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Okay, so…Schrodinger’s Cat

I think we are more like Schrodinger’s Cat than we would like to admit. I mean think about it.  We each carry our own portion of reality around with us, in our minds, (I see that as cartoon bubbles over … Continue reading

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Do you hear singing?

It was after the Witching Hour, about one-thirty this morning, and I was sitting on the patio with Emily, feeding, petting and dancing with her.  She was twining between my feet and head bumping me, marking me, so that every … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

How many people do you think would rather be living different lives than the one they are currently living?  How many people are living lives that were over a long time ago, (widows, widowers)?  How many people are staying in … Continue reading

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Hi. My name is Gigi and I’m a bookaholic…

Book buying, book loving, book reading, books in stacks on every surface in a person’s house, isn’t really a vice, but it is an addiction.  Truthfully, I would have to live a couple of lifetimes to read all of the books … Continue reading

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Computer, a book and thoughts…

I only have access to pictures I’ve used or planned on using soon.  Can’t get to my photographs and can’t add the new ones I took.  Now, my mail won’t open.  I can still get to “comments,” however, and I’m … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Isn’t it funny how one day we can be incredibly happy and the next day all we want to do is drive into a viaduct going a 100 mph.  See that’s why wishes don’t come true right away.  Because we … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

I saw the fresh strawberries in the produce section and decided I wanted a strawberry sundae, so I went to the freezer that held the ice cream.  I noticed a woman standing in front of the doors, moving a step … Continue reading

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