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Chicklet Marie works in the library. She made a sign for Beth’s upcoming Story Hour…


The Stage Crew is hard at work, trying to get everything done in time for the party. Their job isn’t easy, as you can see. No, not easy at all.

Sage…Radical chicklets United…Halloween

Sage is the current leader of, RADICAL CHICKLETS UNITED, aka RCU.  They meet every Wednesday afternoon and see what they can do to bring equality to females everywhere, no matter their species.  It’s hard work and they have limited resources, but still, they do what they can.

They always have cake and ice cream after the meeting, and that’s when some of their best ideas make themselves known..


The party excitement is increasing. Decorations are going up, costumes are being finalized and the entertainment committee has it’s list tacked up on the wall of the Big Barn. Everything is falling into place.

The ghost walked through a puddle on the way to the costume room.  He was leaking all over the floor.  The chicklet going as Peter Rabbit, just stared at him.  Puppy brought the hedgehog along because she’s so excited to know that Beth is reading a book about her species.  They will have a short meeting, then help Stage Crew, finish up the decorations.  oh, and Peetie the bird, is going to sing a song on stage.  It’s all very exciting.

Elsa…The hen in charge of the kitchen.

Elsa is going to make an appearance at the Halloween party.  Everyone loves and appreciates her, so they are making a special presentation, honoring this very fine hen.  The chicklets are very excited and so is Elsa.

Batbird…a chicklet Halloween costume

Peeps is going to the party as Batbird.  It’s like Batman, but for chicklets, at least that’s what he said.  His brother helped him make his costume.  I think he looks pretty good.

He had to wear his yellow shoes, because he lost his black ones somewhere by the Rubber Duck Pond.  But that doesn’t take away from his superhero status.  Not in the least.

The decorations are going up…


Another vintage photo from a past Halloween Party…


The chicklets found a photo from a past Halloween party and were inspired to have Bobbing for Apples again this year.


Mitzi is wearing her costume from last year, to honor RBG…


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