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words fall from my fingers onto paper and arrange themselves in ways that sometimes make sense

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  words push and shove trying to get out of my thoughts and find their way to paper to be read or heard they long for release long to let their voices fly free a word alone can be meaningless … Continue reading

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  I heard someone say, “When all is said and done…”  And I thought, when all is said and done…then it’s over.  I think it means death.  There’s nothing left, at least not here, not once all is said and … Continue reading

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everyday words and voices soft and sweet the most beautiful thing  

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there are dictionaries full of words and we can pick which ones we want to use and put them together to say exactly what we want to say at least until freedom of speech becomes a thing of the past … Continue reading

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A Typer…

I’m more of a typer, than a writer.  I identify as a writer, at least to myself, but truthfully, I often feel as if I have little to do with things I write.  I sit down, have no idea what … Continue reading

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words keep making stories in my mind no matter where I am no matter what I’m doing interesting tales are drifting through my thoughts

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