From: The Art of Quotation

“Life is too short to read a bad book.“ — James Joyce, Irish, writer

via “Life is too short to read a bad book.“ — Art of Quotation

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reindeer are made out of magic
it’s part of their DNA
passed on from their mothers
who love them
all reindeer can all fly
they belong to the moon
and to the stars
they are part of the night sky
so naturally they can’t stay on the ground
at least not all of the time
they are gifts from the Universe
magical beings
here to show us
that life is much more enchanting
than we think it is

Post Script

The expression on this reindeer’s face, is so shy and charming that I can’t stop looking at him.  Magic swirls around him and he’s in tune with the entire night.  I wish I could hug him because some things are just so sweet that that’s the only thing one can do to stop the yearning.  If you hug a reindeer, or a horse, your hearts beat as one.  It’s a wonderful feeling and alway showed me that the horse and I were the same.  Just lean into one, put your arms around him, your head against his neck, and then you’ll know that heaven isn’t somewhere in the sky, it’s really in your arms.

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From: Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Pleiades Deep and Dusty

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From: The Art of Quotation

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” Cecil Beaton, English, photographer

via “Be daring, be different, be impractical …against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” — Art of Quotation

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We are not alone…


We are not alone

we are not alone
there are things
we simply cannot see
or imagine
but our lack of ability
does not negate their existence

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The Interview…

“Santa?  Sure. We all knew him back then, when he was getting started.  People think he always existed but that’s not true.  There was a nice man who used to put toys in children’s shoes, when they left them outside.  But he wasn’t Santa.  Still,  that’s how this whole thing started.”  Santa’s Fae, you know. Mrs. Claus is as well.”

“Yes, my grandmother worked for them.  She cleaned their house.  They had a cook, as well and someone to do their laundry and shine Santa’s boots.  Mrs. Claus had her hands full.  All those elves and reindeer.  Her husband was either busy, or ignoring her.  He slept a lot.  No one understood why, he only worked one night a year.  She stopped caring, after awhile.  Started going out more, having fun.  No one faulted her for it.  Everyone felt sorry for her, although she did know a lot about the care and feeding of reindeer.  She loved them and now and then we would see her riding through the forest, her hair blowing in the wind.  The reindeer loved her too, including the wild ones.  They all came to her for carrots and caresses.  She took them in.  Brushed them, fed them, gave them a place to stay, if they wanted to rest.  They were her true joy.”

“Yes, she was beautiful.  He was big and clumsy. Gruff and lazy.  He used to walk through the toy shop because it was expected, not because he was interested.  I think she had a lover, at least I hope she did.  No, I don’t know if Santa found out.  I don’t think he would have cared, even if he knew.  My mother told me that she would come into the village to talk to the women.  She didn’t have any friends.  He tried to keep her isolated but she refused to stay put.  I think she went to Fairy a lot.  We all thought that’s where her lover was.  She seemed so happy when she returned…smiling and dancing in the woods”

“Yes, he always wore the red suit.  No, we don’t know why.  She dressed in flowing gossamer gowns and glowed brightly.  He didn’t deserve her.  Eventually, she spent more and more time in Fairy, until she stopped coming back altogether.  The reindeer missed her terribly.  I don’t know if Santa even knew she was gone.  She came back two years ago to dance with the reindeer.  We knew she was here because the deer were flying above the trees and leaping into the air.  Everyone felt better when she was around Her magic washed over us and made things so lovely.  But she couldn’t stay, you know.  She wasn’t happy here.  We heard that her love was a handsome fairy who loved her with his whole heart.  She loved him back and no one could ask someone to leave that behind.  She started taking the reindeer back with her, two and three at a time.  She missed them so much.  They all wanted to follow her.  Eventually, the forests were empty.  The only reindeer left were those who pulled the sleigh and they were depressed and sad.”

“We don’t really see the elves.  Once in a great while, a few of them will come into town but they keep to themselves.  They are very polite and never cause any trouble.  We’ve tried to make friends with them but won’t have it.”

“Yes, I ask for the same thing every year.  I don’t think Santa can give e what I want, so it’s not really his fault.  What do I ask for?  I ask to be young again.”





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Who is Santa?

he sees us when we’re sleeping
he knows when we’re awake
between the government and Santa
there’s no place to be ourselves
there’s no place for us to hide
we’re being watched
day and night
who can live like that
our phones
and computers
cameras on corners
and Santa seems to be in on all of it
who’s he really working for
watching kids sleep is
creepy beyond belief
he knows if we are good
he knows if we are bad
what criteria is he using to judge us
who IS Santa anyway
where did he come from
has anyone seen him at the North Pole
does he have any friends
other than elves and reindeer
he seems sexist
always eating cookies baked by Ms. Claus
has anyone ever seen him make a bed
wash a dish
do laundry
or cook a meal
I don’t know about you
but I’m sick of being watched
no one ever said Santa was on our side
that was an assumption made when we were young
an assumption we didn’t question
but we need to rethink what we believe about that guy
and what he does
breaking and entering
watching kids twenty-four hours a day
keeping lists
having kids sit on his lap
believe what you want
but he seems like bad news
he’s selling soft drinks amd
asking kids what they want
knowing he’s not going to deliver
he’s breaking the hearts of children
he’s lying to them
making promises he has no intention
of keeping
just like the government
they’re all the same
not matter what color suit they’re wearing

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