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Fire…a poem

every time I see a beautiful picture like this one I hear women screaming as they are burned for being witches by white men who simply wanted their possessions if you’re very quiet and pay attention maybe you can hear … Continue reading

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From: Candy…VOTE!!!! Women gave their lives so future generations of women could vote.

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VOTE…a story poem

jailed beaten their hair pulled force fed their medication withheld handcuffed to the bars of their damp moldy cells women fought for the right to vote the only way to properly THANK THEM is to do it VOTE

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I’m sick of racism sexism agism all the isms all the anti’s all the rich white males who have been crippling others and standing on the necks of everyone since the very beginning of governments our government based on slavery … Continue reading

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I turned the news on.  Big mistake.  I had to turn it off right away because Larry Kudlow was on and all I heard him say was…they (republicans) want to REWARD people for…  OMG!  That’s when I thought I was … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

I was watching something on tv last night and there was a “servant” on the program.  She was wearing a neat, dove gray uniform…and I thought, the reason for all the uniforms, in the world, including those in Downton Abbey, … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Another one of the fun things on earth is that women and men don’t always/ever understand each other.  Men can’t understand what women want, or even hear what they are saying, since the tone of our voices are difficult for … Continue reading

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Okay, so…Privilege

The one thing that people aren’t talking about, at least not that I’ve heard, is WHITE PRIVILEGE.  White privilege is the cause of many problems.  We can’t see it, don’t even know we have it, since we’ve never been without … Continue reading

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Quote: Rosa Parks


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The more colors, the more beauty…

Photo:  Pixabay

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