OCTOBER 19, 2019 Week 153 Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember. https://theweeklylist.org/weekly-list/week-153/ This week they just said it out loud: Trump’s acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney scolded reporters, saying Ukraine was a quid pro quo, and “Get over it!” This was yet another in […]


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‘snow bird’ — Gretchen Del Rio’s Art Blog

‘The wind is my mother’ purchase this painting

via ‘snow bird’ — Gretchen Del Rio’s Art Blog

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The Rhino House is ready…

The Stage Crew worked with the Building Crew, to design the Rhino House.  It’s quite deep, with three large stalls and one big rec room, where the rhinos can relax together.  There’s music and plenty of places for food. There are also places for their clothes.   They built it near the Rubber Duck Pond, so the rhinos could play in the water.

The Gondola knows to watch out for them.  This will be the last time the Gondola goes out, before it’s put away for the winter.  The chicklets are hoping that when they go for a ride, they’ll get to see the rhinos in the water.

Everyone’s hoping that Rosy, Runway, and Roland, like their house.   The chicklets said that they won’t mind if the rhinos eat the flowers.

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heald square — thoughtsinbuttermilk

Seated Liberty The plaque on the back of Larado Taft’s Heald Square Monument statue at Wacker and Wabash.

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Today is: National Reptile Awareness Day

Iguana, Reptile, Lizard, Animal, Dragon

I’m crazy about reptiles.  Love snakes and lizards. I absolutely adore Iguanas.  They are very, very sweet.

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Baby Piggy…

Brush Ear Pig, Potamochoerus Porcus

baby piggy
sweet and dear
always know
that mommy’s near

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Resa made T-Shirts for the chicklets. They love her designs.

The Stage Crew made a work space for Resa and her designer fashions.  Everyone is so excited to see what she’s bringing.  The chicklets are heavily into fashion, as you know, so the Costume and Sewing Committees are hoping Resa will help them with seams and buttons and such.  The hangers were made just for her designs and the Lighting Crew created lights that would show off her clothing to their best advantage.  The Art Committee made the sign.

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