Some things…a poem

there are some things
that live their entire lives
unseen by our eyes
they are born
and perish
with only their
and friendly
or animals
to touch them
now and then
no human voices
no fear
just a quiet life
lived for its own
and sleeping
it’s own rhythm

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This is the teddy bear who wanted to live in my car…with my hula girl from Hawaii…He hasn’t told me his name yet.

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For Resa: The chicklets loved the BLACK DRESS…Thank you.

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pink rose — Paul Militaru

via pink rose — Paul Militaru

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JUNE 15, 2019 Week 135 Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember. This week in an interview with ABC News, Trump suggested he would take damaging information from foreign governments on political adversaries without reporting it to the FBI, setting off alarm bells. The Chair […]


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Quote: Alberto Giacometti

In a burning building,
I wold save a cat
before a Rembrandt.

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The Librarian…5

“My chest hurts,” he said, still laying on the floor.  “What happened to me?”

“You tried to steal the book I told you not to try and steal.  I warned you that the book was protected.”

“Did I have a heart attack?” he asked, gently touching his chest.

“No.  Sammy sat on you.”


“A friend of mine.”

“He must weight a ton,” he said, closing his eyes.  “Where’s the book?”

“In a place you’ll never find it.”

His entire body sagged.  “I’m a dead man,” he sighed.

“Tell me why you wanted the book,” said the Librarian, sitting next to him on the floor.

He looked at her and then turned away.  “I wanted the invisibility spell.”


“Some very bad men have something important to me and I don’t know how to get it back.  I thought if I was invisible I could…”

“I see.”

“I doubt it,” he said.

“Librarian!” called Mr. Waters, trotting toward her.  “There’s a boy in the Emergency Room with a badly damaged knee.”

“And?” asked the Librarian.

“AND,” he said loudly,  “It’s YOUR fault.”

“I seriously doubt that.  I don’t even know who you’re talking about.”

“It’s probably one of the women from your group.”

“Mr. Waters, this is….”

“Norman Carter,” said the man on the floor.  “Nice to meet you.”

Mr. Waters pulled himself together immediately and said, “I do hope you’re feeling well, Mr. Carter.  You must have had a terrible accident.  Shall I call the paramedics, or would you rater stay on the floor until you’re feeling better?”

Norman waved him away.   “I’m fine.”

Mr. Waters turned back to the Librarian, “You are in so much trouble!” he hissed.


“Teaching women to fight back, having gargoyles in the library…”

“Wait,” said Norman.  “There are gargoyles in the library?  Is that what sat on me?”

“The gargoyle is a he, not a what,” said the Librarian.

“Librarian, I told you that I was on your side, but you’re going too far,” whispered Mr. Waters. “My picture is in the media and…”

“I don’t think there is a way to go too far until the women are safe, don’t you agree?”

“Well, yes…of course…I want them to be safe, but…”

“There are no buts….”

“How many things do you have guarding the books?,” asked Mr. Waters.  “Are they all registered and accounted for?  Have they been examined by the medic team?”

“You should probably go back to your office, while I convince Norman not to sue the school.”

“Sue the school?”

“He said he was thinking about it but I just about had him convinced to let it go, when you came on the scene.”

“Very well,” said Mr. Waters.  “Carry on.  I’ll speak with you later.”

“I never said I was going to sue the school,” said Norman, watching Waters disappear.

“I know,” said the Librarian.  “I just wanted him to go away.  Do you want to sit up?”

“Did you do the knee job on the guy?”

“I did not,” she said, holding up her right hand.

“Did you teach someone else to do it?”

“Here,” she said, “Let me help you lean against the bookshelf.”

“What else does live in the library?” he asked, looking around.


“Mice will eat books,” he said, horrified.

“Not these mice,” she laughed.

“How many gargoyles are there?”


“Can you make me invisible?”

“What do they have that you want so badly and why do they have it?”



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