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According to Global Outlook…

The top ten countries, with regard to gender equality are: Iceland Norway Finland Rwanda Swedan Nicaragua Slovenia Ireland New Zealand Te Philippines The U.S. is nowhere in sight. Advertisements

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Ramblings about species, government, people, and other stuff…

Humans, like monkeys and other clever beings, are curious.  We love new, sparkly things and we are good at using tools.  We are, after all, animals.  We pretend that we’re different and we are.  Different like zebras are different from … Continue reading

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What is the government?

“What’s the government?” “The government is  bunch of out-of-touch, greedy, rich, mostly ancient, gross, white men, who are power hungry, egomaniacal and  full of hate.  The government doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. It’s basically a war machine and a … Continue reading

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Okay, so…Revolution

You know how I’m always saying that the old ways of protesting and doing things aren’tworking?  How I’m always saying that we need to come up with new ways to change the world?   Well, let’s turn everything upside down. I … Continue reading

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“Do you think peace is possible?” “I don’t and I’m sorry about that, baby.” “It’s okay mom.  It’s not you fault. “People just don’t get along.” “Why not?” “Why did you and Ben stop playing with Jeff?” “He’s mean.  He … Continue reading

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If this isn’t the kind of future we want for our kids, we need to do something right now. The government doesn’t care how many die because there’s a never ending supply of pawns, slaves to sacrifice. Remember, they are never in danger. If we want it to end, we have to end it.


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This is a symbol of freedom. Of fighting back. Of strength, solidarity and female power.


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