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Update from Emily…

My person went to the doctor yesterday and she doesn’t have to wear the sling in the house anymore.  Just when she goes out.  She’s really happy about that and so am I because now she can pet me with both hands.  I would stand next to her, playing PET ME IF YOU CAN, and she couldn’t reach me with her arm in the sling.  It didn’t hurt my feelings or anything.  I mean she twisted around so she could try and reach me with her other hand, but now that game is over.  She has a lot of exercises to do and she slept in her bed last night.  She can’t sleep on her right side, of course, but she finally got a few hours of sleep.  The exercises are not fun and they can hurt, so she has to ease into them.  It’s nice that her daughter, my sister, is a therapist.

Now that she’s back in bed at night, the couch is empty, so I can’t wake her up or get pets in the middle of the night.  I did sleep on the cushion by myself, but it wasn’t the same.  Her bed is really high and I don’t want to jump up there, so…  She knows I was on the couch because I left some fur for her to find.  Just to keep it real, if you now what I mean.

My person is not very bright when it comes to things like this.  She thinks she should be back to normal immediately.  I mean she’s still healing and has to be careful, but she thinks she should just be the way she was before she fell, and doesn’t understand why having her arm in a sling for over a month, would make any difference.  I gave up trying to explain things to her.  She just doesn’t listen.  She has to go back one more time, in about four weeks, and that should be it.

It’s fifteen below zero outside, with the wind chill so it’s a good day to stay inside.  I’m glad I finally decided to move in with her.  I mean, someone needs to keep an eye on her.  We both hate cold weather and I forgot to tell you that she can drive agin.  She’s REALLY happy about that, but needs to get her arm in a little better shape before she hits the road.

So, that’s it, I think and I finished this just in time, because I feel a nap coming on.

Meow, Emily.

Update from Emily…

She went to the doctor for her two week check-up. Which means she brought her arm in for x-rays.  He looked at the new x-rays and said she’s healing and that she has to come back in two more weeks.  So that’s good.  Unfortunately, the x-ray guy tried to put her arm in a weird position and her “Goddess of the Burning Flames” started coming out, so he said he could do it a different way.  He already hurt her but she let him live.  For now, at least.  Really, she said, she didn’t even singe him, if you don’t count the tiny burn mark on his sleeve.

Her human daughter picked her up and they went food shopping.  Then they went to the vet and got more food for me too.  They came home and put everything thing away, then then went to a mall and walked around and had fun at Hot Topics and Barbara’s Bookshop.  They went to Portillo’s for lunch and had veggie dogs and fries, followed by a Mickey D’s twist cone.  THEN they went to the doctor’s place.

She said they had fun and she needs to get out more.  I used to feel that way, but I like laying around, so I can stay up at night to wake her up, when she drifts off now and then. Outside isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Maybe if you live where it’s warm, but definitely not here.

She has to take more Vit. D3.  A lot more.  Apparently the doctor was not happy at the amount she’s taking and wants her to quadruple it.  She’s going to double it and start there.  Everyone takes D if they want to survive the horrific darkness we  have everyday.  EVERYDAY.  Today was special because it rained too. So dark, dreary, raw, damp, DARKER, wet and then DARKER…another day in paradise, but at least there’s no snow.

I woke her up a lot this morning and she didn’t even try to fall asleep until 3:30 a.m.  She was in the shower at 6:30 so, she didn’t get a lot of zzzzzzz’s, that’s for sure, but she loves to see me and I love getting pets during the early morning hours, so it seems to work for both of us.

So two more sleepless weeks in a sling.  Then two more after that maybe, and she should be able to drop the zombie look and sleep in her bed.  I told her I could handle that and she said I was a good cat. All cats are perfect, but I pretend that I don’t know that so she thinks she’s telling me something new.

She hates having people do things for her, so this is really hard.  She said she wishes that I could drive so her human daughter wouldn’t have to take her to the doctor.  They always go out once a week so I told her to think of this as their day out.  She said she’d consider it.  Anyway, that’s where we are at the moment.



Update from Emily…

She said she’s getting weak from lack of exercise.  I told her to drink out of my water dish but she declined, and said she was just going wither away.  I asked who would feed me, if she did that and she said, “That’s a good enough reason to live, I guess.”

She wants to walk her miles outside but she has to wait until she sees the doctor sometime next week. I asked if she was as afraid of the doctor as I am of the vet and she said no, so that’s good.

