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What is going on?  There are “cookie” alerts on people’s blog, including my own.  Google has an “opt out” program that you have to DOWNLOAD.  Why?  Who said they could put them on in the first place?  I don’t understand what’s happening.

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Okay, so…PBS The Great American Read

So, they picked 100 books that people said are the best.  I watched a two hour program on them and it was fun.  A couple of the books are books that I love.  You can vote for a different book everyday and in the fall they will announce America’s favorite.  Well, we all know it won’t be America’s favorite, since not everyone is participating and while I don’t know all the rules, I think some books were weeded out.

Anyway, it’s a fun idea and I loved hearing what people had to say about the book they loved.  I enjoyed watching them clutch their precious books to their chests or just squeeze them, while they were speaking.  Listening to them talk about their book with passion and tell how it changed their lives, or how it represented this or that to them.  How the book mattered.  It was like being at a buffet full of my favorite things and they were all calorie free, there for the taking.

It was also interesting to see how some of the books would never be on my stack to be read.  Some I started but didn’t like.  Some I thought were just terrible.  It was interesting to see what mattered to people and why.  How different our tastes, needs and wants are.

Some of my favorites out of the 100 would be Harry Potter (the series counts as one book), 1984, of course, since that book had a huge influence on me,  The Little Prince, and a couple I can’t remember.  It’s late, I’m tired, so the titles fell out of my head.

I have a wee pile of very old, worn, yellowed paged paperbacks from my youth.  1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm and a few others are growing old and reminding me of what’s important in life.

I don’t know if The Secret Garden or Velveteen Rabbit were included but they would be my picks for the children section, even though there are no real sections.  Alice Through the Looking Glass was mentioned, as was Charlotte’s Web.  The Hobbit…and a host of others.  You can look up the list and print it as well, if you want a reading list.  How to Kill a Mockingbird, The Stand, And Then There Were None…so many offerings. I wish they had a program like that on every night.  Just people talking about the books they love.  But then I might not have time to read the STACKS of unread books waiting form me, I be glued to the tv listening to people talk about books.

Check it out, if you’re interested. Great American Read

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Jasper Kingsley…Eighteen

“Hey,” said Aie.  “Look at my dress.  Isn’t it fab?  Tiny sandals and golden ribbons in my hair.  I’ll just shimmer.  I mean, come on, after all, I am the King’s sister, I have to look good.”

“And you will.  That is an interesting material, it seems to move of it’s own accord.”

“It does, kind of.  Raif is wearing a tie made out of the same thing.”

“And Byron?”

“I’m not sure, since you won’t tell him what you’re wearing.”


“Who’s the hot guy I’ve been hearing about?”

“He’s human.”


“And nothing, we’re just friends.”

“That’s not what I heard.  Tommy, right?”


“I think you like him, Jazz.  I can see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice.”

“You’re wrong.  I’m working with Byron, did he tell you?”

“He did and Raif told me what you are planning to do.  If I can help, just let me know.”

“Thanks, I will and believe me, I mean that.”

“Tell me you’re not planning to wear that little net skirt,” she said, a look of horror on her face.

“Okay, I’m not planning to wear the net skirt.”

“You are going to wear it aren’t you,” she said, stamping her foot.  “Why do you always have to push everything?  Can’t you wear normal clothing, just this once?”

“What’s not normal about it?”

“You KNOW what I mean,”

“It’s a cute skirt,” said Jasper, picking it up and holding it against stomach.

“Just for once, think about Byron.”

Jasper closed her eyes, then opened them and said, “Done. I thought about him.”

Aie disappeared.

“You don’t have a lot of social skills, do you,” said Tommy, walking into the bedroom with a glass of orange juice,

“Gee, no one has ever said that to me before.”

“Why don’t you wear what you’re supposed to wear and make everyone comfortable and happy.  You’ll look gorgeous and Byron will be less stressed.  You might even make a friend or two who will be able to help you implement your plan for world domination, or Fairy domination, which ever.”

“I guess it just goes against my nature to do what’s expected, or demanded of me.  But I do see your point.”

“You do?”

“Yes, I just don’t agree with it.”

“Poor Byron.”


“Well, he loves you, would never hurt you, so he will stick up for you when the others attack you and he will make more enemies and have a harder time getting any of your programs set up.  Just because you want to wear something to shove in their faces.”

“Why don’t you tell me how you really feel.”

“Okay, I will.  I think that in this instance you should think about Byron and all the good you two can do for others, instead of playing your game.”

“Don’t you think that them expecting me to act the way they want me to act is their game?”

“Who cares?  If wearing a dress will get you want you want, then wear it.  They don’t even know your game yet.”

“Is that what life is?  One game after another?”

“Everything’s a game, whether we like it or not.  The script has been written, the roles handed out, it’s just up to each of us how much we ad lib within those assigned roles.  But everything has been laid out and labeled.  Everything.  There are labels for everyone.  We’re tagged the second the ultrasound tells our parents what gender we are.”

“I hate that.”

“Me too, but we can’t make it go away.  We have been taught to navigate through life using labels.  They control us, inform us, warn us, lie to us, hurt us.  Once we’re tagged it’s hard to make people see us any other way.”

“We are who we are,” sighed Jasper.  “For better or for worse.”

“For better or for worse?  Hey, are you asking me to marry you?”

“As if.”





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This is one of the books I just picked up at the used bookstore. It’s about a woman who decided to do an experiment and simply picked a shelf of books, at the New York Society Library and read every book, in the order they were placed on the shelf. Sounded interesting. I’ll let you know how it is. :)

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Today is National Turtle Day…

Photo from: Pixabay

This is Calvin.  He’s a very happy turtle.  He lives in a warm climate and enjoys eating flowers.  He has a kind personality and he loves to swim and sleep on logs in the sun. He’s also very well read and often gives lectures to students at various universities.  He is adored by his fans and whenever he has an engagement, it’s to a standing room only crowd.  Everyone thinks he has a great sense of humor and his talks are enlightening and very funny.  Turtles know more than most people think.   Really.  They do.

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FROM: A Pondering Mind

“The fact is that more people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than for any other single reason. That, THAT my friends, is true perversion.” – Harvey Milk

via Religion — A Pondering Mind

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