constantly conditioned and brainwashed by our culture, to be something we they want us to be.  Women never have a chance to find out who they are or what they can be.



Follow up to the Bored Panda post…

The post was about a device men came up with to open doors to get at women.  The comments after the story (on Bored Panda) and some of the comments on my blog were about what the girl did, what her parents did, but that wasn’t the point.  That’s like asking the girl what she was wearing when she was raped.  It’s NOT ABOUT WHAT THE GIRL DID.  It’s about WHAT MEN DO TO GET AT WOMEN.

It’s a cultural manipulation to always place the blame on the female.  No matter what men do, it’s always something the female did that made it happen, or allowed it to happen.  And that is always the way men deflect the violence they do against us.

THERE IS A DEVICE TO OPEN DOORS TO GET INTO ROOMS WHERE WOMEN ARE ALONE.  AND THAT’S THE POINT.  We have to stop asking questions about what the woman did and start to LOOK AT WHAT MEN ARE DOING TO US.

The fact that some people said her parents shouldn’t have left her alone, she shouldn’t have opened the door, and all the rest, are immaterial when it comes to the fact that A MAN WAS BREAKING INTO HER ROOM.

No one said anything about that.  We have been trained to look at what the woman did, whether she has been beaten or murdered.  It’s always something she did.

It’s not.  IT’S BECAUSE MEN BEAT, RAPE AND KILL FEMALES.  PERIOD.  No one asked why he was there, who he was, was he caught, where his parents were, or anything else.  Not a single question ABOUT HIM.

Women are prisoners, needing to be guarded against men at every age, no matter where we are.  Females are NEVER SAFE and they are always blamed for what is DONE TO THEM.

The article was about a device made to open doors.  But everyone talked about the 15 year old girl.

Although one persons said that if anyone sees the wire to pull it and maybe break his finger.

Until our attitudes change and we face the fact that the men who do the violence are never mentioned, blamed or part of the problem, women will continue to be blamed for what men do to them.

Men have developed the perfect system to be violent against women and get away with it by blaming the women.  It’s really sick and evil.


woman in brown dress holding bouquet of flowers

she made it farther
than she had the last four times
at least she was in the building
but she just couldn’t do it
she did love him
but freedom
was the price one paid
for marriage
so she got up
and skipped away
heading for sunny days
blue skies
and no strings


Photo:  Nina Hill

Speak…a poem

Woman's Face

she never stopped fighting back
but all men wanted to hear
were the fluttering wings of butterflies
and her SILENCE



Photo:  Isabella Mariana


woman in black tank top singing

A lot of people said that Jordan wasn’t like “other” girls.  They were wrong.  A lot of “girls” were simply afraid to be like Jordan, that’s all.  The pressure to conform is so punishing, that many females decide just to submit. It won’t protect them, but they think it will.

One has to follow the rules in their hearts.  Not everyone wants to be a rock start.  Seems as if a lot of women want to pose and look weird, in pictures on free sites people can use for their blogs, but that’s their business and the rules they follow, I guess.

The point is, we should be able to be who we are.  Free, wild things, rocking or  doing street art or anything else.  The RESTRICTIONS that BIND, CONTROL and KILL US, because of male dominance, destroy ALL OF OUR LIVES.

I’ve been reading all the things women do to NOT BE NOTICED, out of fear.  FEAR, FEAR, FEAR.  MEN TERRIFY WOMEN EVERYDAY IN EVERY WAY.  How is that a way to live?

It’s not.  Not at all.

There’s a fabulous new movie on NETFLIX, called MOXIE.  I loved it.  My daughter called and said, “It’s driving me crazy because when we did things like that, people stayed AWAY from us because they were afraid.  Where was all the support those girls got in the movie?”
She was right, but we did it anyway.

Males make the world an ugly and dangerous place. Think about the women demonstrating in front of college dorms, carrying mattresses, to try and get people to understand how many of them are raped/gang raped. and to STOP IT FROM HAPPENING.

Think about it and STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR MALE BEHAVIOR.  Your daughters are coming home, dropping out and not saying anything. So many females drop out and never say why.

The lists of things women HAVE TO DO to try and stay safe everywhere they go is sickening.  How many men have to text saying:  TEXT/CALL ME THE MINUTE YOU GET HOME.  A friend of mine gets up every morning and talks to me the entire time I walk, so she knows that I’m okay and no one is bothering me, or running over me.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.  THE WHOLE TIME I WALK.  So she knows I’m safe.  How many men have to do that?

Men need to stop other men from hurting us.  We can’t stop them.  Not unless the law changes and states that we can kill them and walk away.  But, oh, wait, women who kill men who have been beating them for YEARS, get life in prison.  Men who MURDER THEIR WIVES are out in six months.  So, never mind.  It would be nice if women could make their own laws, but we have to live with the ones men make to protect themselves and do whatever they want to do…to us.

Men can’t understand what it’s like to live the way we do.  They can never “get it.”  Unless, they go to jail.  Then some of them get it.  They should all have to spend time there…say six months.  Maybe they would understand then.  Maybe not.  It couldn’t hurt to try it.

And for the men who have daughters they actually love, or care about…think of the dangerous world SHE lives in, because of all of you.


Photo:  Harry Shelton

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