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Book lover…words

brown wooden chair beside white wooden desk

as a book lover
I admit
that I sometimes buy books
by their covers
I read the one-star reviews
on Amazon
because that’s where
the real information is
I never finish books I don’t like
I never reread books either
how can I
when there are always new ones
waiting in the wings
I have way too many copies
my favorite childhood book
where kids are smarter
than adults
I have an insatiable hunger
for books
when I’m in a bookstore
books whisper to me
like dogs in a shelter
they’re all looking
for a forever home
but books know those
who aren’t interested in them
those who walk past their section
without a glance
they don’t fall off the shelf
unless they know the reader
will love them
a romance novel
would never follow me home
I binge read
for whole days at a time
living on cookies
and peanut and jelly sandwichs
(mostly cookies)
and I  wait impatiently
for the drop dates
of my favorite authors
my TBR piles
don’t make me feel bad because
I know the next book I might want to read
will be there waiting for me
I get gift cards
to bookstores for presents
my house is made of books and plants
and I wouldn’t have it any other way
I think the books are happy
I know Emily is
cats like books
I’m sure she reads
when I’m asleep
I think all cats do
if you find an open book on the floor
you probably interrupted
your cat
don’t pick it up
let her finish it
she’ll love you for it




Photo:  Asal Lotfi


gray and black robot statue

Sherlock is
an imaginary character
made up by a author
a character
that is more real
to many people
than the folks
they actually know
people speak of him
as if he is alive
as if he
and Dr. Watson
are working cases
and solving problems
at this very moment
people write to him
asking for help
they send their letters
to his Baker Street address
hoping he will respond
we fall in love
with characters
in books
because we believe in them
they represent
the things we need
or want
in our lives
that’s why
it’s so easy for us
to keep them alive
in our hearts



Photo:  Keiheu Ko

Artist:  Azbou (from theartblogger54…thank you)

The earth ship…words

Yacht, Ship, Boat, Sea, Sail, Sailboat

it feels as if
the earth is a gigantic ship
sailing the high seas
caught in mighty storms
or drifting under a cloudless sky
on calm water
we never know
which one we’re going to get
so the only thing we can do
is ride whatever it is…out


Photo:  Pixabay


large tree in middle of forest during daytime

hold the knowledge
of the earth
within them
they are the
of the past

Photo:  Veeterzy


because of our culture
the media
and mind control
we have been taught
to not appreciate our bodies
in ways that matter
the fact that we have one
is something special
and we need to thank our bodies
and look at them DIFFERENTLY
realizing that our conditioning
is just another form of mind control
by the people in charge
by making bodies
too fat
too thin
too short
too tall
too this
or too that
our attention is diverted
from things that actually
dissatisfaction it’s a tool
used by governments
and people in charge
to make us look the other way
we can change that
by changing our attitude
we need to stop
swallowing the lies
the media
and the people in power spread
this is especially true for females
instead of criticism
thank your body
for all the lessons
you have learned through it
and never forget
that the people
who set the standards for beauty
are making money
off of those they
make dissatisfied
if we become grateful
for our bodies
maybe things will change
and all the dissatisfaction
won’t be passed on
to future generations
it won’t be easy to change
the messages from the media
are buried deep
but a lot of things aren’t easy
people talk about being grateful
but gratitude for having a body
doesn’t always make that list
the status quo
works against acceptance
LACK in a world of ABUNDANCE
HATE instead of LOVE and KINDNESS
is what the status quo is all about
that’s how money is made
it’s how people are kept in line
we need to break the cycle
it’s just one more thing to do
but remember
people are VERY hard to control
and they know that
so they will fight back
but once we reach a tipping point
there won’t be anything they can do
so start today
and notice that EVERYTHING you do
is being done because you have
a body




Photo:  Hoi An Photographer


we exist
on a planet
that does
but turn things
into mulch
in it’s never ending quest
to recycle


Photo:  Zac Wolff

Words that matter…

Photo:  Markus Spiske

The Grazing Sheep…a poem

Nature, Mountains, Pasture, Rural

the grazing sheep
are quite content
to wander and nibble
needing nothing
but the grass
the earth has to offer
unlike humans
the sheep are self-sustaining
needing no tent
and other
packed in enormous
or even driven in by trucks
in order to live outdoors
for a single weekend
sheep don’t get lost
they usually don’t have
any destination
if we get lost
search parties
are sent
because we need to be
or we may die
we are actually
the weak and needy
of the earth
but we have all the guns
and that’s what can kill the sheep
who would never harm anyone
and just want to be left alone

Photo:  Pixabay

Neon…and some words…

Reach for the and Blue Moon Neon Signages


the moon is in space
238,900 miles from the earth
you can pretty much
reach all you want
but this
is what you might call
an unattainable
unless you’e an astronaut
which the majority of us
are NOT
and we still aren’t even sure
they really went there
doing yoga
eating kale
and riding your bike
12 hours a day
will not help you
reach the moon
so you might want
to think about setting
more realistic goals
in your life
ones you actually
might be able
to reach



Photo:  Designecologist


Dictionary, Focus, Book, Word, Text

life is
made of words
everything we do
or think
is made of
without them
there is
to nothing
and then we sometimes
translate the words
into pictures
pick up a book
in a language you don’t know
and the words simply become
marks on a page
but few think about
the part words play
in their everyday lives
like breathing
we simply
take them for granted
in fact
are truly

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