I stopped by The Coop yesterday and was treated to the chicklets rendition of RAPUNZEL.   Dillion couldn’t figure out exactly how to get to the princess but after a while the stage crew brought out a ladder and the problem was solved.  The actors agreed that they hadn’t thought things through, when it came to climbing the tower.  Chicklets don’t do a lot of climbing, they do more walking and hopping, and no one thought about that.

Still, everyone loved the short play and the tower is going to be used in their production of Lord of the Rings.  I think they are taking the title literally and plan on making a lot of rings, but that’s what chicklets do.  They said it might take a bit of time to get the sets done, so they will be doing other things in between.

They watched a movie after the play and had popcorn and ice cream cones.  Two chicklets brought up the fact that a new group of guests had just been rescued from a Factory Farm and sign-up sheets would be on the kitchen door.  Help was needed in all areas.  The chicklets peeped and many of them left the festivities to go and help out right away.  The bunnies hopped to the hospital, so they could begin warming the new guests.  I don’t know what shape the newcomers are in but it’s always a serious thing when they arrive.  Apparently one of the rescue dogs had been nicked by a bullet, but the hens stopped the bleeding and he’s resting comfortably.

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Sign seen in San Francisco…


I think Debbie took this but it could have been one of the kids…

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Yellow rose…


Chicago Botanic Garden

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Old Post Office…Chicago


This building is huge.  You can see the all the broken windows.  The building actually straddles a busy street (it goes right through/under the center of the building). The last day taxes were due,  they used to have people standing in the street, taking checks from drivers who were paying at the very last minute (before midnight).  It’s a cool building but they built a new one and this one is going to ruin.  They’re going to have to do something with it because it’s beautiful and its in a place where everyone can see it, since they drive through it.

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LuLu’s Pie Shoppe…35

“What?” asked LuLu, looking at Vincent.

“Where did the statue go?”

“Oh, it went to a bookstore somewhere.  That’s how they mail things.  You just throw stuff into the air and they get it.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Neither do I but just go with it because that’s how it’s done and it seems to work.”


“Want some pie?”


LuLu cut a large wedge of thick apple cinnamon pie with a golden crust, sprinkled with two kinds of sugar.  She scooped out some vanilla bean ice cream and added it to the side of the dish.  Then she placed thinly sliced strawberries and apples next to that.  “I hope you like it,” she said, sliding the plate toward him, just as Marion placed a cup of tea on the table.

“It’s looks amazing,” he said.  “Maybe if we had sex we would know if there was something between us,” he said, filling his mouth with pie.

LuLu burst out laughing.  She looked at Marion, who was simply staring him and said, “Ya gotta admit that it’s not a bad pick up line.”

“I’ve heard better,” said Marion, who walked away shaking her head.

“Oh, what were they,” shouted LuLu, after her.  “Tell me.”

“Maybe later,” snickered Marion.

“So, what do you think?  You can sleep with Will too, that way you’ll know who you want to keep.”

“Is that the way it’s done in Fairy?” asked LuLu.

“Pretty much,” he said, savoring his pie, eyes closed, licking his lips.  “Absolutely delicious.”

The dragon toddled in, asked for more pie and said, “If he gives you a hard time, just call me. We are opening in a half hour.”

“Thanks Destiny.  Share that pie with the cats, please.”

“Aw come on, really?”

“They hardly eat anything. Don’t be selfish.”

“Fine,” he sighed, walking away.

“Anyway, I think Will would go for it,” continued Vincent.  “Sleeping with both of us would defuse the situation and lessing the stress between us.”

“I can’t believe you’re saying this?”

“Why?  Is it wrong?”

“Not really, but it’s kind of like, I don’t know, like a try out, or something.”

“Well, how can you know, if you don’t try us out?”


Vincent nodded and licked his plate.  “Perfection,” he said, picking up his cup.  “I’m available whenever you want me.  I think Will will is too.  It’s the only way to be sure you’re getting the right one.”

“What if neither of you likes me?” purred LuLu, leaning across the table.

“You’re kidding, right?”

Then she did the only thing she could do, she grabbed him by the shirt, dragged him onto the table and kissed him.  She crawled on top of him and then she kissed him again.

LULU!” said Marion LOUDLY.  “You bake on that table.”

“I’ll wash it,” she said, ripping Vincent’s shirt open,  The buttons flew everywhere and the cats raced into the room and immediately started chasing them, sliding across the shiny floor and hitting the wall as they did so.

“I…can’t…tell…you…how…much…hope…you…pick…me,” panted Vincent,  pulling  her face toward his with his hands in her hair.

“LULU,” said Marion, “Twenty minutes.”

LuLu smiled and sat up, her legs on either side of him, on the stainless steel table with the marble insert.  “I don’t think we have enough time,” she snickered.”

“You’re kidding right?  Tell me you’re kidding.”

“Think of it as an hors d’ oeuvre, an appetizer of sorts, a snack that leaves you hungry and wanting more.  I have to clean up and get ready to open.  You can come back tonight if you like.”

Vincent lay there, staring at the overhead lights.  His heart was slowing down a little but he didn’t know how he was going to wait until tonight to see her again. That was like a million hours from now.

“Come on Vincent, get up, I have to scrub the table and do things.”

He stared at her, then rolled off the table and hit the floor.  LuLu stepped over him and started cleaning.

“What’s with him?” asked Marion.

“He didn’t want to stop.  Try not to step on him.”

“Right,” sighed Marion.  “There’s a line out in front.  Ten minutes.”

“Thank you,” said LuLu, catching the letter, as if fell from the ceiling.

Dear LuLu:

What is wrong with you?  You can’t spend the night playing with Vincent.  You have to read the cards.  Why won’t you listen to me?  

You are freaking me out.

Love, Chicago

LuLu picked up her pen wrote:

Dear Chicago:

How do you always know what I’m doing?  It’s creepy and I want you to STOP doing it right now.  It’s evil and intrusive and I HATE it.

Yours in Pie, LuLu

She threw the letter into the air, stepped over Vincent walked out to greet her guests.



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Please watch this wonderful address by Ken Burns about Trump…My friend Candy sent this to me and it’s great…

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I put this collage on before but I came across it again today and it reminded me of summer and all the animals I love so much.  The woman is reading a story out loud, so they can share a gentle afternoon together.  She reads to them often telling them stories about lovely puppies and kittens, birds and fish, elephants and sheep, all of whom are brave and beautiful.

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