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woman in black tank top singing

A lot of people said that Jordan wasn’t like “other” girls.  They were wrong.  A lot of “girls” were simply afraid to be like Jordan, that’s all.  The pressure to conform is so punishing, that many females decide just to submit. It won’t protect them, but they think it will.

One has to follow the rules in their hearts.  Not everyone wants to be a rock start.  Seems as if a lot of women want to pose and look weird, in pictures on free sites people can use for their blogs, but that’s their business and the rules they follow, I guess.

The point is, we should be able to be who we are.  Free, wild things, rocking or  doing street art or anything else.  The RESTRICTIONS that BIND, CONTROL and KILL US, because of male dominance, destroy ALL OF OUR LIVES.

I’ve been reading all the things women do to NOT BE NOTICED, out of fear.  FEAR, FEAR, FEAR.  MEN TERRIFY WOMEN EVERYDAY IN EVERY WAY.  How is that a way to live?

It’s not.  Not at all.

There’s a fabulous new movie on NETFLIX, called MOXIE.  I loved it.  My daughter called and said, “It’s driving me crazy because when we did things like that, people stayed AWAY from us because they were afraid.  Where was all the support those girls got in the movie?”
She was right, but we did it anyway.

Males make the world an ugly and dangerous place. Think about the women demonstrating in front of college dorms, carrying mattresses, to try and get people to understand how many of them are raped/gang raped. and to STOP IT FROM HAPPENING.

Think about it and STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR MALE BEHAVIOR.  Your daughters are coming home, dropping out and not saying anything. So many females drop out and never say why.

The lists of things women HAVE TO DO to try and stay safe everywhere they go is sickening.  How many men have to text saying:  TEXT/CALL ME THE MINUTE YOU GET HOME.  A friend of mine gets up every morning and talks to me the entire time I walk, so she knows that I’m okay and no one is bothering me, or running over me.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.  THE WHOLE TIME I WALK.  So she knows I’m safe.  How many men have to do that?

Men need to stop other men from hurting us.  We can’t stop them.  Not unless the law changes and states that we can kill them and walk away.  But, oh, wait, women who kill men who have been beating them for YEARS, get life in prison.  Men who MURDER THEIR WIVES are out in six months.  So, never mind.  It would be nice if women could make their own laws, but we have to live with the ones men make to protect themselves and do whatever they want to do…to us.

Men can’t understand what it’s like to live the way we do.  They can never “get it.”  Unless, they go to jail.  Then some of them get it.  They should all have to spend time there…say six months.  Maybe they would understand then.  Maybe not.  It couldn’t hurt to try it.

And for the men who have daughters they actually love, or care about…think of the dangerous world SHE lives in, because of all of you.


Photo:  Harry Shelton


Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Sitting on Brown Wooden Chair

I have no idea who this woman is.  I’m putting her on my blog because she looks normal.  She isn’t half dressed, her eyes are open and she doesn’t look as if she’s having a religious experience.  She looks REAL and beautiful.  She looks comfortable in her body and in herself.  I’m so sick of seeing women posing and posturing.

Photographs inspire me, so I go through some of them on line to get new ideas, but the pictures of women touching their faces, their arms over their heads, partially naked are just disgusting.  Selling themselves to the male (or female) gaze, looking weak and vulnerable. Hiding in shadows or standing in front of windows, it just makes me sick.  We work so hard to make women look strong and intelligent, and then I see so many pictures where they look ridiculous (yes, that is my opinion).

When I saw this woman, I was so happy.  She looks as if she could function in the world, be a force, full of intelligence and personal power.  I love it.  It’s refreshing and positive.  She’s not a thing, she’s a real person.

Often times women use their bodies to survive.  They pose and pout and look like children or easy marks.  It makes me sad.  Really sad.  Women have been taught those things.  Those looks SELL things, but they are demeaning when flashed across the screen and I wonder if their family album, the one they show their kids, would be full of those shots.

Men will sometimes have their hands above their heads to show off their abs.  It’s bragging, not inviting.  They don’t touch their faces, close their eyes and pose.  They show strength, not weakness.

I’m sick of seeing posing and weak looking females.  I find the above photo a breath of fresh air and that’s why she’s on my blog.


Photo:  Polinatan Kilevitgh


Mary was always terrified when she saw men gathering together talking about laws that would control women’s lives.  She sent her dog, Mable, in as a spy.  All the women in town closed their drapes and cast spells, when the men “gathered.”   They thought of leaving the town and starting over somewhere else, but they were waiting to see what Mable had to say before making any decisions.

Biden wins…

Tonight, many women will be beaten and suffer at the hands of angry male trump supporters.  It happens during Super Bowl, and this is really big.  Women are afraid of what men will do to them.   The men will be angry and take it out on those around them, just like trump.  It’s a sad repercussion of tiny weak and pathetic male minds…men who bully and beat weaker beings than themselves, in order to feel bigger than they ever could be.

