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Hi, It’s been a while. After a year or so away from WordPress (and other social media sites) I have spent the majority of my time looking after the now 1 year old Rosie the dog. Rosie the dog playing with her bone. The other week I finally sat down to write a song after […]

Been a While — Zoolon

Dragon, Dragons, Monster, Monsters

the dragon landed on the highway
and waited for her to run into him
she did
he was pushed back
leaving deeply rutted claw marks
in the street
she got out
and looked at the front of her car
we need to talk
he said
she got back into her car
and tried to start it
the motor decided
it was better to
so it did
you’re wasting time
 go away
I want to know how the statue
came to be in this reality
and when and where
your father got it

she started walking
three crows
began to follow her
she thanked them
and kept going
the dragon
in human form
trailed after her
she turned
and shot him in the leg
he shouted
and fell to the ground
she kept walking
one of the crows
went to the dragon
and pecked at him
then he flew back to her
two more crows joined them
the dragon
turned into his
dragon form
and started healing
he watched her walk
surrounded by black birds
as she grew smaller
his wound closed
he shook himself
and took to the air
she turned and
shot him in the wing
once again
he found himself
on the pavement
she didn’t slow down
she said
I told you
it was a birthday gift
I liked dragons
not dinosaurs
I know that it has power
I don’t care

that it was your father’s
I don’t care
that you want to know more
I only care 
that my best friend Is 
and if you don’t back off

I will
you don’t understand
he said softly
it holds much of my father’s
she shouted
leave me alone
or I will shoot you
through the heart
and the birds
will have whatever
parts of you
they like

to be continued…

Photo:  Alex Sh

younger generations
and all the other words
they are told/taught to use
in order to define
and their feelings
if our kids
who are now adults
used those words
when they were young
people wouldn’t
know what they were
talking about
there weren’t any words
to describe what they were feeling
so they just kept going
the world is a
but what lies ahead
for future generations
if everyone is too
so far
no one seems to be able
to pass gun control
or stop any kind of violence
BLM seems stalled
women are going backward
and have been deemed
the environment is a nightmare
our government
is a violent
and dangerous
and no one seems
to be able to do anything
about that either
are normal
that are
being blown out of
making them seem
as if they shouldn’t
or as if they are
when they are in fact
they are absolutely
those feelings
are our brains way of
telling us something is
so instead of complaining
about how they feel
might want to take action
or come up with some
new idea
on how to bring about change
and never forget
that greedy people are
interested in making money
by turning normal feelings
into abnormal feelings
so they can sell books
and services
I remember when doctors
tried turning menopause
into a
women were all over them
I also remember
with ads telling people
to drug their children
so they wouldn’t be
on their first day in
that did not
sit well with anyone
so suddenly
it was no longer a problem
and we never heard about
the DRUGS again
living in the real world
is HOW we all learn to
and the truth is
a lot of our problems
are given to us
by those in power
not only to make money
but to increase the amount
of control
they have over us
anxious and depressed people
are unlikely to fight back
they can be easily controlled
I don’t think we should
the use of the word
since four year-olds
are now saying it
the world is a mess
but it’s where we live
so we need kids
that will be able to
deal with what’s happen
deal with the incredible
have made
and are leaving
we need strong young people
those who won’t be
easily overtaken
by those who want to
rule over them
we need fighters
not weak people
yes things suck
but so what
we need our kids to be
and brilliant
we need everyone
to be
in the face
of what’s
or all is lost



Photo:  Leonid Shaydulin


*This is not about bullying, or mass shootings.  It’s about everyday life, and the small things that a lot of kids no longer seem to be able to handle.  They are constantly tended, watched over and given words to use by adults.  I think this is a dangerous thing to do.  Putting words into their mouths, defining THEIR feelings for them, is making some kids weak and depressed.  It’s making them afraid.  It’s making them “anxious.”  If adults have to put words into the mouths of children, they should use powerful words, words of strength and kindness, of overcoming problems and difficulties.  Then perhaps kids will no longer be anxious, they’ll be able to change the world.

Teachers of young children are complaining that helicopter parents are making their lives miserable.  Children take no responsibility for their actions and parents are alway making demands that are unreasonable.  It’s difficult to teach any longer, at least according to what some teachers are saying.

