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I think I’m going to start writing to nancy polsi three times a day, asking her for a donations for one of the no-kill animal shelters I support.  It seems only fair, since she NEVER STOPS asking me for money.

I think it’s a mistake that we just erase all their emails. I think we should send them requests for cash.

We never turn the tables on politicians.  We just let them keep asking for MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE.

Why aren’t we ASKING THEM for ANYTHING?

What if we all started sending them bills, or asking THEM for money?  I think we should do that.  The whole country should rise up and fill the”in boxes,” of politicians with pleas for money.

Fair is fair.  Politicians make huge amounts of money, not to mention the things they make on the side.  And yet, they never seem to have enough.  Apparently, those who have less, are expected to fund the greedy government, who refuses to raise minimum wage to a livable wage.

polosi has turned me off completely.  Her never ending emails, asking for money, have literally made me not care.  Job well done, nancy.

Boy Beside Girl Inside Room

Photo:  Cotonbro

Photo:  Patrik László


Tony went in search
of the Meaning of Life
he crossed deserts
the middle of America and
pretty much the entire globe
he talked to people of all ages
he talked to holy women
the sick, the rich, and the needy
he communed with animals
and Nature Herself
he read
he wrote
he was a Seeker
but in the end
the only answer he could find
was that there was no meaning to life
other than the ones people made up for themselves
surprised by this conclusion
he went back to his log cabin
put up a christmas tree
adopted four cats
two dogs
and a small white bird
then he settled in
opened a bag of cookies
poured himself a cup of coffee
and decided to believe that
there was no point to anything at all
so he may as well sit back
and have fun




Photo:  Sergey Vinogradov


3  french hens
2  turtle loves
…and a chicklet in a pear treeeeeee

Jack Russel, Dog, Christmas, Cute


once upon a December night when reindeer were flying around and elves were working around the clock human beings were reset by their makers creatures who looked just like us but better  they showed up and added new code tweaked this and that opening hearts and minds to let in a little more light they erased religions, cruelty and hatred and […]

DECEMBER – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

Winter, Girl, Snowfall, Lamp Post

it was her favorite time of the year
the first snowfall of the season
happy memories
of family rushing outside
dancing under the falling snow
tongues out
laughing and twirling
the dog jumping
the cat
watching from the window
moments she thought
would last forever
but nothing lasts forever
things change
and she found herself outside
celebrating the first snowfall
with nothing but memories
and love in her heart
to keep her warm



Picture:  Pixabay

The artwork is incredible…full page pictures.  The book is fun, moving and sweet. It speaks to everyone, no matter the age.  It’s one of my favorites.  it would make a perfect gift for someone special, since this is a truly special book.  I can’t recommend it enough.

long-fur white and black cat

Photo:  Steffi Pereira

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