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Chicklet Alex, part of the Clean-up Crew, has been sweeping up a bit, so the guests could enjoy breakfast and the last of the treats, before they get ready to leave and return to their homes.  Everyone had a wonderful time.

There was a late night meeting where the hens and roosters made plans to save more animals from Factory Farms.  Two Farms have been targeted for November.  The hospital is ready and so are the Healing Bunnies.

As the sun started to go down, and the baby chicklets had to be herded back to their nursery, it was time for The Halloween Poetry Slam…

Everyone lined up to read their poems.  Excitement was high and the poetry was wonderful.  There was a lot of peeping and wing flapping throughout, and everyone had a very good time.  Melanie, read her poems last, because she was the star.

Below are a smattering of poems that were read on stage.

by Rita

I don’t understand
why humans are always fighting
everyone at The Coop
including our guests
come in all colors
shapes and sizes
we all love each other
what’s wrong with humans

by Jimi

Halloween can be scary
but it’s okay if you want to
close your eyes sometimes
because when you open them later
the scary stuff is usually gone
and if it’s not
you can always go and stand
next to your sister

by Margo

I love the Healing Bunnies
because they make everyone feel better
and they are warm and fuzzy
in a way that chicklets aren’t
they smell good too
and they let us play with their ears
if they aren’t too busy

by Carlos

I like to hang out in the kitchen
before the parties
because there are always so many
special treats being made
when I get bigger I want to be a chef
and have a baking show of my own
I’ll use a lot of corn
everyone will like that


being a dog
at The Coop
is fun
I get a lot of pets
hugs and kisses
and sometimes
I give the chicklets rides
they like to sleep on me
and I don’t mind
because they are like
feathery balls of love

by Trudy

I’m going to be a ballerina
in Paris
either that
or a journalist
I haven’t really decided yet
my mom said
I have to go to school first
but I’m not sure why

And the grand finale…two poems by MELANIE!!!!

by Melanie

Jeffery is a precocious pinto bean
Agnes makes a terrific tambourine
Ivan amazes as a time machine
Little Lily is an adorable tangerine
Watch them bouncing on the trampoline!
I bet it’s the first time you’ve ever seen
A rhyming costume party for Halloween!

by Melanie

is that a mouse squeaking?
is that the floor boards creaking?

do you hear the leaves that crackle?
as the witches darkly cackle?

is that the hoot of an owl?
and is that the wind that howls?

it might be scary, but don’t you scream
it’s just the sounds of Halloween!

We all hoe you enjoyed the readings.  Thank you.

The Party Barn is standing room only. The Coop’s Halloween Fashion Show…by the Fabulous Resa and Members of The Coop’s Costume Committee…is about to begin. (I’m sorry about the gap between one of the pictures. I have no idea why it’s there but I can’t get it to go away)

Our MC, Chicklet Rosebud, will be announcing the beautiful Halloween Art Gowns.  All of the gown for the humans have been lovingly and hand made by the FANTASTIC RESA...

First up…is Beautiful Zombie Holly


Holly’s Hallowe’en Art Gown is made from an old red velvet coat, black bengaline (from the 1970’s) and red lace flowers. The lace is from Resa’s personal stash, and the leaves are made from an old scarf.

It is accessorized with yellow and red lightening bolts, that Resa captured during a thunder storm.  The very same lightening bolts which reanimated the Beautiful Holly.
Resa’s hands are healing quite nicely. Thank you very much. Resa knows exactly how to make Holly look absolutely gorgeous.

Next we have the designer herself, The Amazing Red Witch Resa, wearing her Witchy Gown for all to see…




















Resa’s Hallowe’en Art Gown & hat are made from old red & black Kenora Dinner Jackets, which is the Canadian term for lumberjack jackets. The glove is the one Resa didn’t lose. The star burst accessories and shoulder detail are bits of cosmos that Resa gathered up while test riding her magic broom. When interviewed she said she has happy memories of that particular ride.  Believe her.  She had a very good time. 

Next up, we have Harlequinn Vampire Gigi, who longs to get her fangs into the throats of evil politicians.  She controls herself, however, knowing that she would most certainly be tempted to over eat…and that’s no Joker.


Gigi’s Halowe’en Art Gown is made from black satin and gold lame, that are old coat linings. The boots are made from an old red Naugahyde chair cushion. They are trimmed with leftover black satin, and brass buckles that Resa stole from Blackbeard the pirate, during her last time travel.  She stole his heart as well and I’ve heard that he’s still looking for her.  So if a man, who looks like a pirate, asks for her, just say you never heard of her.

