There is a program on NETFLIX called UNACKNOWLEDGED that every person should watch from beginning to end. It shows us going down a dark path, indeed, led by a corrupt American shadow government that is more than willing to do what it has to to do keep it’s power and economic status safe and secure, while maintaining never ending wars, hunger and hatred fueled by lies and secrets.  It’s truly one of the best programs I’ve seen and as it gets closer to the end there is absolutely do doubt that we can see what happens next. Speakers include the highest officials, astronauts and scientists.  Documents and eye witnesses abound and it leaves no doubt as to who the real threat to the planet is.

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Okay, so…


We only see the color RED because of the electromagnetic waves that our eyes pick up. When we see RED, we may each see a different color RED, depending on our individual eyes and the degree of colorblindness in play.  After Monet had cataract surgery he was astonished to see how much blue he had used in his work because it didn’t look like that when he was painting.  Anyway, other animals see different things because their eyes are made differently than our.  Some can see in infrared which doesn’t make them better than us, just different.  Eagles can see so far away that we can’t imagine what it’s like to see the way they do.  The thing is, when we agree that something is RED, we are agreeing to something that is different to each one of us.  We believe what we see is real but what we see has to do with physics and our physical makeup.  Someone named a color RED.  If we didn’t name it, what would it be?  Labels and names are GIVEN to things and are politically loaded. REDS stood for communists, at one time and communists has a meaning of its own, which again, will be different for many.

You get what I’m saying, right?  If we didn’t label things, they wouldn’t mean anything because we CREATE the meaning of EVERYTHING by what we call it.   What we name something only has a general meaning to certain people in certain places at certain times because there is NO real meaning for anything.  NONE at all. Eskimo’s have over a hundred words to describe snow. I have only one.  Like the animals, snow probably doesn’t care what we call it because it knows what it is in spite of us.

We have think about who made up the names and labels we use.  They aren’t real but are meant to control and harm, elevate and celebrate, only certain individuals. The thing is, MEN MADE EVERYTHING UP and yet we believe that IT’S REAL.  It’s NOT.  Definitions/labels  are weapon, designed to isolate us from each other.  Used to start wars, to kill, to hate.  They were made up and used by the privileged to harm everyone else.

We might not be able to change the wavelengths of colors, but we CAN change the way we allow definitions and labels to invade our thoughts/thinking.  We can REJECT the use of words/definitions/labels when they are used as violence.

The important thing is to remember that we are conditioned/brainwashed to see a color and call it RED, by our culture/society, just as we are conditioned/brainwashed to believe that some people are our enemies, that women can be sluts and that certain groups of people are unacceptable and worthless, deserving to be beaten and abused.  That’s what labels are for. They give people permission to harm others and take away their freedom/rights.  We agree to see RED as RED and we agree to see other countries/people as ENEMIES for no reason other than SOMEONE WHO PROFITS FROM OUR AGREEMENT, TELLS US THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD SEE.

In the novel, 1984, the government reprogrammed it’s citizens and tortured them until they agreed, and believed, that 2+2= 5. Believing that women, gays and minorities are LESS, is the same exact thing. Believing that people who don’t believe in your religion are going to hell, is the exact same thing.   If we were taught that 2+2=5, in school, then 2 + 2  would actually = 5 and no one would think twice about it.  THAT is what is happening NOW.   Look at the definitions and labels that are currently coming out of the white house. Say it enough times, teach it in school and alternative facts will become a real thing and future generations will believe it was always a real thing.  We believe things that came from the past and believe there there was a basis for them when there wasn’t.  It’s brainwashing.

We believe that RED is RED and that it exists because it’s true when, in fact, it’s only true to those with eyes like ours and all that means is that there are different ways of seeing the same thing.  Everyone can be wrong and everyone can be right…it depends on who is doing the defining and labeling.  If rich white males are making up the definitions and they are and always have been, then the rest of us will always be labeled less.


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This is beautiful…from: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Milky Way over Chilean Volcanoes

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Do not miss this important TED Talk. It’s excellent.

