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Okay, so…

Everyday, I read so many beautiful posts about paying attention.  About taking one’s time, putting thought into what we are doing.  Mindfulness.  Meditation.  Concentration.  Works so well for some. I understand it.  I used to do astral traveling/meditation and I … Continue reading

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Pinterest Knowledge Movement The problem I have with this is that Iceland doesn’t have the kind of police/military force that we do.  They probably don’t have the kind of violence we do.  I don’t doubt that our government would … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

I think we can all agree that forever, is a very long time.  Longer than we can imagine and when you actually think about it, forever has always existed because we KNOW that there had to be SOMETHING to start … Continue reading

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TED Talk that is making a difference. Excellent speaker.


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Andrea Dworkin’s books are as important today as they ever were, which is terrifying because it means that nothing has changed. She was brilliant and ridiculed because of the way she dressed, which was simply a way to control the power of her words and distract people form her deadly aim at politics, white males and the right wing.


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Not my president…


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Do you believe…

that…parents, world-wide, who say they love their children should allow governments made up of rich males to send their beloved children to be physically and mentally destroyed as they kill the children of other parents who also love their children … Continue reading

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