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silhouette of person jumping in mid-air during daytime

but as long as they are
under under the fists of
we will never know
what they are capable
of doing
what a loss
for the species
for the animals
for the world itself
to those men in power
is preferable
to setting women


Photo”  Mohamed Nohassi


Free White and Green Happy Birthday Signage Stock Photo

imagine the stories
walls could tell
from being put up
to having their first encounters
with others
think of the things
they’ve heard
and seen
good and bad
funny and horrible
how do they feel
about being
or tiled
does it hurt
dull the sound
how afraid are they
of being torn down
maybe someday
we’ll be able to
find out
what they have to say
but right now
mums the word

Photo:  Kelly

You don’t have to believe in magic for it to exist…words

Free Tranquil woman with glittering stylish makeup holding bunch of delicate roses on black background Stock Photo

we are magic
but because we currently
reside on earth
out ability to use it
is hampered
by the environment
it takes a lot of practice
to wake and sustain
out abilities
but never
that it


Photo:  Maria Eduarda Loura Maglhães


a green snake is curled up on a branch

I love snakes
in all their colors
some are dangerous
but only when WE
go into THEIR territory
they don’t hunt us
they just want to be left alone
something humans
seem unable to do
leave ANYTHING alone
snakes are simply one more
life form
that needs to be treated
with respect
and love
another thing we humans
seem unable to do
the point is
I’m crazy about them
and they are beautiful


Photo:  David Clode


Free A Tourist Looking at Pillars inside the Dendera Temple Stock Photo

no matter where we are
or where we’re from
we all walk on the paths
that others have forged for us
worn deep into
all of our lives
half truths
and all the rest
we are people indoctrinated
into beliefs of the past
by each generation
we are born
then have to work
to unlearn what we have been
conditioned to believe
things that no longer work
in the age
in which we live
old grudges
and ideas
passed from one
to another
and we wonder why
we don’t see eye to eye
what chance do we have
when poisoned
from the beginning
when wearing white sheets
seem normal
and inequality
is just the way things are
the status quo
= death
it divides us
turns people into
everything we know
we have been taught
we need to break
away from the old stories
and the lies his-story
told us
we need to write
new tales
have new visions
in case you haven’t noticed
in many ways
we are currently dying



Photo:  Yasmine Qasem


Free Neon Lights Signage Illuminated on Wall Stock Photo

all beliefs are limiting
that’s why we need to review them
all the time
and make sure that what we think we believe
still makes sense

Rusted Warrior…words

he stands at attention
remains at his post
the Rusted Warrior
waits for a time
that has long ago



Photo:  Tim Schmidbauer


Letter, Envelope, Post Office, Pebbles

for the most part
handwritten letters
have become a thing
of the past
it’s so much easier
to send a text message
an e-mail
or just call someone
instead of sitting down
and writing the latest news
or checking
to see how someone is
but it’s more than that
don’t want to spend time
reading letters
handwriting can be messy
or difficult to read
some can no longer decipher
and can only read printed words
is what’s important to everyone
but I think we’ve lost something
by no longer writing to each other
there’s an intimacy there
a feeling of focused attention
and connection
that one can’t really get
from a text message
you can’t stack your tex messages
and tie a ribbon round them
or feel the touch of thick
handmade paper
between your finger tips
there’s no way to send
a wisp of perfume
or a pressed flower
but those things are
and old fashion now
we see them in movies
that are black and white
but I do have cards
and notes tied up with ribbons
and I’m so happy that I do
since those who wrote them
are no longer with me
but I have their words
the look of their handwriting
and their little drawings
as well
we should write more letters
a few words
to keep
and cherish
a few words
to remember
who once was


Picture: Pixabay


Free Blue and White Star Painted Hand in Peace-sign Gesture Stock Photo

like most things
the only peace
we can really have
is individual peace
but sometimes
our personal peace
can be catching
sometimes it’s just enough
to stop things
from getting worse
we each need to cultivate
peace within ourselves
even when it’s hard
and yes
that peace
won’t be enough
but the important thing
is that we
show up


Photo:  David Peterson

Winter piggy to make you smile…words

Free Toy Pig illustration and picture

She was just a baby piglet
not even flesh and bones
but she did enjoy a winter day
playing in the snow


Picture:  Pixabay

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