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grayscale photo of people walking on street

Photo:  Jack Skinner

woman wearing blue denim jacket

Photo:  Mariano Nocetti

“What do you know about Near Death Experiences and the people who have them?” she asked, jotting down a few words in a notebook.

“I’ve seen some videos.  I think I read a couple of books too.  Why?”

“I’m writing a paper on it.  I’ve watched so many videos, read so many books, and I have soooo many questions.”

“Like?” he asked.

“I think it’s a set up and I have multiple reasons why I believe that.  I’m also furious about a lot of things as well.”

“I thought most of the reports were super positive.”

“The overwhelming majority are super positive.”

“So, what’s the problem?”

“What if the people who had NDE experiences were drugged.”

“Drugged with what?”

“A feeling of unconditional love.”


“Yes.  So many things don’t make sense.”

“I’m listening,” he said, grabbing a hand full of chips, leaning back in his chair.

“It’s complicated.”

“What isn’t?”

“I mean we can’t prove anything,” she said, “and no one has a clue as to what actually happens when we die for good.  The people who report NDEs are dead anywhere from a few minutes to an hour (rare).  They all say time isn’t the same on the other side and some feel as if they were there longer than they truly were.”

“Okay, but we already know time is weird.”

She nodded.  “Even though their stories are all different, they all have things in common.  Each experience is geared toward the individual who is having it, supposedly so she, or he, feels comfortable.”

“That makes sense,” he said.

“Some are met by glowing beings, everyone is eventually met by someone.  Some are taken to libraries, beautiful buildings, or amazing gardens.  Everything is comfortable and questions are answered.  Others see and do different things.


“Do you believe in unconditional love?”

“No.  Do you?” he asked.

“Not like what they say is on the other side.  That’s why I think something isn’t right.  I believe those who have had NDEs, but I think what happens to them is where the problem lies.

I started to have an NDE when I was a teenager, so I can relate to what they are saying.  I remember it so clearly.  My experience didn’t get very far, but it was cool and I couldn’t have cared less if I died, because everything was so amazing.  If that feeling can happen immediately, why is it being withheld from all of us?  The answer is simple…it’s being withheld, because this is supposed to be a hateful, evil, hellish place?  Something saved me from drowning, no idea what that something was, but it carried through the water and threw me onto the beach.  Still, it  gave me an inkling of the change that begins when you’re about to die.  Obviously, I was supposed to live.  I mean I was caught in an undertow in Lake Michigan.  Lots of people die in that lake.  Lots, and not all of them are attached to a chunk of cement.

Keep in mind that I could be wrong about everything, but there are problems with what I’ve heard and read.”

“Okay, go on,” he said, leaning forward.

“When someone is dying I think everything changes immediately.  A calmness comes over the person, there is no fear, just a sense of incredible peace, beauty, and joy.”

“So what’s bothering you?”

“Apparently, when a person crosses over, for lack of a better way to say it, they have a Life Review.  They have no choice, which means they are forced to watch the life they just left.  This is a problem for me because people are being manipulated and they don’t get to decide whether they want to review their lives or not.  Everyone who has been through a life review and returned, states that it’s short, there is no judgement, and they see all the good things they did, as well as all the not so good things.  They FEEL all the pain they caused someone, through that person’s point of view.  That pisses me off, and I’ll tell you why.”

“Tell me,” he said.

“The Life Review, as described by those who have had a NDE, is all about judgement.  That’s what it is.  Judgement is inherent in the act.  Good and bad are judgements, even if we are judging ourselves.  It’s just another lie, double-speak.  They are led to believe there’s no judgement, when that’s actually all there is.  But I’m angry about the rest of it most of all.

I personally don’t care if I’ve done anything good or helped a single person, or thing.  Thinking that I did something good automatically negates whatever that might have been.  You don’t do things to get points and if you don’t know you did something good, finding out about it takes away the goodness, as far as I’m concerned.

