Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER…grandson said it was great. Can’t wait to see it.


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Okay, so…romance, films and high school lunchroom tables…I really didn’t know how else to write this…

Last night I fast forwarded through an old film, I had never seen, called, P.S. I Love You, staring Gerard Butler. Gerard Butler is, of course, why I didn’t turn off the movie. He’s always fun.  Hilary Swank is the main character and admittedly, I’m not a fan.  Butler is one the best bad boy’s ever, and he knows it.  Most women and a LOT of men would agree.

There is absolute nothing in the entire world that would make me believe he would EVER, for ANY reason, fall for Swank’s character.  I cannot say that strongly enough. NOTHING AT ALL, FOR ANY REASON.  That’s not just my opinion, that’s a fact you can take to the bank.  Okay, it’s not, but still.

Where I come from Swank’s character would never have a chance with Butler.  In the film she’s immature, whiney and oh, so bloody BORING.  Her friends seem great, I don’t know why they liked her.  They were actually her caretakers.  Butler, on the other hand is open, passionate and excited about life…pretty much the exact opposite of Swank’s miserable character.  You can say that he found her “different,” or whatever, but really, that’s pretty much another thing that mostly happens in the movies. Their first meeting was actually embarrassing.  She was pathetic and acted like a two-year old.  He looked moronic acting as if he finally met someone who mattered.  Oh, gag me with a spoon, as the old saying goes.  You have hear that one, right?   Anyway, we are our experiences. So here comes the part about the lunchroom tables.  The reason for the part about the lunchroom tables is Swank’s role in this film.

Where I come from, Swank’s character would have been alone…a lot.  So, let’s get the lunch table thing over with once and for all.  Regular kids, not the stuck up, rude, princess kind of kids in films, where others drool, or flatten themselves against lockers, when they walk by, sit together because they have THINGS IN COMMON.  You can label them anyway you wish.  The only reason you can LABEL them, is BECAUSE THEY HAVE THINGS IN COMMON!   Never forget that humans like to sort and name.  It’s a form of control and fun for us.

Attempting to bring shy kids, or other kids, out of their shells, is NOT the job of other kids.  Lunch tables are filled with experts in their fields, no matter what that field is.  Kids are at their lunch tables for a reason.  Swank would have been alone in a crowd.  If she had any interests or passions, they were buried too deep to notice and trust me, no one would have cared.

See, that’s the thing. People make a big deal about this stuff but it’s all about common interests.  Kids don’t have to take care of other kids. It’s not their job. Their job is to have fun and survive.  Kids barely notice anyone outside their own group.   This has nothing at all to do with bullying or cruelty.  Those things target kids.  Those things hurt others on purpose.  Those things have INTENT.  This is something different.

Swank would have been left out, that’s all I’m saying.  Whether by her own choice, or her own inability to join in.  She would have been left alone, her hands neatly folded in her lap, holding her self tightly together, looking straight ahead.  I’m not sure if there is a lunch table for that kind of hysterical behavior but if one was available, that’s where she would be.  Her character brought nothing to the lunchroom, other than fear and IDON’TWANTTOBEHEREIDON’TWANTTOBEHEREIDON’TWANTTOBEHERECAN THEYSEEMECANTHEYSEEMEOMGCANTHEYSEEME?

In scenes where they were together, he did all the work.  Too much, to be honest.  But he couldn’t make up for the horrific mismatch in their chemistry.

Here’s another thing…once things fall into place it’s harder for kids to find a table.  If they are seen as__________, it difficult to not be seen as that.  Did you ever watch a gang member walk?  He walks with ATTITUDE.  People tell others who they are and where they belong, with their Body Language.  Everyone picks up those signals.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a way to survive.  So he walks down the halls, giving off, “Stay Away From Me,” messages and that usually works.  He knows which table he’ll be siting at.  Like minded people.  Kindred Spirits.  No one apologizes for who they are and no one can make others step forward.  Swank gave off the same vibes…”STAY AWAY FROM ME,”  just in a NEEDY, different, tightly coiled, ready to crack, mentally unstable, crazy way.  Different moves, same outcome.  Reactions to both might cause people to leave.

The actors had no chemistry and Butler was so over the top, that it made her look even worse.  Still, we can never understand what people see in the people they fall for.  No one understood what my husband ever saw in me.  But this was a FILM.  Movies lie to us ALL THE TIME.  Couldn’t they have picked two people we could PRETEND might make it together?   I can only think that the casting director had been on heavy medication when picking actors.  Casting can make or break a film.  You have to believe that the two people who are supposed to be in love, actually could be, otherwise what is the POINT?

So that’s it about films, romance and high school lunchroom tables.  I tried to separate the issues but couldn’t do it.  Swank acted as if she was still in high school after having been held back three times in grade school because no one knew she was there.   It would have been truly tough for her character to find a lunch table in any school I ever heard about. Her fear and neediness would be noticed the second she appeared and that would have been it.  Life’s not fair, it just is.

