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Okay, so…3 pictures

I took this during a march on Washington, YEARS AGO.  That’s all we do is march and men couldn’t care less.  I don’t march anymore.

The American government is not working for the American people.  The republicans refuse to give an inch, and are acting like spoiled children who were never punished for attacking washington and getting away with it.  That…is the problem.  Our government officials ARE NEVER PUNISHED FOR WHAT THEY DO.  NEVER.

People, however, are punished constantly and now women’s lives are no longer their own. Men in government, can do as they please, without fear of retaliation of any kind.  It’s a fixed system, of lord/master and slave.  We the people, are the slaves of our own government.  We have no say in what happens to us.  It’s obvious that they can make up any law/s, no matter how hateful or deadly, and our rights are completely GONE.  We have nothing to say about what THEY do TO US.  We cannot make laws to control THEM, in any way at all.  That needs to change.

The country is as divided as the government and anyone who thinks compromise is possible, well, they’re wrong.  The issues are too important and wide.  The hatred too strong.

Note cards from 1991.  I made them last time they came after us and attacked Roe vs. Wade. We used them  to make a point. Men NEVER STOP attacking women. The one on the right is Clarance Thomas.  They do not stop the violence against us because they use it to make women fearful and keep them from living their lives fully.  WHAT THE REPUBLICAN SUPREME COURT IS DOING IS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

I have so many buttons.  So many t-shirts and signs.  Nothing ever changes.  They men who hate us just keep at it, taking and taking and taking, until we are shadows of what we could be.

I’m so sick of them.  So sick of fighting the NEVER ENDING war against us.  Generation after generation, their hatred never wanes.

I’m ashamed of my own country.  All the lies and the facade we put on before, when we have been rotten at the core from the very beginning.    The country is founded on murder and white patriarchy and that has never changed.

Okay, so…one more thing…

Don’t you think that doctors should be speaking out in droves?

After all, their medical freedom is at stake.  Their hands are being TIED.  Their right to help their patients is being TAKEN from them by non medical fanatics.

I don’t understand why doctors are not doing something about what is happening to THEM.

What if the right wing decides other things are not appropriate for doctors to do?  What if they make laws about those things?

And what about the privacy between a patient and her doctor?  How can they let that be taken away as if it was NOTHING AT ALL?

Will they eventually put right-wing supreme court judges in examining and operating rooms, to make sure everything is being done their way?  That no INSANE LAWS are being broken?

I’m angry with medical professionals who are not DEMANDING the right to do what is necessary for their own patients well being.  I’m furious, that they are not demonstrating, or refusing to have their hand tied by these idiots.

I feel that doctors should be on television 24 hours a day demanding their freedom to treat their patients as they see fit.

Where are they?


Choice…a poem…Becky Bell…a teenage girl

when choices
by others
we wear bracelets
with the names of girls
who died in back alley abortions
to remind people of what happens
when a female has no right
to safe health care
has no right to her own body
who is owned by the state
who is property
who in reality
has no choice at all

Becky Bell
died because the law
took away her right to choose a safe abortion
Becky Bell sought help
where she could find it
the price she paid
for not having a legal access
to health care
was death

that’s the only choice
she saw

our bracelets
all had
names on them

the conservatives
will never stop abortion
they’ll just add more names
on bracelets
because having a child isn’t really a choice
not if it’s someone else’s choice

they don’t care how many females die
they only care about control

Sign of the Times…

Photo:  Gavarri Malhotra

Remind me…

When was the last time a body of women made laws that men had to follow?

America the Barbaric…

I think this should be our new label.  No longer America the Beautiful, but America the Barbaric.

Our own government is voting for violence against women, by TAKING AWAY THE RIGHT OF A WOMAN TO CONTROL HER OWN HEALTH AND BODY.  Removing safe and legal abortions, is a violence that targets ONE SEGMENT OF THE POPULATION.  Women.

Overturning Roe vs Wade is a crime against women, a literal death sentence for some, that men have the power to make legal.

This is such a hateful and horrific thing to do.  To vote to destroy the lives of women, to let them die, or suffer, is barbaric.

Margaret Atwood was right.  Men just want to kill us.

A list of things that are the absolute truth…


  1.  No man has ever died in pregnancy
  2.  No man has ever died from an illegal abortion
  3.  No man has ever gotten pregnant from being raped by his father, brother, uncles, strangers, teachers, neighbors, or anyone else
  4.  Women do not have the power to say what men can ,or cannot, do with their bodies
  5.  Women have no power…not even over their own bodies
  6.  Women are owned by the state

Okay, so…Kindness


So, here’s the thing.  Kindness doesn’t cost anything.  At least it usually doesn’t.  It can be as simple as opening a door for someone.  That’s politeness, of course, but it can also be a kind thing to do.  No one has to do it, like everything else in life, kindness is a choice.

But also, like everything else in life, kindness, like love, can have many can rules attached to it.  How far does anyone’s  kindness extend?

