Mary…please read this poem FAST, out loud, loud and with anger. Thank you.

my name is Mary
I’m known as The Mother
My true identity was stolen from me
when I was but a girl
I got pregnant
Joe told them that we never had sex
to protect me
to stop them from killing me
but still
we fled
I rode on the back of a poor burro
I walked as much as I could
to spare the being my weight
but my due date was fast approaching
and I was tired
the trip was difficult
but no one knows that I was an artist
a singer
and a person
men have dressed me in blue and white
and put my likeness into buildings corrupted
by their power and greed
new brides kneel before me
they put flowers at my feet
they ask for things
for favors
as if I have the power to grant wishes
and all I want to do is scream and tell
them not to lose themselves
not to give themselves away
I’ve always had a temper
I never followed the rules
men hated my independence
and looked for ways to break me
but then I had my first child
you’ve probably heard about him
it seems as if everyone has
since they use him to advertise
their false cults called religion
the rest of my children are unknown to you
kept secret
even when the truth is obvious
but not Joe’s son
not the son of some alien made up god
which hurt Joe deeply
but he was afraid to speak up
afraid they would kill me
and his son as well
so he said nothing
and today people celebrate our son’s birth
and his death
and they believe he came back from the dead
which of course
is not true
but no one seems to care
about truth
but again
women’s lives are stolen from them
they become someone’s mother
or lover
but no one cares who they ARE
not a word has been written about me
that can tell you who I truly was
what I was like
what I loved
I’m the mother of a made up god
who ran away to stay alive
I’m a definition
not worthy of a past
or personality
and men labeled the other Mary
prostitute and whore
for doing what they did
on an everyday basis
my son loved and married her
she was a sweet woman
who loved nature
and my son
but they don’t want you
to know
or believe the truth
they want all women despised
seen as evil
apple eaters in another made up story
when the TRUTH is right in front of you
get me off this fucking pedestal
and open your eyes
don’t bring me flowers
think of me as a human woman
with wants and needs
and love and fury
and rage
know that I was forced
because I was in love
only power hungry people
fear the choices made by others
remember that
remember me
not as a blue veiled statue
lied about at every turn
think of me running through the street
filled with life
a young girl with a dream
of her own
and then see what they did to me
never forget
that they will never let you be free
you have to take your freedom from them
and see through their lies
I am not your mother
I am not here to watch over you
or give you what you want
I am not hope
I’m the sister of Gorgons
of Medusa
of Rage
I’m an example of what men do to women
do you understand


remember that

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After reading and posting the quote from the terrific blog:  The Art of Quotation, I started thinking about how the catholic church imprisoned, or killed, those who said, or believed, anything they didn’t TELL them they could say or believe.  Scientists, pretty much anyone.  They can still kick you out,  turn their back on you, unless you’re really rich, or do anything they like, to those who refuse to OBEY…again, unless you have money and buy them off, which my grandfather did quite a lot, actually.  He didn’t have a lot of money  but it was enough to buy dispensation, even for other people.  As if any of it was real.  He just went to the church, handed over the money and they shook hands on it. god was okay with that I guess.

I was talking to two adults who wouldn’t allow their children to read Harry Potter because the church said they were not allowed to read it, because of the witchcraft. Maybe if Rowling had BURNED all the women, they would have put it on a MUST READ list, to show uppity women what happens to them when they step out of line.

Anyway, the church gets to dictate what a person reads.  So the adults did not read the wonderful and enchanting books, but they said all three of their children did, even though they weren’t supposed to read the series.  It gave me hope that the kids were smarter than their parents and didn’t blindly follow the rules made up by others, as if they were idiots and couldn’t read any book they liked.

Here’s the best part, someone in the church had to have READ the books.  Someone in the church has to do pretty much EVERYTHING they tell everyone else not to do, don’t you think?  How else would they know it was bad for the sheep?

When anyone tells you what you can, or cannot do, laugh really hard, and WALK AWAY.