A lot of kids don’t have a life of their own.  Their parents have taken over.  It’s very sad and I’m not sure when, if ever, those kids will be able to think for themselves.

Portrait of the Eagle Nebula

one of my personal idols brilliant writer and social activist, rod serling wrote this story in 1960, as a prescient warning — “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs, and explosions, and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices, to be found only in the minds of men. For […]

on maple street. — I didn’t have my glasses on….

He’s a baby and a bit awkward, now and then.  He refuses to use the deeper birdbath I put out for him, and instead tries to bathe in the shallow water, which is impossible.  He doesn’t use any of the real birdbaths.  He sees me looking at him but he’s not afraid.  He was chasing squirrels today, running across the patio.  So far, he hasn’t caught anyone, that I could see.  It’s stressful, because I love the squirrels.  He’s absolutely gorgeous and huge.

A few years ago I had a falcon stay for a bit.  Before that they released some of them in this area, trying to save them.   It seems to have worked.

Peregrine falcon Chicago

Featured snippet from the web

Peregrine falcons have lived in Chicago for years and they’re even designated the official bird of the city. They prey on smaller birds and can end up weighing up to 2.75 pounds and being 20 inches long, according to the Field Museum.
They can fly

240 mph
Maximum, Diving
During its spectacular hunting stoop from heights of over 1 km (0.62 mi), the peregrine may reach speeds of 320 km/h (200 mph) as it drops toward its prey. The Peregrine Falcon is one of the most widespread birds in the world.



Photo:  Gayatri Malhotra

orange tabby cat in brown cardboard box

Photo:  Victoria Alexandrova

Birds, Swan, Ornithology, Species, Fauna

“Philip, you need to talk to the seagull again.”

“I’ve tried, believe me. He just likes hanging out with us.”

“He’s very nice, but he’s not a swan and we can’t give him what he needs,” said Mona.

“I don’t want to hurt his feelings.  Maybe you should try again.”

“We are not gulls,” she said.

“He knows that.  I think he’s just lonely.”

“We can’t play the games he does.  We don’t dive for stones that we drop from great heights.  We are BIG birds.  We don’t play.  We don’t have playful personalities.  Gulls are gregarious and love to have fun.  We are sedate and silly isn’t part of who we are.”

“I agree.  But silly is for geese, my love, not for seagulls.  Admittedly, the stone dropping game didn’t go as planned,” sighed Philip.

“Hi,” said, said the seagull.  “What are we going to do today?”

“Float around, and nibble at things,” said Philip.  “That’s pretty much what we always do.”

“I know.” asked the gull.  “That’s what we did yesterday.”

“It is,” said Philip, kindly.  “We will probably do it again tomorrow.”

“Will we will fly around now and then, in between the nibbling?”  asked the gull, hopefully

“I doubt it,” said Mona.  “But you can do that.”

“No, that’s okay.   I’ll just hang out with you,” said the gull, softly.

“Look, my friend,” said Mona, sweetly.  “You may stay with us as much as you like, as long as you like,  but we cannot do the things you do.  We are not seagulls.  We are different than you.  Can you find other gulls to play with?  Even for a little while, so you can have fun and be happy?”

“I’m happy being with you, but I know what you’re saying.  Am I a bother?” asked the gull.

They both said, “Absolutely not,” at the very same time.

“But we want you to be happy and we can’t provide what you need,” she said, sadly.

The seagull floated closer.  “I know that.  We are the same but different.  I can’t be a swan, it’s not in my nature.”

“Exactly,” she said.  “That’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way things are.  I admire your agility and fun-loving nature, but no swan can fly straight into the sky, drop a stone and dive after it, catch it, then do it again.”

The gull nodded.  “I saw some of my kind on the beach, stealing food from the humans who sit on the ground.”

“Swans would never do that,” said Philip. “Get close to humans, I mean.  That’s just one more difference between us.”

“Can I still visit?”

“Yes.  Everyday,” she said.  “We want you to have a fun, so play with the other gulls, then come and tell us about your day.”

The gull nodded, took off, did some fancy tricks, for their benefit, then flew toward the beach.

“They really are great acrobats,” said Philip, watching him go.

“Indeed,” she said.  “But some differences cannot be overcome.”

“They cannot,” he said, “But it must be fun to do what they do.”

“Yes,” she said, swimming toward the shore.  “I’m sure it is.”




Photo:  Pixabay



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