I have absolutely no interest in watching a rerun of my life.  I couldn’t care less.  I’m positive I’ve hurt people. It’s impossible not to hurt people when we’re on earth, since we can’t control how other people feel.  It’s up to each of us to react to what’s said and done to us.  The person speaking may mean something entirely different than what the other person hears.  That’s normal and people misunderstand each other all the time, maybe even most of the time.  So feeling the pain someone feels because of something they thought you said is idiotic.  No one can know how people will react to another person’s words or deeds, unless those things are done with evil intent.  Even more stupid is the fact that what you said thirty years ago may have seemed perfectly appropriate at the time, considering who you were when you said it.  Plus, what if that pain caused the person to change for the better? A  man had to watch, and feel, his wife’s pain when he said he wanted a divorce.  He felt her suffering.  The thing is, if he would have stayed with her, without loving her,  she would still have felt pain, so the guy was in a no-win situation.  Another woman saw herself as a child, playing with her dog.  She tied a ribbon around his neck and it was too tight, so she had to experience the dog’s suffering for that entire day.  How is any of that helpful?  Earth=pain.  Deal with it.  This IS judgement.  That’s ALL it is.

We can’t be responsible for someone else’s feelings.  I told everyone I know that if they have a Life Review when they die, they never have to worry about having hurt my feelings.  I don’t care and they shouldn’t either.   It’s stupid.

One more thing I don’t care about.  I’m responsible for how I handle what comes at me, so I think we should have a choice whether or not we have to take a minute to review what we just lived through.  And logically, if we had to worry about hurting someone’s feelings every time we said or did something, we would be better off not speaking or seeing anyone.  I’m sure if that’s what we actually did, we would have to see how our silence hurt those around us because the Life Review is a set up and it’s all about judgement.  It’s just another game.  Even if someone learned something from watching, if they returned to earth, they’d just make new mistakes because that’s what this place is.  A mistake.

So, the other side is simply unconditional love.  People who have NDEs do not want to come back to their earthly lives.  They fight to stay on the other side because there are no problems on the other side, and it’s absolutely amazing beyond words, since we don’t have the words to describe the feelings, the colors, or anything else.  I believe that.  We are extremely limited by our tiny senses on this planet.  One guy said there are 80 primary colors on the other side…wow.

Anyway, not everyone is given a choice whether they can stay there or not.  One guy said they asked if he wanted to go back and he said no, over and over again, so they said something would happen to his son if he stayed, so he said he didn’t feel that he actually had a choice.  More manipulation.  Other people are just sent back, while fighting to stay.  I mean they feel that they’re HOME, when they cross over, and who wants to go back to a broken body, or one that’s in bad shape, after whatever almost killed them.   A new mother was more than willing to leave her baby, saying the baby would be fine, as she fought not to go back.  They sent her back anyway.

Okay, so before we come to earth, we choose the parents we will be born to (listen to the video’s of kids telling their parents how they picked them out).  We make a plan, choosing those who will help us learn what we want to learn when we’re here…but here’s the thing, it’s just more manipulation.  We have no idea what it’s like TO BE HERE, when we are there, anymore than we know what it’s like to be DEAD, when we’re here.  We do not have the information we need to make an informed choice about what we are doing.  It’s mean.  It’s hateful because it’s a lie pretending to be something else.

When I was in second grade, I had to have a heart operation.  All they told me was that I didn’t have to go to school and I could have all the ice cream I wanted.  I was excited.  They didn’t tell me the rest, and that’s exactly what I believe happens to people on the other side when they decide to come here.  The truth is kept from them.  They are lied to.  They think they’re getting ice cream and fun, but instead, they get this place.