Do all living beings deserve kindness?  Should one have to deserve kind treatment from others?  What does someone have to do, to deserve it?   Be like the person who bestows it upon the other?

If every living being deserved kindness, everyone would be a vegetarian and never wear leather.   But kindness, like love, doesn’t go as far as the dead animal on a dinner plate.  Animal, like people, are not treated with kindness, not even all pets/companion animals.

Prejudice people don’t always treat others with kindness.  Conservative, right-wing people certainly don’t.  I know that for a fact (sweeping generalization, I know).  Men absolutely don’t treat all women with kindness, that’s why women are always working to stop violence against them.  Gays are beaten to death because they love someone, others don’t think they should love.  How INSANE is that?  African Americans are killed in the street by the police who are supposed to protect people.

Well, I could go on, but you get what I’m saying.  The point is, all we ever do is TALK, make silly signs, and do more pretending.  Everything we do is limited by our beliefs, brain washing, and conditioning.

Love, kindness…all of it, only goes so far.  Hate crimes, war, never ending violence…proves that kindness only exists in tiny, personal moments.  All the things we go on and on about, are personal things we can withhold, because we truly don’t believe that everyone deserves to be treated kindly.  We don’t like everyone, therefore, we doin’t always treat the people we don’t like kindly.  People don’t even treat people they say they love, kindly.

Think rapist priests.  They are liars, child rapists, and look at what they PREACH and tell others.  It’s all lies.  You can’t believe part of something when things are that horrific.

We live in a world where our actions do not reflect the things we say we believe in.    

We are a species of mixed messages, which can lead to shallow graves for women who dare to go out alone at night.

I have been treated kindly.  I have treated others kindly.  But, as I said, those are small personal things.  Trust isn’t something many can take for granted.  It’s too dangerous and all the lies make it more so.  Ask the girls who thought going to college would be safe.

If we want to change the world.  If we want to make things better, then we have to stop lying and pretending. Humans are not always kind.  Humans are very often violent.  Look what the russians are doing to the people in Ukraine.  Look at what’s actually going on in the world.

WE ARE THE VIOLENCE.  It’s us.  Us alone.  Animals do not start wars or take over other countries.  Animals, do not destroy the environment.  Everything bad that is happening, is because of us and still, we lie and pretend that kindness and love mean something.  That those “thoughts” will bring about change, while the oceans are being polluted, as well as our air and the soil.  Climate change is our fault.

And many times kindness is needed to help those who have been abused, violated, damaged by others, because we are a violent species with very few stopping points.

To bring about change, we need to tell the truth. But there in lies the problem.  Truth is personal.  There is no universal truth. Because of that, we kill and destroy.  The truth of Ukraine, is very different from the truth of russia.  This is where the problems come in.  This is why we can never have peace  never have true kindness.  This is why hatred and violence exist.  Because of ideas and beliefs.  Someone always wants to control someone else.  Because of that, there will always be conflict.  Justifiably so, but peace will be unattainable because of those differences.

Basically, all of our problems stem from power over others and greed.  I don’t know how to get rid of those things.  I don’t know how to stop all the “isms.”  I don’t know why people hate others.  I know what they say, I just don’t know how they think.  Girl’s can’t be educated, but they can die in child marriages where a man rips them apart.  Kindness?  No, it’s about WITHHOLDING.  Powerful men WITHHOLD from the rest of the world and people suffer and die because of THAT.

We have to look at the big picture, not just our our lives.

I do know that If a person can eat another living being, who has been terrified, tortured, and murdered, then there is no kindness or love in the world.  None at all.  There’s only levels of cruelty and death of innocents.  Maybe people kill animals because they know they are better than we are.  I don’t know.  Maybe they have no hearts.

We lie to each other and to ourselves.  Believing the lies, is what’s killing everything.  I don’t think humans will ever wake up.  Not unless there’s something in it for them.  Apparently, survival isn’t enough of an incentive.


Photo:  Thirdman

The people don’t want war, but it never seems to matter what the people want…insane men with power decide who lives, who dies and what happens. And we never learn from that. Until we do, it will never stop.

Black and White No War Text

Picture:  Cottonbro

Okay, so…I’m typing this really LOUD…2 pictures Mmmm, this is not a happy rant, so if you’re in a bad mood, you may want to look up cats or dogs on line instead.

It’s BLACK HISTORY month, sometimes it’s WOMEN’S HISTORY month.


It’s NEVER either one of those.  It’s never, White History Month, or Men’s History Month, because EVERY MONTH is WHITE HISTORY MONTH, and MEN’S HISTORY MONTH.

Those who don’t have power, those who don’t rule the country, those who are poor, or HELD DOWN, are GIVEN ONE MONTH a year to celebrate their actual
existence (some aren’t even given that much).  While the elite white males get every single day of the year to celebrate their power over others.  They don’t need a MONTH set aside for themselves, it’s not even possible.

Say WHITE HISTORY MONTH, or MEN’S HISTORY MONTH, out loud.  It sounds ridiculous.