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“Laws which prescribe what everyone must believe, and forbid men to say or write anything against this or that opinion, are often passed to…” — Art of Quotation

“Laws which prescribe what everyone must believe, and forbid men to say or write anything against this or that opinion, are often passed to gratify, or rather to appease the anger of those who cannot abide independent minds” Baruch Spinoza, Dutch, philosopher

via “Laws which prescribe what everyone must believe, and forbid men to say or write anything against this or that opinion, are often passed to…” — Art of Quotation

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If you know horses…a poem

if you know horses
you understand loyalty
love freely given
soft noses
sugar cubes
but don’t tell anyone
about those
you can braid their manes
and tails
you can add flowers
if you wish
but I like horses wild
riding bareback
or English
is the only way to fly
and in all the world
there is only one word
that truly describes horses
and that word is



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Quote: Albert Camus

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I want to write a nice poem…

I want to write a nice poem
about wonderful
and lovely things
about love
and birds flying high
in a bright blue sky
among fluffy white clouds
while chipmunks
chirp and run through
tall grass
playing tag
to the giggles of watching children
eating ice cream cones
as coyotes  call out to each other
their fur warmed
by the sun
while bees
buzz merrily
over colorful flowers
and squirrels scamper
over fences
while bunnies hop
through meadows
as people sit in cafes chatting
and drinking ice cold lemonade

I want to write a nice poem
without all the bad things

but I don’t know how





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Okay, so…Rapist priests and people who continue to support the church

Two days ago, a catholic woman told my daughter that priests would give the most vulnerable boys gold crosses to wear. as a signal to the other pedophiles that those boys would be the easiest targets.

My daughter asked her if she still went to church and she sighed and said, “Yes.”

To me, ANY person who continues to go to church, give money to, or support to the catholic church in any way, is as guilty as the rapists themselves.  They are giving their permission, and blessing, to rape and destroy the lives of children and let most of the rapists go free.  It’s been said that those who have been raped do not see anyone punished for what they did which causes them more pain and suffering.  Again this happened/s in every single place where catholic churches exist in THE WORLD.  And everyone knew about it, including the pope.

Here’s the thing:  if people give money to the KKK, and go to their meetings, they might not kill anyone themselves, but they are supporting people who do.  They are SAYING THAT WHAT THE KKK DOES IS OKAY WITH THEM.  THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO LOOK AT IT.  NONE.  Only a certain kind of person would ever be part of that hate group.

The excuse that, “All priests aren’t like that can be said of people in ANY GROUP that runs on hatred and abuse.”  BUT THEY ARE ALL LIKE THAT, THAT’S WHY THEY ARE IN THE ORGANIZATION.

Anyone who supports any group IS whatever that group does. As guilty as the trigger man or the rapist.  Seriously, it cannot be any other way.  If a person is part of the group, they are the group.  They are saying that what the group DOES, or stands for, it’s okay with them.

The things people don’t belong to are things they don’t support.  If people are part of something, they are all of it.  Donations to the church go to lawyers who hush up the rapes and hand out payoffs.   If people give money to the church they are  paying to  get rapists off the hook and continue to hurt those who have been raped.  It’s too late to save those who have killed themselves because of what the church REFUSED TO STOP.

One cannot say they are against the raping of children and then belong to a world wide group/network that has always done it and lied about what they have done.  Once people know what has been done, they leave, fight them, or agree by their continued presence.  The raping of innocent children by men of “god” who lied and protected each other should never be tolerated.  If someone is part of it, their automatic acceptance is a given.

It’s a black and white issue.  A person is either for raping kids or against it.  There’s no in between.  A group of serial rapists who prey on those who cannot defend themselves.

And, let me remind you that some girls were raped as well, but, in the words of a rapist priest, they picked boys because girls talk too much and would tell.

And think about this…when the story broke the church was frantic doing damage control…worried about the IMPACT it would have on THEM.  What it would do to their income, the number of followers.  The children were THE PROBLEM to be minimized and covered up TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.




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