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Wanna see the big dipper? From: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Remembering NEOWISE

These swimmers look like ants. Our out of control egos make us think we are big deals, but we aren’t. Until we recognize our place on this planet we will continue to destroy the only home we have and all life on it. WAKE UP.

brown wooden door with white snow

Photo:  NIck Jones

I stopped after 13 pictures, but here are some SIGNS OF THE TIMES…no one can say people aren’t telling others what they want…there are SO MANY other signs and issues I could have added. If things don’t change…good luck

Photo:  Stewart Munro

Photo:  Jakayla Toney


Photo:  Jeremiah Amaya

people holding white and black signage during daytime

Gayatri Malhotra
Unsplashpeople holding white and red happy birthday signage during daytime

Photo: Jason Leung

people walking on street during daytime

Photo:  Manny Becerra
Unsplashpeople walking on pedestrian lane during daytime

Photo:  Mike Baumeister

Photo:  Patrick Perkins
Unsplashgreen trees near brown concrete building during daytime

Photo:  Aslihan Altin

Back view of group of demonstrators showing banners with slogans in downtown under dark blue sky at night

Photo:  Kelly Lacy

Photo of Person Wearing Guy Fawkes Mask

Photo:  Vincent M.A. Janssen

don't think do't ask pay tax vote for us text

Photo:  Pawel Czerwinski

stainless steel road sign

Photo:  Miko Guziuk





I AM going as fast as I can…


White and Brown Long Coated Puppy Macroshot Photography

Photo:  Caio

Blah…this is from Google. We are mole people. Even our sunny days are 30% cloudy. There are no stats on cloudless sunny days because WE DON’T HAVE ANY.

How many cloudy days does Chicago have?
This includes the days when cloud covers up to 30% of the sky during daylight hours. Partly Sunny Days have cloud covering from 40% to 70% of the sky during the daytime.

Number of Sunny Days.
City Chicago
Sunny Days 84
Partly Sunny Days 105
Total Days With Sun 189

How could anyone not love a penguin? ReALly…how?

Penguin, Beach, Bird, Animal, Wildlife


It takes 1,000 years to grow one inch of soil…think about it.

Adbusters Magazine
Sept/Oct issue 2021

The Conversation…

Cat, Pet, Animal, Tabby Cat

“I’ve been thinking,” he muttered.

“Should I be concerned?”

“About what?” he asked.

“About what you’ve been thinking.”

“Why would you be concerned about what I was thinking?”

“Never mind,” she said.  “Just tell me.”

“Sometimes you’re really weird.”

“Maybe.  So, what were you thinking?”

“You know how you guys don’t always understand each other?  I don’t mean that you can’t understand the words you use, I mean that some of you think a person is one thing when he’s another, and stuff like that.”

“Yes.  What about it?”

“The problem is that you know who you are, but everyone else sees you through their own eyes, which comes with their life’s worth of experiences, prejudices, and beliefs.  So no one can possibly see the real you because they can only see what they can see because of who they are.”

“I know.  That’s true.” she said.

“You knew that?”

“Of course I knew that.”

“Why didn’t you say anything about it?”

“Why would I?”

“Because it’s important,” he said, shocked at her lack of clarity.  “It’s the biggest problem in the entire world.”

“And there’s absolutely nothing that can ever be done about it.”

“But no one can ever know the real you.”


“Doesn’t that bother you?” he asked.

“No.  Why should it?  People live on assumptions, the ideas of others, mixed messages, and emotions.  That is never going to change.  It can’t.”

He put his paw on her nose.  “Wait,” he said.  “Pay attention.  I’m telling you that no one will EVER, in your entire lifetime know you as you know yourself.  Never know who you are, and you will never know anyone else.”

“Why is your paw on my face, and I couldn’t care less if anyone ever knows who I am, of vice versa.”

“I was expecting a different reaction,” he said, removing his paw.  “I don’t think you have a clear understanding of how important this issue is. No one ever knows another person.  That has to mean something.”

“It really doesn’t, it’s just the way things are around here.  Stupid and insane. If you care, or worry about things, you’ll never be happy, because nothing makes any sense.”

“I’m so glad I’m a cat,” he sighed, laying down.

“You should be,” she said, putting dry food into a bowl.

“What about death?”

“What about it?”

“Are you afraid of it.”

“Why would I be afraid of it?  The only thing I’m afraid of is that I won’t die, or when I do, there might not be cats, books and chocolate on the other side.  Other than that, there’s really nothing to worry about.”

“Maybe that’s what hell is.  No cats.”

“Too terrible to contemplate,” she said, shivering.

“It wouldn’t be hell for cats if humans weren’t there.”

“Maybe.  But we love you a lot, and I think some of you love us too.”

“I guess,” he said, “but if there were people there they would have to be nice ones.”

“Most definitely,” she agreed, petting him.

“Ya know, you guys think you’re so smart and so much better than everyone else, but the truth is, all the things you are, all the things you’re so proud of, just make you unhappy.  No other species is unhappy.  Just you.”

“I wish I could argue with that.”

“Mostly you work, compete, clean, lie, fight, kill, and dislike each other.  You’re addicted to everything in order to escape the lives you’ve made for yourselves.”

“I can’t change that either,” she said, giving him treats.

“We’re all coming over tonight.”

“You are?”  Oh, good.  I love when you all come over.”



“Any hens, gerbils, mice, voles or…”


“I still haven’t found a vole, you know.”

“Oh, good,” she said, kissing him.  “If you’re coming over, I want to stop at the store, so I’ll see you tonight.”

“I think Jinx has a girlfriend.  A calico.  Her name is Rage.”


“She’s a good fighter.  Tough, but nice.

“I’m happy for him.”

“He’ll bring her with tonight, so you can meet her.”

“Can’t wait,” she said.  “Maybe it’s time for you to find someone special.”

“Naw,” he said, licking his paw.  “I like to play the field.”

She laughed.  “I love you.”

“I know.”

“See you later.”



Quote of the Day — Yahooey’s Blog

“You’re on earth, there’s no cure for that!” — Samuel Beckett, Endgame

Quote of the Day — Yahooey’s Blog

Independent Thinkers — A Pondering Mind

“A society with too few independent thinkers is vulnerable to control by disturbed and opportunistic leaders. A society which wants to create and maintain a free and democratic social system must create responsible independence of thought among its young.” ~ John Dewey, Philosopher, 1859 – 1952

Independent Thinkers — A Pondering Mind

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