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This is like a twisted rebus of sorts. Emmie likes to have lunch around three. I walked by the stove and saw…

I looked out the window and saw her rolling around, enjoying herself, but I had hot tea and, as you know, I have bronchitis, so I was torn between drinking tea and going outside to feed her.  I sat down to take a sip and…

saw this…so I caved, as always and fed her.  I can always make more tea.

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It’s always better to get part of the stick, rather than none, at least when it comes to strawberry sherbet bars. I don’t know what happened. But this one was injured along the way. Still delicious. And if really, the stick is just to keep our fingers from getting sticky, so no biggie, right?

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Humans are breakable. These are the fabulous screws in my college student grandson’s collarbone. He fell off his longboard. The surgeon was a true artist and all is well. Yay!

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From Brave and Reckless…

He contained a rough earthy magic that made dogs follow him through town as if he carried T-bone steaks in his pocket made the trees stand up a little straighter showing off their finery when he walked by caused the village women to open shutters undo top buttons let down their hair sigh when he strode […]

via Village Magic — Brave and Reckless

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Kids, Life, Parents…and a little luck…

“Things are better at Sandra’s house.  Her mom’s lawyer talked to her father’s lawyer and he can’t take the dog.  Sandra is back in her bedroom.”

“That’s great news.”

“Why is life so hard?”

“Lots of reasons.  Everyone wants something different and everyone wants what they want.  It’s hard because there’s very little we can actually control in our lives.  It’s hard because of violence, hatred and the way things have been set up by white, murdering, slave owning foremales.  I won’t say forefathers because that’s just disgusting. As if they were everyone’s father, when, in fact, they were simply patriarchal morons.   Life is hard because even when we get what we want, we sometimes find out that what we thought we wanted, was not what we wanted at all.  Mostly it’s hard because stuff just happens to us.”

“We don’t believe in god.”


“We believe in Wonder Woman.”

“We do, because Wonder Woman doesn’t have a place of worship where she brainwashes and conditions her followers to go out and rape and pillage in her name.  Wonder Woman fights against the people who do those things.”

“That makes sense.”

“No one has to pay Wonder Wonder.  She doesn’t lie and she works for good, not evil.  She doesn’t need followers,  ritual, or obedience from others.”

“Can I get another turtle?”


“Do you think I should?”

“You’re the only one who can answer that question.”

“What if I want you to answer it?”

“If you’re not sure about what you want to do, just give yourself some time to think about it. Then ask yourself again.  Do that until you know your own answer.”

“Some people don’t like you.  They say you go too far.”

“How nice.  Thank you, Baby.”

“What do they mean?  Where do you go?”

“I make a lot of people uncomfortable because I sometimes say things that people don’t want to hear, admit, or talk about.  Things they don’t want to face, or do anything about.  Things that upset the status quo and the establishment. ”

“So you don’t really go anywhere?”

“I do not.  I can go too far, from this very spot.”

“Good, because if you had to travel, who would I talk to?”

“Your dad?”

“He doesn’t know anything.”

“Of course he knows things.”

“What does he know?  Every time I ask him something, he tells me that it’s not his area and that I should ask you.”

“What did he say his area was?”

“He said he can teach me to balance a checkbook.”

“I can balance a checkbook.”

“He said that you can’t. He said there’s more to it than writing down the amount of a check, but that’s all you ever do.”

“I’m sure he has other areas.”

“I don’t know where he keeps them.”

“Maybe you two can work on that.”


“You do things together all the time.”

“Doing things isn’t the same as talking about things.”

“He’s not that political.”

“Is that what you are?”

“Yes, because to me, everything is political.”

“That explains a lot.  I’m going to have some cereal.  Want some?”

“Sure.  Thank you.  Does it bother you that some people don’t like me?”

“Why should it?  My friends tell me what their parents say about you and they all wish you were their mother because they’re parents never do anything.  No one else’s mother has been arrested for protesting against anything.  Susan’s mother was arrested but Susan said she was just drunk and did something she won’t talk about.  I think her mother drinks a lot.  Besides, I love going to demonsrtrations.  I think they’re important.”

“That’s how we indoctrinate and brainwash our tiny loved ones,  Baby.  We take them with us.  That is exactly why nothing will change.  Each side thinks the other side is wrong, or bad, and each side keeps raising new generations to believe the same thing.  Our side, is for freedom, the other side, is for control over others.  There’s no way to build a bridge.”

“A bridge?”

“No way to talk to each other.”

“Oh.  That’s a problem.”

“It is.”

“I’m not going to get a turtle right away.”


“I think I’ll just think about Tommy for awhile.”

“Good idea.”

“Maybe I’ll get one later.”

“No rush.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too, Baby.”






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