And Last, but not least, fashion for cats…

Resa, Holly, Beth and Melanie brought their cats to the party.  Resa’s Jeep and Johnny are model cats, beautiful and fuzzy.  Holly’s cat fabulous Bagheera, is a swift hunter. Beth’s cat, Olive, is a gorgeous black cat, who would look perfect in a sweater made by the chicklets. Melanie’s adorable cat, CAT, is also black and rather tiny.

Because of their very special cat guests, the Costume Committee put together a kitty sweater and matching mousy for those cold winter nights.  Whiskers is modeling his sweater, which is made out of string, dyed to match the color of his eyes.  Jerry, on the hand, refused to wear his sweater. He did agree to walk the catwalk, to support Whiskers.

All of the guest cats will receive a sweater and matching mouse.

That ends The Human and Cat Fashion Show at The Coop.  Everyone is raving about Resa’s beautiful fashions gowns.  As for the cats…well, they’re trying to get out of the sweaters.  The chicklets are helping them

Thank you to RESA, who was in charge of this event and made it out of this world.  All the glam and sparkles, the decorated stage and lighting, was a collaboration between RESA, The Costume Committee and Stage Crew.

It was a smashing success.  And no cats were harmed while being dressed and undressed in sweaters.  Some chicklet feathers were lost, but that was to be expected.


Clarissa’s best friend is a duck named Flo.  To honor their friendship, Clarissa’s Halloween costume reflects their close bond.   Flo quacked for several minutes, when she saw her friend, and they were both so happy they went and had ice cream and missed the first two stage acts. Still, the ice cream was delicious and they played with the rhinos’ on the way to the party barn. They are going to take a Gondola ride tomorrow morning, although Flo may be in the water for part of the time.

One of the treats tables…

Beth brought Fairy Lights and Holly, who is responsible for the treats tables, made her well loved Corn Bread and so many other goodies, as well as bowls of candy corn.  The chicklets and their guests love her baking and treats.  Holly also brought her dog, Tide, and cat, Bagheera, as well.  Tide was a bit shy at first, but the chicklets sat quietly next to where he was hiding, until he felt safe enough to come out.  Bagheera was fine right from the start and promised not to catch and eat anyone. There is hay, carrots, apples and all kinds of treats for everyone.  Treat tables are always set up everywhere, since there are so many different kinds of guests.  Some of the food has to be low to the ground, since a lot of the chicklets and guests can’t reach the tables.  But everyone manages and they always help each other.  Holly make sure everyone has enough to eat and she keeps the tables neat and tidy.  She smiles a lot and she knows how to take care of hungry chicklets and their friends.


Sammy Super Hero…

Sammy opened the Halloween festivities with a talk about superheroes.  He loves his Halloween costume.   He runs through The Coop, his cape flowing behind him.  Everyone thinks he looks great and they have been asking him to help out with things, since he looks so strong.

Dolly and Zac are cousins…

Dolly and Zac are cousins, so they decided to dress in costumes that went together.  Unfortunately, they didn’t understand what MUMMY truly meant.  At the very last minute Dolly’s sister saw their mistake and wrapped a bandage around Dolly’s leg, so she could be a real mummy, in the best sense of Halloween.

I will tell you that Dolly and Zac were quite satisfied with their costumes, and everyone else liked them as well.

The guests have arrived and the HALLOWEEN PARTY has begun…The first activity, will be held after breakfast. Story time…with Beth

Beth reads at all the parties.  Halloween is no exception.  Everyone at The Coop, including the guests, love her stories.  She brings her own books, so no one knows what to expect and that’s part of the surprise.  Some of the baby chicklets fall asleep, but for the most part, everyone stays awake and listens to every word.  Sometimes they have questions and Beth always takes the time to answer each one.  They all look forward to their time with her.  She is reading early today, so the younger chicklets won’t be afraid of the scary stories in the dark.  She will be reading to the older chickltes and guests before bed.

This is a wonderful way to kick off the party.

Mimi is going to the party as Frida…


Costume failure…

Pebble loves pandas.  He has three books on pandas and reads them over and over again.  Having said that, his costume, which his two sisters and The Costume Committee helped make, did not work out.  Pebble couldn’t actually walk and while they made an opening for his beak, he couldn’t open it wide enough to eat, sing or actually breath, so…The Stage Crew Committee made a form to hold the costume up and it is going to be another Art Installation.    Pebble has decided to go to the party as a rabbit instead.  Everyone is happy for him and the Panda Costume will be celebrated in spite of the fact that it didn’t exactly work out the way it was supposed to.  His little sister Beatrice, thought he looked cute but worried about him falling over.  She’s going as a fairy.

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