She went to the last family Christmas party yesterday and had fun.  Her hair didn’t look too terrifying and she wore a black flower in it to hold it back.  She said she needs to cut it but can’t, so I shouldn’t expect her to look much better soon.  I’m kind of getting used to seeing her this new way, in Bon Jovi, Snoopy, cat and other weird pants.  I like the Vegas ones, as well as the pants with the flamingos.  She wears everything with white tank tops so she can get her arm in and out easily.  She’s doing her exercises.  Her human daughter is an OT so therapy won’t be a problem.  She still reminds me of a zombie but I won’t tell her that because of all the monsters and undead she likes them the least.

She reads..a LOT.  And she got a few more hours of sleep.  When I see her sleeping I wake her up so she knows she’s getting some sleep.  She always thanks me and tells me what a good cat I am.

Well, that’s about it.  Time for another nap.





Emily update…

She is looking more and more like the walking dead.  She can’t sleep.  Didn’t sleep at all again last night, just wandered around until she finally ate an English muffin with cream cheese and jelly, after which she had her chocolate biscotti.  In other words, she ate breakfast, during which I threw up.  I hardly ever barf but thought maybe it would be a nice distraction for her.  I missed the rug on purpose, since she can only use one arm to clean things.  She felt bad for me, so I immediately started playing PET ME IF YOU CAN, always staying just out of reach so she couldn’t pet me.   I’m trying to make things fun for her.

Nothing has changed with her hair but I’m used to it now, so I’m not afraid of her anymore.

I’ve noticed how quickly things fall apart when she stops cleaning, but I won’t tell her that or she will keep using her broken arm more than she should.  I’m not sure if she doesn’t notice that the rugs need to be vacuumed because she’s too tired, or she just doesn’t care.  Either way, she can’t do it and I used to live outside, so I’m used to dirt.

You don’t have to worry about me, since I get plenty of sleep and she feeds me all the time. told her to try sleeping in one of my spots, like behind the couch, tucked into the corner but she said that wouldn’t work for her.  That’s too bad because it definitely works for me.

Well, we are both doing the best we can and I guess that’s all anyone can do.

Catch ya later…snicker, snicker.




Emily’s update…

About 3:15 this morning I went to check on my person.  She was sound asleep.  I was so happy to see that she was getting some rest, I just had to headbutt her leg a few times.  She was thrilled to see me, just like always, and started petting me and telling me how sweet I am.  Then I jumped onto the couch cushion next to her and  that made her even happier, since I never did that before.  I didn’t lay down or anything, I  just  stood there for a minute and basked in her words of praise.  She was so excited.  She wanted me to lay down but I didn’t want to overwhelm her, so I jumped to the floor and laid on the rug for a bit.

She went grocery shopping  today.  Her daughter took her.  I asked, and she said no one ran away from her because of the way her hair looked.  Personally, I think people were simply too polite to scream in public, but I didn’t say that to her.  She bought clips to hold back her hair but I don’t think it’s going to help.  I doubt anything can.  Fur is always the smart choice.

I asked how much longer she would have to wear the black thing on her arm and she said for four or five weeks.  I hope she wakes up and starts to look more normal way before then.

The weather was beautiful today, but after living outside for most of my life, I’m happy to be indoors all the time.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  Time for a nap.





Update from Emily…

My person is using her broken arm way too much, which bothers me because she needs to get better so she can open the cat food cans and definitely do something with her hair.  Her computer started falling off her lap and she caught it with her broken arm which she said was a bad idea.

She’s not sleeping. I’m afraid she’ll turn into a zombi and then where will we be?  She’s a vegetarian, so I’m not worried about her eating me, or going for my superior brain, but she will certainly look even worse than she does now, that’s for sure.

She reads…a LOT.  Which is okay, as long as she makes time for me and keeps my litter box clean.  You should see her doing that with her left hand.  I’m starting to think her left hand exists to only do what her right hand tells it to do.  On its own, it just seems…lost.

She doesn’t like the, PET ME IF YOU CAN game.  I stand just out of reach, and beg to be petted.  I also stand on her right side, so she can’t pet me there either.  She runs her hand over my tail, when she can. She can’t really play on the floor right now, because she won’t be able to get up until she’s better.