THEY allow us to have OUR months.  THEY GIVETH and they can TAKETH AWAY, like little miserly gods, who have the power to destroy those they fear or hate, any time they feel like it.  And it seems that they feel like it ALL the time.

So, every year we drag out the same Black Heroes, the same WOMEN heroes, and what?  Repeat the same stories over and over, because we really don’t have a lot of those folks to keep adding to our list.  One of the reasons for that is because the elites in charge have been able to WRITE HISTORY the way they wanted it to be, which, of course, took away the names of Black and Female heroes.  They wrote lies, hid the truth, and pretty much made themselves the ONLY heroes there were, when, in reality, they were the really BAD guys.

I think we should think about things differently.  I think we should celebrate Black and Female Heroes EVERYDAY.  And WE NEED NEW HEROES, MORE HEROES, so Fredrick Douglas, Rosa Parks and Susan B. Anthony can catch a break, now and then.

The things we are allowed to have, are given to us in order to appease us, to stop us from asking for MORE!  We get the crumbs, but not the whole loaf.

We need to start making sure the TRUTH is told about Malcolm X, Hampton, the women who were locked in a damp prison, cuffed to the cell door, their medication withheld, force fed, because they had the nerve to want the right to VOTE.

The VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS, SO KIDS KNOW HOW FEMALES ARE TREATED BY BOYS AND ADULT MALES. IT SHOULDN’T BE KEPT A SECRET.  We need the women who help other women escape from violence, and provide proper health care in a country where violence is used as a method of control by our government to keep those they fear, in place.  We need those people to be our heroes as well.  Although we can’t name them, for fear of getting them killed/murdered.  People of color and females have to watch what they do, because no one really cares what happens to them, aside from their immediate families, unless they are the people who are beating and killing them.

How many people were taught that the “X” after Malcolm’s name meant that African American slaves had their names taken away from them, and GIVEN THE LAST NAME OF THEIR WHITE MALE SLAVE OWNER.  Their OWNER’S last name, was then handed down through generations, meaning that many of today’s African American’s are still using the slave name given to their long lost family members.   Using “X” showed that having no name, was better than having the name of the white man who enslaved their ancestors.  Those things should be  taught in school.

We don’t actually KNOW anything, because we have never been TAUGHT the actual truth about things that matter.  They don’t teach about rebellion, how to control our own government, or the incredible things others did.

The names of women, have also been lost.  Their last names were erased when they married.  So we can’t FIND them.  All of these things were DONE ON PURPOSE.  Things are still being done TODAY, that SEEM to be “the way things are,” or “normal.”  They aren’t, and they never were.  PEOPLE ARE NOT PROPERTY.  Fastest way to make someone disappear, and take away their individuality…take their name, or put them in a uniform (goes for catholic schools as well).

We the people, who get one month a year, need to band together and rewrite history, stop the violence against us, and do our best to support each other.  Those are dangerous words and ideas, believe me. I know, seems impossible.  Maybe it is.

Racism, sexism and all the other “isms,” are based on LIES.  The only way to overcome lies is to tell the truth.  I wish I could believe it was possible.

It seems to me, that our rulers, have forgotten that this country was stolen from the people who were already here. White elite men are not supreme being, except in their own minds.  They pretty much kill everything there is.  Diversity doesn’t seem to register with governments.  Diversity is threatening to greedy people in power.  Anyone who is NOT them, is seen as an enemy, things to be controlled, feared, or shut down.

As a country, we have purposely been divided against.  We have been told lies about each other, we have been told to be afraid of each other, to not trust each other, when, in fact, it’s the liars we need to fear and not trust.

We have absolutely no idea what America COULD be, if freedom, acceptance, and cooperation were ever something we tried.  Our founding white males would not allow certain people to learn how to READ, remember that.  The threat of having intelligent and well educated people around them was something THEY FEARED.  Nothing has changed.  We can read and write, go to college, and LEARN WHAT THEY WANT US TO LEARN.  Remember all the statues being taken down?  The liars and the lies they told about themselves, in history books…HIS STORY books that were used TO TEACH KIDS ABOUT THE PAST.  ALL LIES.  ELITE WHITE MALES aren’t the heroes they wrote themselves to be.  They were greedy, VIOLENT, kidnapping, murderers.  They just left that part out.

We have been programed to believe the lies we have been told, from birth.  It’s insidious, but we have to keep fighting it.  We have to recognize what has been done to us, to keep us apart.  We have to examine the things we THINK we believe.  Things we were TAUGHT to believe by those who wanted to control our lives. We have to see that we are used, to police ourselves.  We are surrounded by the lies (religion, institutions, etc.), lies we have been brainwashed to believe, about ourselves, and about each other.  We can change that.  If we want a better world, we have to change that.

Anyway, enjoy black history month. And Rosa Parks wasn’t too tired to move, after working all day.  She sat in the seat on the bus…on purpose.  

Black History Month, Text

Women, History, Month, Poster

Pictures from:  Pixabay

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