I mean the rising number of suicides, drug/alcohol addictions, and never ending violence, seems to be a clear indication of how many people didn’t realize how much they would hate being here.  People are trying to escape anyway they can.  Food, video games, phones, any kind of screen, pretty much anything that can dull their pain/reality, which often just leads to a different kind of pain, since that’s what earth seems to be all about.  War, death, mourning, disease, suffering, misery, with bursts of happiness and joy now and then to give people hope, which is just one more lie.

Keep in mind that the NDE people are only dead for a short time, but most come back changed.  A lot of them return and are depressed, sometimes for years, because they are here again, and who can blame them.  But they see things in a different light.  Some get divorced because they have changed so much (they’ll see that in their next life review, I’m sure).  Some are more loving and do more for others, because they are kinder and nicer and see the world in a more positive and compassionate way.  Too bad you have to die to be able to see that, instead of being born with the knowledge, but then how could people be tortured when they’re here if they knew this place was a deadly nightmare where people actually ate other living beings.  One of the NDE guys was taken to a different planet where the beings asked if we (earthlings) were still barbarians eating animal flesh.  He told them people still did that, and they ignored him and were disgusted.  Who can blame them. Earth has to be one of the lowest level places.

And about this unconditional love. People can’t believe how amazing they feel, how loved.  I’m more interested in the beings they meet.  Their guides and all the others. I want to know if they’ve ever been on earth, ever been in a body.  I want to know if they have ever had a life review, if they could have stopped some of the brutality, wars, etc., or if they just watched, because they were simply doing their jobs.  If they haven’t been in a body, they have little or nothing to say to those who have been. (Others might say that the contracts/plans we made before we came here, stipulate no interference, but the contract/plans were made under false pretenses, as far as I’m concerned).

I know I don’t understand, but if there is a god, I don’t want to meet it, or any of it’s minions.  I’d like to see happy, healthy, unafraid, free animals.  Animals are honest.  I don’t trust these otherworldly beings any more than I trust our government.  Gods and authority figures, special people, have always been a joke to me.  I like regular people who just get on with it, laugh and fight back.  I am never impressed by those who think they deserve attention.

If it’s true that people really do feel the pain they’ve caused others (intentionally) I hope the hunters and those who experiment on animals, and abuse women and children, have a long session, along with rapists priests and rapists in general. Those who torture and kill, might enjoy watching, however, since they did it here, but maybe, it will make them sick.  Fingers crossed.  But if there’s no judgement, what’s the point?  Maybe they won’t feel anything by being hung from a meat hook and slaughtered, or having electrodes stuck in their brains.

If what the NDE people  say is true. I’d like to know what people who have been dead for a long time have to say.  I mean the NDE people have only been in the lobby, after all.  Still, they say it’s wonderful beyond belief.  They say it’s being home.

These are lessons I have learned while I’ve been on earth:

Question authority

Fight back

Don’t trust anyone

Never show fear or weakness

Always ask what’s in it for them

And…if it seems to be too good to be true…it is”

“Wow,” he said.  “You’re hardcore darkness.”

She shrugged.  “I just think all that love stuff is a ploy to make people easy to push around.”

“I doubt that.  I think it’s probably real.”

“You do?”

“Sure,” he said,  “Just because we live where the weather sucks, doesn’t mean the weather sucks everywhere else.”

She started laughing.  “You’re right.”

Just because there’s no unconditional love, or even any love, in this place, doesn’t mean it can’t exist somewhere else.  And, while you don’t think you want it, you might end up liking it.”

“Only if I’m drugged.”

“You know that’s not true.  You just think that kind of love will make you weak, unable to be enraged and ready to fight.”


“So, what if there’s nothing to fight about, on the other side?”


“What if things are always happy?”

She stared at him for a few minutes, then said,  “No.  Can’t imagine it.  Not even a little.”

He stood, dragged her to her feet and started dancing.

“It could be true, you know,” he continued.  “What will you do if there’s nothing to fight for, or against?”

She thought for a moment, then shrugged.  “I’ll disappear,” she said, softly, as she leaned against him.  “It’s all I know how to do.”









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