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Someone needs attention…woof!

brown short coated dog wearing black sunglasses

Photo:  leandro fregoni

BURNING MAN…anyone? From: Bored Panda

Burning Man 2022 Just Ended, And Here Are 45 Photos Proving It’s The Wildest Festival Ever

Live out loud…and have fun.

Photo:  Corey Young

They call them SHADES for a reason…

Photo:  engin Akyurt

Girls just wanna have fun…a bit of a poem

boy in black jacket riding on red motorcycle

Photo:  Azamate E

as long as you don’t drop it
it’s a wild ride
covered in ink
on a warm
but cloudy day
one can ride

It’s Tuesday…Hi…hope you have a fun day. Don’t forget to play.

Toys, Astronaut, Rocket, Planet, Galaxy

Photo:  Pixabay

Love who you are…

Woman Hanging inside Subway Train

Photo:  ph.galtri

Sometimes…simple is the most fun.

woman riding on swing during sunset

Photo:  Noah Silliman


The chicklets are so happy to be working on the upcoming Bunny Party. The hospital is empty, and the new residents are fitting in nicely. Some still need help, but help is always available.


We used to play in the street, using the sewer covers for bases.  Everyone would yell at the cars when they broke up our game, to get pass us, so they could get where they were going.  LOL


Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

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