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The gang…

I think we look just like this…waiting for someone to tell us that they have  cleaned out the white house and the insanity is over.  Either that, or we’re waiting for our favorite cafe to open.  The looks are similar, … Continue reading

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Time and place…the lie called history

Every researched essay, every critique…just words built on someone else’s words, and those words built on another’s…and on and on.  Words built on assumptions and lies. It’s all about time and place. I could write a book on farming in … Continue reading

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Just stuff going on in my head…

I think there’s so much more to life than we know.  Things that are out of our reach. Things we might feel, or even see, for brief moments, before they disappear.  It’s as if our senses are turned down to … Continue reading

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I think we have broken her heart…

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every place has a heartbeat of its own cultures ground into the very earth by generations of humans doing and believing the same thing day after day century after century until the very ground itself can’t remember what it was … Continue reading

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A TED Talk…

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So, I was reading more in that quote book I was telling you about…and…

…there’s this whole part about America being built on immigrants…immigrant this and immigrant that and how wonderful we are, how diverse, how unified, how we take everyone and on and on and NEVER ONCE IS THERE A SINGLE QUOTE THAT … Continue reading

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