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You can feel the beauty…

Photo:  David Clode

Delicate beauty…

Egret, Flying, Fog, Dawn, Sunrise, Grass


Photo:  Pixabay


whale tail in the middle of ocean

beauty isn’t the only thing
in the eye of the beholder
is in the eye of the beholder
you do see the problem
with that
don’t you

Peace…a poem

snow covered mountain during daytime

it’s all there
I would miss
the ripples
and waves

Photo:  Johnny Gios


white and brown cat on green grass

Photo:  Laura Lugaresi

Raving beauty…grace and sweetness.

White and Brown Long Coated Dog

Photo:  Karolina Wv

Beauty in our lives…

White Dog on Road

I love German Shepherds.  This is what my dog looked like.  I was going through dog pictures for my blog and thought about the dogs I thought were beautiful and those I knew were not the breeds for me.

I just have to see a Shepherd and I can hardly breath.  I want to curl up next to him immediately.  I try to be polite, holding out my hand and everything, but their beauty and strength, their intelligence and that FACE…I have a hard time keeping my hands off of them.

My dog weighed over a hundred pounds and slept with us.  Shepherds remind me of wolves and I like that.  I take them seriously.  I love Dobes, but skinny dogs make me feel bad and I always want to overfeed them.  I also feel as if they will break easily.

I love mutts too.  Scruffy, energetic and fun loving dogs, with that silly grin and that spark in their eyes that always tells you how happy they are to play.  Mutts are great.

We are all drawn to certain things.  Not just when it comes to dogs, but to everything.  There is something inside each of us, that makes us see beauty in this, but not in that. We’re like that with people, cars, furniture, artwork, with EVERYTHING.

When we walk into a place, public, or a private, and we feel as if we want to leave, that’s a clash of feelings for what’s around us.  It makes us uncomfortable when we aren’t around the things we find beautiful.  That’s why it’s SO important to fill our living spaces with things we LOVE.  If we’re living with our great aunt’s china figures and we hate them, we won’t be happy where we are.

We need to fill our surroundings with the things we find beautiful, even if they only cost two-dollars.  When we do that, we’ll always be happy to come home.  If we have something expensive that doesn’t make us happy, it’s not worth having.  Decorate with passion and love and don’t care about what anyone else tells has to say.

I’m a cat person through and through.  But if I ever got another dog, it would be a German Shepherd.  Having said that…sometimes a dog simply finds us and that’s that.

Photo:  Daniel Bendig


The flowers are sooooo beautiful…


There’s something beautiful about this picture.  The colors, what looks like mercury, wet silver and gold, lays on top.  The splatter, the palette…it takes my breath away.




white and brown sheep with white fur

Photo:  Logan Weaver

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