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Okay, so…

I think we can all agree that forever, is a very long time.  Longer than we can imagine and when you actually think about it, forever has always existed because we KNOW that there had to be SOMETHING to start … Continue reading

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Kids…this is for all the adults who were bad kids…you know who you are. The good kids can skip this and go on with their lives.

It’s funny how as parents we sometimes forget all the terrible things we did when we were kids.  Funny how we expect our own children to be different than we were.  Why is that?What makes us think that our kids … Continue reading

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Beautiful photographs from around the world of children and their animals…from Bored Panda…be sure you look at the additional 20 after the first few…

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I know where I’d sit…

Picture from:  Pinterest We get to choose…everyday.

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Okay, so…

Picture from:  Pinterest When I was young we lived by this code.  Well, that and DRIVE FAST, but otherwise, this is what we all believed and took seriously.  The thing is…we didn’t die.  Admittedly, I’m still surprised by that.

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Sometimes playing can make one all fuzzy…

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Some people really know how to have fun…

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