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The Chicklet Halloween Party continues…

Hello,  I’m Angel Pumpkin, and I’m so happy to be back for this short program.  To start off the show, please welcome the Tumbling Chicklets and their spotter.

That flip was wonderful, wasn’t it.  Give them a lot of chirps and wing flaps.  Now Brian would like to show you his costume.

I’m sorry.  I should have said, Brian and his friend Stanley.

There was a tribute to the warming bunnies earlier today.  They are busy keeping new chicklets warm and working in the hospital, where a few piglets and hens are still recovering from the last raid on a Factory Farm.  I don’t know what we would do without the Warming Bunnies.  We owe them so much.

Cerise, a member of the I WISH I WAS A MERMAID, organization just wanted to wave her tail at everyone, so let’s here it for Cerise.

And now…

…one more vampire.  Count Fangula would like you to know that he’s a nice vampire and that he made his fangs himself, so you don’t have to be afraid of him.

Next…a representative of the BAN GUNS Committee would like you to know that there is no good news.  None at all.  Not even a little.

That concludes this portion of the live entertainment. Please go to the game area and don’t forget the treat tables.  Harry Potter movies will begin at 9:30 in the Pajama Party Barn.  Snacks will be served and I must say that the owls are quite excited about the films. Always remember…life is about having fun.

Thank you.  This is Angel Pumpkin signing off

Resa wrote a poem for the chicklets. Dawn is going to read it to you. She’s on her way to the next show, but was kind enough to stop and help out. Thank you Resa.

Hold Your Beaks High

Hold your beaks high

Chicklets do good things

Hold your beaks high

You’ve earned your wings

Even if you can’t fly.

If you have paws

Or hooves,

Or curly tails

Or hop ’til you droop,

Are a loving animal

Of any kind in the world

You will find joy

At the COOP!


Chicklet Buttercup is dressed up as a biker, in honor of Holly. Buttercup would love to have red feathers and a motorcycle. She has a scooter, so that will have to do for now. And yes, they used to call motorcycles scooters, but it’s not the same thing now, a least that’s what she said..


Some birds are tougher than others, but he made it in time for tonight’s party.


On their way to the kitchen for snacks…


The babies arrived safely at STORY HOUR.   Now, for the highlight of the evening.  Please flap your wings for REASA’S HUMAN HALLOWEEN COSTUME FASHION SHOW.

soft music plays in the background as the stage curtain opens and HOLLY appears

Holly, the BEAUTIFUL BEE, struts her stuff in a handmade gown, made by Resa herself.  The material clings to Holly, the black and yellow stripes, showing her inner Bee.  Her red hair compliments the entire outfit and in her strong hands, she carries baskets of honey.  Her BEE persona comes through loud and clear.  She’s definitely out to save the world, using her buzzing Bee magic to make sure there’s food for everyone.


GIGI witches her way down the catwalk, casting spells at everyone.  Her gorgeous gown, handmade by the fabulous Resa, sparkles with darkness. Black stars fluttering around her, making her magic tangible.  Her inner witch works to protect and save animals from the torments of humans and her potions, and hexes, are powerful and aimed at those who would harm the innocent.

Finally, we have the fabulous RESA herself as, AAAARRRROOOOO, THE AMAZING WEREWOLF.

Trotting down the runway in her incredible WEREWOLF gown, RESA paces, ever alert for danger to those she’s sworn to protect.  The cubs, cats, animals who have no voice.  She’s strong and powerful and attacks when necessary.  Her gown enhances her strength and the beauty of her inner werewolf.  She wears Moonstones and is fearless in her dedication to animals everywhere.  The Moonlight becomes her, as do her claws, ears and fur, which are in perfect harmony with her gown.

I think I can speak for all of us, when I say that, the FASHION SHOW was absolutely amazing.

Holly said the honey is for us.  We can put it on the cornbread.  Gigi is going to cast hexes tomorrow night, by the Rubber Duck Pond.  She’s going to hex people who hurt animals, so don’t miss that.  And Resa is going to walk the grounds to make sure danger cannot enter.

Our thanks to Resa, for a wonderful ending to a very exciting and beautiful Halloween Eve.



Thank you for your quick return.  It’s getting late and the young, among us, are getting sleepy.  So, BETH’S STORY HOUR is next.  Everyone attending, please go into the foyer and follow the sign.  Help is available.

I have been informed that the highlight of BETH’S STORY HOUR, will be a book called, APPLE TROUBLE, BY Ragnhild Camel and Michael Terry.  It’s an exciting story about a hedgehog.  I know that the hedgehogs are already on their cushions in the Library, waiting for the story to begin. There aren’t many stories about hedgehogs so the excitement is high.

Have fun and don’t forget to hug Beth when she’s finished.  Remember, humans do not touch beaks.  Now go an have a great time.

Hall guard, helping the baby chicklets find their way.  The other guests and animals will follow the chicklets and everyone will arrive safely.

