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Jackson Pollock, Artist, A Story poem

I was an artist going nowhere my mind was TROUBLED I had bouts of depression I had no self confidence I DRANK I worked but nothing was happening then I met artist LEE KRASNER and she saw something in me … Continue reading

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Lee Krasner, Artist, A Story poem

  rules were never meant for me I broke all of them if that upset the people around me and it did I didn’t care my life belonged to me I was an artist I was political I was ALIVE … Continue reading

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Vincent…a story poem

sure not many people are willing to cut off their earlobe to prove a point but I never was like many people love makes us do strange things I admit it didn’t work out the way I thought it would … Continue reading

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Passion is a living thing…it’s what a person IS.

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Lee Krasner…

So, I finished the book.  You probably don’t care, but…after Pollock died, the book was just great.  The last 100 pages are about Krasner, her art and I really enjoyed it.  The other 400+ pages, were okay but the real … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

I told you that I’m reading a book on the artist Lee Krasner.  The thing is, it’s written in such a way that I can see every step of her life played out as if there was no other way … Continue reading

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Okay, so…here’s the thing…this is a jumble of sometimes different issues all rolled into one, so good luck. It’s Diego Rivera’s fault. Really…it is.

A wonderful blogger posted a great piece on Diego Rivera.  His posts are always excellent, well researched, and pretty much spot on. His post made me stop and think.  Not only about Diego but about Hemingway, and a host of … Continue reading

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Berlin street artists…Way to go.

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This is such an IMPORTANT TED Talk, on so many levels, about so many issues. A call to artists. A wonderful poet and speaker…7 minutes 50 seconds long.

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One way to look at it…I think it’s the job of an artist to remind people that the world IS beautiful and that we make it ugly by the things we do

Pinterest Quote by:  Jeff Goins

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