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Tonight the chicklets are bringing back, Dr. Zhivago. It will be the last play at the end of the entertainment segment. Excitement is high.



Chicklets, and their friends, always dress warm enough…the Knitting Committee has been very busy.


Some of the chicklets are still living in winter clothing, while others are thinking of planting flowers…

No one explained exactly how to make a SNOW ANGEL…

…so while the rest of the chicklets, and their friends, were laying in the snow, flapping their wings back and forth, Sally was…well…she was making a different kind of Snow Angel.

The Knitting Club has been very busy…

Hats are still being fitted, but the Knitting Club has been very busy making scarfs.  All  those who live at The Coop will be well dressed for winter weather…no doubt about it.


Chicklets…winter hats 3

Chicklets in winter, Hats…2

Josie and Vivian love their new hats.  Josie’s hat matches her jacket perfectly.  They said the hats are very warm and snug and they are grateful to the Clothing Committee for all their hard work.

Hats, Chicklets and cold weather…1

The Clothing Committee is making winter hats for everyone.  They opened a small shop in one of the smaller barns, where they display their goods.  Everyone loves the hats and are welcome choose any style, or color, they like.

Here Reed and Kevin model their choices.

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