Some of the chicklets are already in their pajamas, others are still in their costumes.  All are waiting for Beth to begin.

Now just sit back and relax, while the Stage Crew sets up for RESA’S HUMAN HALLOWEEN FASHION SHOW.  Thank you.

THE HALLOWEEN PARTY, post 3 (3 pictures)

Hi:  Welcome back. I’m Angel Pumpkin and three of the chicklets would like to tell you about their costumes.  So, please listen carefully and feel free to ask them questions at the end of their stories.  Thank you.

“I always wanted to be enlightened, so I decided to be a lamp.  I don’t think I know more than I did before, but I’ll let you know tomorrow, or maybe the day after, because tomorrow is Halloween and I’ll probably be tired.”

“I always wanted to travel, but I don’t want to leave The Coop, which puts me in a strange position.  So, I chose to be a suitcase, to remind myself that I can still reach my dream.”

“A chicklet dressed me and I don’t know what she had in mind, but the wings itch and my claws get caught in the skirt when I walk.  She said I look beautiful and that I made her happy, so I guess I can manage a while longer.”

Well, that was so informative and fun, don’t you think?

Next up, we have Lizzy and her dragon.  They are going to sing a duet about the wonder of flying reptiles who have chicklets for friends. They wrote the words and music themselves, so give them a warm wing flap and then enjoy their song.

Who knew a dragon could sound so much like a cat?  That was…wonderful.  Very nice indeed.  A joyful song about true friendship and cooperation.  Many peeps and chirps.

One more break, then we will go into Beth’s Story Hour…for the younger chicklets.  Thank you. Please be back in fifteen minutes and try not to gobble Holly’s cornbread, so you don’t suffocate.  There’s plenty for everyone. I know it’s delicious but please eat slowly.  Thank you.


Elsa’s AWARD…Post 2 of the Halloween Party (1 picture)

Elsa is well loved by everyone, and not just because she’s a fabulous chef, who studied in Paris.  No, they love her because she’s absolutely lovable.  She’s generous, kind, sweet, and her feathers smell like cookies…ALL THE TIME.

Because of her loveliness, the chicklets wanted to do something special for her.  So they talked to the Sewing Committee and came up with an idea.  They would make her a new apron, and the Kitchen Crew would all put their prints onto it, so she would know how much she was appreciated.

The ceremony was very touching and Elsa was left peepless.  Her small chirps were very soft, and she wrapped her wings around everyone she could reach.  She received five minutes of chirps and wing flaps, then was helped off the stage by two of the Kitchen Crew, because she was so overcome with love.

Oh, they made her matching socks as well. She really liked them, and put them on the minute she got off the stage.

It’s HALLOWEEN EVE! And the party has been going on for a bit…6 pictures

Last minute decorations were going up as the crowd entered the Party Barn.  Today was filled with fun, games, hayrides, delicious food, and sing-a-longs.

First on the stage: A Safety Alert

A special safety announcement, warning everyone to wear a mask if they leave The Coop for any reason.  It is recommend that everyone stay on the grounds so as not to endanger the others.  Masks will be provided, however, if one must leave.

Then Claudia sang the opening number, in French, wishing everyone a wonderful Halloween, a long life, and the joy of not being human.

The host of the evening is Angel Pumpkin, (she’s just using that name for the party, her real name is just Angel)…she’s very nice and everyone was happy when they found out that she was going to be the host.  Her name was picked out of a gigantic bowl. That’s how she was chosen.

My name is Angel Pumpkin, and I will be your host for this evening.  Let me begin by welcoming all of you to the best Halloween Party ever.  We love you and are so happy you could make it.  The chicklets take great joy in having you with us.  I would like to take a moment, to thank all of the Committees for their tireless and extremely hard work. They brought this party to reality.  You all did a fabulous job and deserve a standing ovation and endless peeps.  Really.  Thank you.  Now…let’s get started.

We begin, with THE ACROBATS…

This is a great act, because it’s really hard to walk on the wire, even with ballet slippers.  I tried it myself, so I know.  Let’s give THE ACROBATS, lots of peeps and wing flaps, please.

Next up, we have a new and exciting act called, um, I don’t know what it’s called, exactly, but the chicklets, walk on a gigantic ball they made, and try not to fall off, so give them your best wishes for success.

That looked really scary.  I could hardly peep.

Well, it’s time for a snack break, so off to Holly’s treat table.  Be sure and stop for a snack made in our very own kitchen, as well.

When we return, a special award will be given to Elsa, the wonderful hen who runs our wonderful kitchen.  See you in twenty minutes.

But one or two more announcements before you leave.  Story Hour with Beth will be held before the pajama party, and Resa’s, HUMAN HALLOWEEN FASHION SHOW will close out this evening’s festivities.

Okay, now you can leave.  See you soon and be sure to try the homemade candy corn.  Holly made it special for us.

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