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Addiction…people in glass houses

Pixabay This box steals lives…minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day…it lies, manipulates and conditions…and we welcome it into our homes. Advertisements

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In a world of Abundance… In a world filled with abundance of every kind, people have been brainwashed into believing in scarcity.  We pass this belief from one generation to the next, doing the work of the greedy, but powerful, patriarchal males who make … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

So many times people believe what they read in books written by “experts,” psychologists/sociologists and well, the rest of those in the fields of human behavior.  Personally, I believe all of their work is just filtered through their own POV, … Continue reading

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Who is Santa?

he sees us when we’re sleeping he knows when we’re awake between the government and Santa there’s no place to be ourselves there’s no place for us to hide we’re being watched day and night who can live like that … Continue reading

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Random acts of kindness…

If people live in a society where they have to be reminded to spread RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, something’s wrong.  If people get choked up, or cry, because someone does something nice for them, there’s something wrong.  If people are … Continue reading

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In 1940, there was a rumor going around that women were going to take over the government…everyone celebrated in their own way.


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If we could only get the government to visit this place…

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