Okay, so…

I saw the fresh strawberries in the produce section and decided I wanted a strawberry sundae, so I went to the freezer that held the ice cream.  I noticed a woman standing in front of the doors, moving a step or two sideways, then moving back to her original position.  I stopped next to her and opened the door, ready to reach for vanilla.  I stood there, then closed the door and stood there some more.  The woman looked at me and smiled.  I said, “I just want vanilla.”  She said that’s what she wanted as well.

There was soy vanilla, lactose free vanilla, extra smooth vanilla, homemade vanilla, vanilla bean vanilla, GLUTEN FREE vanilla, and about ten other vanillas but no plain VANILLA.  We discussed the insanity of the situation then she perked up and said, “Oh, there’s Blue Bunny ice cream and they have VANILLA, I’m getting that.  I love Blue Bunny.”  I was tempted to follow suit but ended up getting Natural Vanilla, whatever that is.  Apparently there is an unnatural vanilla somewhere but I can’t imagine who would buy it.  Maybe it has more additives and dyes that will kill those who eat it faster than all the other things we eat.

So one company lost a customer because of having too many choices and another company won a customer because they had vanilla, period.  By the way, Blue Bunny is the best name for a product…ever!

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This is a short, important, TED Talk on Government spying and the lack of FREEDOM OF THE PRESS…What our government is doing is criminal and if anyone else did what they are doing they would be in jail…Our government makes the Constitution useless.

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Monday morning…






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Think about it…

A couple days ago, someone said, “I’m not as young as I used to be.”  I said, “No one is as young as they used to be  Ever.”

Every second we’re older than we were a second ago…so, no one is EVER as young as they used to be.  Of course, I know what the person meant but realistically, it’s just one more silly thing we say without thinking.

Time is a funny thing.  I saw a seven year old being interviewed. He was explaining something and said, “When I was little I didn’t know about this.”  Everyone started laughing.  But to him, he was little then and now he’s big.  He’s right.  When you are that age you do go from being a baby to being big and there’s a huge difference.  When you’re an adult…the change isn’t as noticeable.   It’s all relative.  But then, everything is.

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Road rage…

George Carlin once said that when we are driving everyone else is either going too slow or too fast.  He’s right.  That kind of thinking can lead to Road Rage.  Not everyone has Road Rage, of course, but for those of us who do, driving can be a tad stressful.

Okay, show of hands…how many of you have pictured yourself ramming the car in front of you, over and over again, until there’s nothing left but bits of metal scattered across the street?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Ever dream of taking a baseball bat and just smashing the car ahead of you, to make yourself feel better?  That’s another tell.  Gripping the steering wheel until it cracks in your hands may be another one.  Grinding your teeth or thinking about pulling off the road until the slow guy goes away, might be another.

The street going to Debbie’s has a lot of one lane roads.  I HATE IT WITH A PASSION.  Sometimes I actually go out of my way to drive faster and on a wider highway.  Seriously, you just need one Nebish to go 12 mph and suddenly there are 100 cars behind you and everyone is banging their head on their steering wheels.  It doesn’t matter if we SHOULD be patient, we aren’t and that’s a fact.

And I love that the law tells us to have a certain distance between vehicles.   If you leave ten inches between your bumper and the bumper of the car in front of you, two other cars are trying to squeeze in.  How unrealistic IS that stupid expectation?  Where do the people who wrote that one…LIVE?  Perhaps in a town with ten other cars.  Try doing that on an expressway going 85 mph.  No, it doesn’t work.  If that law was enforced every single person who lived here would be in court.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON, except for the person driving in front of me yesterday who was going UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT! Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Road Rage isn’t something a person CHOOSES to have.  It has no positive benefits.  It’s an automatic reflex that you only notice once the screaming has started.  It is not gender, or age, specific.  I think it’s a personality trait.  And if you think you don’t have it, it might seem that way because of where you live.  If you move to a place with nine and a half million people, you may find out that your calm and patient personality was due to location, rather than your sweet and peaceful inner spirit.  Yes, yes, I could be totally wrong on that count but hey, I’m just sayin’.









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Debbie wrote this poem after watching the film INTO THE WILD…

and a
to be
bits of
to be

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Kelly and Nelly…



Kelly and Nelly were acrobatic twins.  Their mother knew that early on, of course, since they were doing tricks long before they were born.  The girls were unusual right from the start, dressing in costume, always running across roof tops and swinging from branches, doing flips and landing with their arms straight over their heads, which we now know is the Olympic ending after a turn on the rings, or uneven bars.

School was difficult for Kelly and Nelly, due to their inability to sit still for any length of time.  They were quite talented and saw everything as something to climb over, jump on, swing from, or use as prop to get from somewhere to somewhere else.

Naturally, their parents were worried.  Young ladies didn’t usually fly through the air and leap from bookcases but there was no stopping them.  The word circus came up quiet often during dinner but alas, there were no circus schools, or circuses in the town of Lakelyle.  Besides, people in their neighborhood didn’t seem to raise circus children.  Certainly boys their own age wouldn’t be interested in marrying a girl who rarely had her feet on the ground.  No one knew what to do.

And then it happened.  A simple ad in the paper.

Acrobatic girls to model for an artist.
Please call Avenue 3-8755
Ask for Mr. Burton

Must apply before June 11th.
Salary to be discussed

Kelly and Nelly’s father, after a long discussion with the entire family, called the number and made an appointment for the next day.

Mr. Burton’s waiting room was filled with girls wearing costumes.

“Who knew there were this many child acrobats,” said Kelly and Nelly’s mother.

“Indeed,” muttered their father, watching Kelly do three flips down the crowded aisle, barely missing another girl who was walking on her hands.

Suddenly, a woman came out of one of the offices and called Kelly and Nelly into the room.  They were interviewed and asked to pose in unusual positions.  Mr. Burton seemed quite satisfied and explained what he had in mind.

“I think girls have boundless physical energy but are rarely allowed to express themselves.  The expectations that society imposes upon them cause great harm, not only to them, but to society itself.  Forced to be ladylike females are expected to be quiet and sit still, which is a completely unnatural state for a human body and a clever mind.  I am opening a summer camp for girls who wish to explore their strength and wild side.  I would like to hire Kelly and Nelly as counselors and teachers.  I will be painting their movements and even photographing the campers so that a book can be printed, showing the world that females are not inherently silent and unmoving.  I will be working with psychologist Marion Smith to show the true and active side of females.  Our wish is to encourage all girls to run, jump, play, climb and use their bodies as their spirits desire.

Papers were signed and salaries agreed upon.  The camp, RUN TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT, opened that August and was a smashing success.  Aside from being a camp, demonstrations were held and lectures were given.  It was a breakthrough for girls of every age.  Girls who were tired of watching their brothers have fun while they sat inside sewing.

Things in Lakelyle were never the same.  Kelly, Nelly and the other counselors, loved their work and as the camp grew, so did the health of girls everywhere because no one should be sidelined.  No one should be cheerleaders when they could be on the playing field and no one should have to sew anything, if they want to be outside climbing trees.

P.S.  This photo was in my “draft” area, that’s why I could access it…still can’t get to the photographs.

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