Women pay the price for male anger and rage.  Emergency rooms, for those women who choose to go, will be busy tonight.


Beauty or terror…

Park, Bench, Night, The Fog

I’m sure it has to do with
where you’re from
or where you live
but the above photo
can either be
being beautiful
doesn’t mean that women
can walk there by themselves
not without
great risk
and that is a
that men do to
the never ending
threat of
men are able to
what women
to do
and how they
are allowed
to live

Okay, so…

Man, Woman, Question Mark, Problems

Another one of the fun things on earth is that women and men don’t always/ever understand each other.  Men can’t understand what women want, or even hear what they are saying, since the tone of our voices are difficult for men to HEAR.  And, since they don’t think the same way women do, they don’t know what we are talking about.

All the things that would make life easier are bad for us.  ON PURpOSe, of course.  I don’t think this is all an accident.  Some evil being is playing with us.  I say evil because the stupid little hateful things that make up our everyday lives, are just plain MEAN.  Like making all the things we like to eat…bad for us.  Everything is too nasty to be accidental.  It’s not just one or two things, it’s practically EVERYTHING.  Why do animals we love have to die so fast?  Why are there diseases that destroy living things in horrible ways?  Surely not to make room on the planet for others.  If a designer was kind, we would just shut down at one hundred and fifty, still as strong and fabulous as when we were twenty-one.  But no…aging and illness, loss and misery, poverty, hunger, violence…that’s what we get on this planet.  Addiction isn’t something that’s hard to understand, since it’s what a lot of people do to escape life.  And  yes, there are wonderful things as well.

Hormones go crazy, people fall in love and then, once the hormones calm down, a lot of them wake up, look around, and wonder what made them do what they did.  It’s the  brain’s fault.  That instinct to reproduce overrides our sanity.

So, while we eat fries with pizza and drink malts, and talk to each other, not understanding anything anyone is actually saying…we wonder why our lives turn out the way they do.

Then we have kids who, like each of us, have their own personality and don’t understand what we’re saying, the same way we didn’t understand what our parents were saying to us.  No one learns from another’s mistakes.  We don’t even learn from our own mistakes, or from the things that are happening at the moment.

I’m not actually sure what we’re supposed to do, while we’re here.  Just destroy everything?  Reproduce, so that we can keep the destruction going?   Seems like the people who are kept poor, hungry and living in cardboard boxes might not understand why the world is the way it is either.

I would like to believe that we don’t have choices.  That we aren’t as horrifically unfair as we seem to be.  They we aren’t in on the whole, keeping others down, thing.  But we are.  We all are.  If we aren’t fighting to make the world better for everyone, then we’re part of the problem.  But, like my button says:  REALITY IS WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU.  Our brains love denial.  It’s probably the first setting on their circuitboard.  We need to override it. None of us are innocent.


If you are a human being…this is an important TED Talk. She’s an outstanding speaker.

A moment in time…a very short story

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m laying on the floor with a book on top of me.  Since I will never live long enough to read all the books I have, and want to read, I decided to lay on the floor, put a book on top of me and see if the words could just sink into me.  I’d use more than one book but then the words would get mixed together and I wouldn’t know which words belonged to which book.”

“Do you honestly believe that will work?”

“No, but I have to do something.  I can’t read a hundred books everyday.  I actually started reading, while I was listened to a book on tape, as I was doing the dishes.”

“You have a problem,” he said.  “I don’t think laying under a book will do anything to help.”

She sat up and pulled up her knees.  “What am I going to DO?”

“Why do you have to read so many books?”  he asked.

She felt a flame ignite in her toes and shoot directly to her brain.  “EXCUSE me?”

“I said…”

“I KNOW what you said.  I just can’t believe you SAID it.”

“Well, if it’s stressing you out, I just thought…”

“I thought you loved me,” she said.

“I do.”

“How can you?  If you could say something like THAT, you don’t even KNOW me.”

“Is this one of those, impossible communications things, where men have no idea what’s going on?”

“How can you not know what’s going on?”

“Because I don’t.  I was just trying to help you solve a problem.”

“What problem?”

“That you had too many books to read in a short amount of time.  Logically, the answer is to read fewer books.”

“And your gender runs the world.  No wonder we’re in such a huge mess.”

“What does that have to do with anything?’ he asked.

“Here’s a hint.  I want to find a way to read ALL of the books, in the limited time I have, not figure out how NOT to read some of them.”


“What do you mean, what?  What part don’t you get?”

He stared at her, then said, “If I can help, just let me know.”

“I will,” she said.  “And nice save.”



Watch this…it’s really, really excellent…great speaker and important message

From: Candy…Saudi Arabia WOMEN’S CONFERENCE…without ONE SINGLE WOMAN

Just one more log o the fire of hatred.

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