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Street art by Banksy…if you are uncomfortable, shocked or disgusted by this image then your are uncomfortable, shocked or disgusted by the wrong thing…we all should be horrified by the KKK and the fact that THIS is what they are.

by:  Banksy
Article from: Francesco Mugnal

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Weed started to whistle.  She slowed her pace and made Edith slow hers as well.  She whistled some more and then stopped and started to sing.  Pretty soon Edith saw a face look out from behind one tree, then another.  Faces smudged with dirt, hair lank and stringy.  One by one the children came forward in their tattered clothes and bare feet. They smiled and waved at Weed but became cautious when they saw Edith.

“This is my friend Edith.  She’s a half and half.”  The children stared at her and nodded. “She lives with her grandparents and we have cookies,” she said, happily.  The children held out their hands and cookies were placed in their palms.  Small noises of delight were heard and smiles were passed from one child to another, along with grunts of happiness.

“There are more tribes like this one,” whispered Weed.  “I lived here, with these children.”

“How can we pick anyone to move in with my mother when they all need homes?”

Weed didn’t answer.

“How many are there?”

“Fifteen to seventeen,” said Weed.  “It all depends on whether or not everyone comes home each night.  Some have jobs and stay away for a day or two and some never come back at all.  It’s a good thing that fairies have a very difficult time having children, or there would be more of us.”

Edith didn’t say anything, she just looked at the hungry and dirty children in front of her. “We have to take all of them,” she said.

“We can’t,” said Weed, unhappily.  “There are too many.”

“We have to,” said Edith.  “We absolutely have to.  There is no other choice.”

So fifteen grubby and starving human children followed Edith and Weed back to their house.

“Let me go in first,” said Edith.  Weed nodded, raised and lowered her hand and the children sat on the ground and remained silent.

“Ah, Edith,” said Lilly.  “Did the children like the cookies?”

“They did,” said Edith.  “I have to talk to you about something important.”

“Are you ill?  Did a fairy try to hurt you?” she asked, panic in her voice.

“No, I’m fine, thank you, it’s about the other kids.”

“What about them?”

“Um, I brought them all home.”

Lilly blanched and leaned against the table.  “All of them?  How many is all of them?

Edith shrugged.  “I’m not sure, fifteen I guess.”

“You brought fifteen human children to our house?”

Edith nodded.

“Where are they?”

“Out in front.”

“Quickly, take eight to your mother’s house and have Weed bring the other seven inside.  Do it now, quickly, quickly.”

Edith ran outside and told Weed to take the children inside while she went to her mother’s.  The she gathered the eight kids and took them to Buttercup’s.  Buttercup opened the door and her wings turned blood red.  “Hurry, inside,” she said, closing the door as soon as the last child crossed the threshold.  Edith explained what happened.  She asked Buttercup to please take care of the frightened children until they could figure out what to do.  Scott walked into the room and his face was split in two with the biggest smile Edith had ever seen.  He held out his arms and she said, “Dad?  Look, I brought you a bunch of kids.”

Scott turned to Buttercup and said, “Isn’t she wonderful?”

Edith made sure everyone was in the right place, not quite as afraid as they were in the beginning and then she went home.  Weed was in the kitchen, doing dishes.  Kids were asleep on the floor and most of them were clean and in regular clothes.  Edith started wiping the dishes and Weed smiled at her.  “You’re very special, Edith.”

“Oh, don’t say that.  I’m not special in any way at all, I’m just doing what needs to be done.  I’m doing the right thing and there’s never anything special about that.  It’s not good for anyone to think they did anything out of the ordinary.  Really, It’s nothing at all.  I’d want someone to help me, if I was in trouble, that’s for sure.”

“That’s a very nice thing to say.”

“No, it’s just a thing to say, not nice, just words.  You can’t think things are special or nice, things are just the right thing to do.”

Weed chuckled.  “Okay.”

“Thank you.”

Lilly came into the room carrying a sleeping toddler.  She placed him on her favorite lounge chair and covered him with a blanket.  He looked huge in her slender arms.

“Fairies must be really strong,” whispered Edith, to Weed.  “I mean, human kids are so big, compared to them.”

“What’s going to happen Edith,” asked Weed, looking over her friends.

“I don’t know exactly.  All I do know is that we have to keep going.


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