She watched the entire new season of ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL, until 4:30 this morning.  She said she fast forwarded through the bad parts, and the show is getting extremely depressing.   She likes to finish things…like entire series of books, one after the other.  She’s on book 7 of a series she just started and she’s beginning to hate the characters.  She wonders why authors do that, add annoying characters to a perfectly good story.  It’s doubtful she’ll continue, but who knows?  And it’s not because she read them so fast, it’s the stupid things the author decides to do.  At least that’s what she said.  So she’s skipping pages now, to avoid the stupidity.

She’s still taking good care of me, naturally.  I just wish she would add some blush to her face to stop me from thinking of zombies every time I look at her.

I’m still beautiful.  She tells me that I’m beautiful all day long and she never lies.  Plus, all cats are stunning, so there is that.  Humans…not so much.  Having fur might help but she said she didn’t think anything would help. Not really.

She’s not eating much because she said that if you don’t move around a lot, you have to eat a tiny bit or buy new clothes.  She said the biscotti didn’t count because of her ITALIAN heritage.  I asked if I was Italian and she said yes and Swedish too.

Well, I better go.  Time for another round of PET ME IF U CAN, then a snack and a nap.




Emily update…

The vet called today and said all the tests came back fine.  He asked how she was doing and I said, “It’s a nightmare.  I spend my time crawling around on the rugs, or trying to catch her.  We are both exhausted and frustrated.  She’s terrified when she sees me.”  He laughed, and said, “You’re not alone.”  I was considering death by falling off my roof, if I could get out of one of the windows, and he was laughing.  Then he asked how she was doing.  I told him she was fine, EXCEPT FOR BEING TORTURED BY THE PILL THING. I told him she probably didn’t even get more than five pills.  He said…yes, he really said this, “Don’t give her anymore.  Just stop the pills, but save them in case we need them at a later date.”  I said, “Just stop them?”  He said, “Yes.”  I didn’t ask how she could just stop them and be okay but, as the really old saying goes, never look a gift horse in the mouth.  What that means I’m not sure but I think it means, say than you and run.  So, that’s what I did.

With those few words, “stop giving them to her, the sun came out in my heart.  It was that easy, and then I was glad I couldn’t get the window open so I wasn’t on the roof when he called..

Emily still runs away from me but I think with time, she’ll be okay.  So for now, the nightmare of the pills, is over.




Emily…story below.

I locked her in the bathroom, so I could give her the antibiotic.  She went mad and started pulling her fur out of her hip.  So, I let her out and now she hides day and night and isn’t getting her medicine.  I’ve gone from depressed to despair.  She is terrified when she sees me.  I caught her once today, but found one of the two pills, a very tiny one, on the stair.  She she didn’t get that.  She’s supposed to be getting the antibiotic 2X a day, but if she gets it once, it’s a miracle.  Yesterday not at all.

We are both exhausted.  I feel like getting rid of all my furniture, or putting it in the middle of each room, so she can’t hide.  Either that or put her in the vet for a week, which I don’t want to do, at all.

We re both going insane.  So many places I can’t reach her and she just sits there and looks at me, as if I’m trying to kill her, instead of save her life.  The surgery went perfectly, the medication, not so much.

I’ve been thinking of running away…a lot.  LOL  Like a five year old.  Pack up my fuzzy rabbit and just hitting the road.  Leaving Emily to live with someone who is better at doing what has to be done.  I am not the Cat Goddess Bastet.  Emily does not worship at my paws.  She fears me and the tiny pills I have between my fingers that take two seconds to give her, but it takes all day and night to get them in her mouth, IF, I’m lucky.

I don’t know what’s going on.  People talk to me but I don’t listen, all I can think of is how many more hours will I have to look for her, and will I ever be able to give her the medicine.  She needs the medication because of a complication, not because of the actual surgery.  This should have been over, but it’s not.  It may never be over.  When I die, I think I’ll be in charge of catching cats, wherever I end up, and there will be bookcases where they can hide and couches they can crawl behind.  And that will be my personal hell, for trying to keep her alive and healthy.

My German Shepard, just stood there and let me drop the meds into his open mouth.  He was a good dog.  I miss him.  Although he was afraid of one of our cats, and I don’t blame him.  Everyone was afraid of Gota.  Everyone.


Emily was playing, and heard a noise. She tears the feathers out of all her toys and I find them all over the house.


New frame for an old picture of Emmie.

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