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Picture from:  Pixabay

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the beauty of life is endless if we stop concentrating on and making problems there will be room in our lives to see something different we can now see that some of the things that seemed important weren’t and the … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed that the most beautiful pictures are of nature…there’s a stillness about them…a peaceful way of being, that humans do not have.

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Beauty and grace…How absolutely gorgeous living beings can be…this photo is magical, to me.

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True beauty…horses are magnificent…they should be able to live wild and free without being herded and even killed by humans…

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Beauty…and the end of summer

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Without a doubt…this is my very favorite place…and they don’t even sell books. city escape is stunningly gorgeous. It’s an amazing place…and they have two cats. It’s a shop that has things you will not see anywhere else.

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