Books can take you anywhere…


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Another stupid saying…


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It’s NOT giving up to stop doing something that will never work, or get you where you want to go.  Everyone should be smart enough to know when to STOP.   Sayings like this are ridiculous and nasty.  Stopping is not giving up it’s knowing when to walk away.

Not giving up ruins lives for those who can’t let go of things.

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Summer is packing her bags…


Leaves are on my patio:(

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The Milky Way…Astronomy Picture of the Day

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She just had breakfast.  She’s such a great cat.  She won’t come inside but I spend a lot of time with her.

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Ginger Snap…


Ginger Snap in the yard this morning.  He just had breakfast and was getting a drink.  Cats have the right idea about life…Ginger thinks Buddha is just something to stand on that makes his life easier and enables him to get a drink out of his favorite bird bath.  We can learn from that.  We give all kinds of meanings to the things we make up.  Cats know what’s real and basic.  We lost that ability when we start pretending that our mental fantasies were true.  If cats bothered to think about us, they would say we were crazy.  They would be right, of course.  You can tell because we have Bast, the cat Goddess, and cats don’t.  At least I don’t think they believe in Her.  Maybe cats in Egypt do.  I’ll ask Ginger and Emmie when they come back for dinner and let you know.

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LuLu’s Pie Shoppe…66

“LuLu,” cried Queen Shaville.  “How nice to see you again.  Raincheck on our pie date?” she laughed.  “War seems to have gotten in the way.”

“It’s great to see you as well and this is for you,” said LuLu, handing her a  white box.  “Pie, just to keep you interested.”

“Oh, thank you,” she said, popping open the box and groaning.  “This looks fantastic!”

“I’m sure you’ll love it,” said LuLu’s mother, holding Alice.  “What’s wrong with the cat?”

“Buttercup tried to ride her.”

“Ah,” said her mother.”  Now, the opposition is at the line dividing our territory from theirs.  They are waiting for the signal to cross over onto my land.  We want to make sure that doesn’t happen. My army is ready.”

“The dragons are circling the skies, at this very moment,” said Merlin.  “You can hear their cries, if you listen.  Destiny has gone to join them.  Uh, LuLu….”

“Yes?” she said, bending over a map.

“There’s a whisk and a wooden spoon sticking out of your pocket and the back of your skirt.”

“I know,” she said.  “This map isn’t helping me at all. I don’t know where I am and I have no idea what Fairy looks like.  I can, however, see that you are still hot Merlin, so there is that,” she laughed.  “Can someone point me in the right direction?”

“Will and I will take you,” said Vincent.  “Everyone is just about ready to move out.”

“Mom, what is this war about?”

“The same any war.  One side wants what the other side has, or one side believes something different than those they oppose.  It’s about beings never leaving each other alone.  It’s about power.  And then there’s always subterfuge, grudges, payback, murder and stolen goods and….”

“Got it,” said LuLu. “Just like home.”

“Yes,” sighed her mother, “Exactly like home.”

Alice jumped out of LuLu’s mother’s arms and ran toward Buttercup, snarling and hissing. Buttercup waited until the last second, then grabbed handfuls of the cats fur and jumped onto her back .  “Let’s go,” she shouted.  “My trusty steed is ready.”

“She does know that Alice is trying to bite her legs off, doesn’t she?” she asked Will, who had come up behind her to look at the map.

“I’m not sure,” he said smiling.

“Stan! Enough with the cupcakes,” said LuLu, waving him forward.  “Here’s the plan:  we are going to where the fighting is and then we’re going to win the war.  Okay?”

No one said a word.  They looked at each other and then they looked at LuLu.

“I guess,” they said, half-heartedly.  “Great plan.”

As soon as they were outside, they heard the dragons calling to each other.  When LuLu looked up she saw one of them and said, “Let’s go this way.”

They walked for what seemed like forever, but was probably only twenty minutes.  Everything was so beautiful, LuLu kept getting a bit distracted.  Eventually, they stopped to eat the rest of Stan’s cupcakes.

“Does she have any idea what she’s doing?” asked Buttercup, staring at Rosy, while petting Alice on the neck.

“I think so,” said Rosy.  “She kind of goes by what feels right to her and that usually works.”

“I heard that,” said LuLu.  “And no, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing but I’m going to keep doing it because…well I don’t know why, exactly, but I think this is what I’m supposed to do.  Anyone who wants to leave, can.  I’ll understand.”

No one moved, except for Alice and she only moved because she was smart enough to take advantage of the lull in the conversation and bite Buttercup on the foot. “Nice kitty,” crooned Buttercup, who immediately bit Alice on the ear.

The rag-tag group moved on.  Rosy hovered in front of LuLu’s face, a few minutes later, and said,  “I went ahead and something is wrong.  There’s no noise and everything feels off.”

Just then an arrow hit Vincent in the shoulder.  He didn’t make a sound but simply dropped to the ground.  Buttercup dismounted and went to him.  She pushed LuLu away and crawled onto his face.  She inhaled and then backed away. “He’s been poisoned,” she said.

Will knelt next to Vincent, knife n hand.  He pulled a pouch out of his back pocket and then he leaned forward, grabbed the arrow and pulled.  As soon as the arrow was out, he cut an ‘X’ over the wound and poured white powder onto that.  Vincent didn’t stir.  “Lucky it was an old fashioned arrow,” whispered Will.  “No serrated, or barbed, edges.”

LuLu leaned forward and kissed Vincent.  “Come on Ice Cream man.  Wake up,” but Vincent didn’t wake up.  Vincent didn’t do anything at all.

“You don’t believe that fairy tale stuff, do you?” asked Buttercup.  “He might stir if you kiss him long enough because he’ll start to suffocate but other than that…”

“Hey, pixie, it was worth a try,” said LuLu, looking around.  They were surrounded, by fairies who didn’t look anything like soldiers.  “Who are you?” she asked, her hands at her sides.

“We’re here to kill you.” said three of them at the same time.

“I didn’t ask WHY you were here, I asked you WHO you were.  And how do we wake up Vincent?”

“Who’s Vincent?”

“The guy on the ground, DUH!” said LuLu point at the body.

“You’re very rude,” said the short, blue guy in the front row.

“You just shot an arrow through someone I hang around with, so EXCUSE ME if I’m a little rude.  Now why do you want to kill us and again, HOW CAN WE WAKE HIM UP?”

The blue guys talked among themselves for a minute.  “Because.”

“I see,” said LuLu.  “That’s not actually a reason, you know. That’s what someone says when they don’t have a reason for what they’re doing.”

“It’s our reason,” they said in unison, two or three of them raising their bows.

LuLu pulled the whisk out her pocket and started making tight circles in the air, above her head.  She whipped her whisk around, faster and faster, until a cloud of sparkling dust hid them from sight.  “Okay,” she said.  “That’s one for our side.”

“What did you just do?” asked Rosy.

“I have no idea what I did but we have to help Vincent and I have to get to the battle site,” she said, hearing the dragons scream through the sky.  You stay with Vincent.  Try and get him back to my mother,” she yelled, as she took off running.

“LuLu,” shouted Will, but she was already gone.

LuLu ran through the forest and through a meadow.   She ran and brushed bitty lighted things out of the air, as she listened to the dragons song.  They were singing to her, leading her on.  She stopped for a second, caught her breath, then started running again.  She saw another forest ahead.  It was on fire.  She felt the heat but the trees were calm, not crying for help.  This was the fire Chicago told her about, so she didn’t slow down she just ran through the flames and came out on the other side. Something was running toward her.  She grabbed the wooden spoon, out of her waist band, and when the thing was close enough, she did a baseball slide and shoved the spoon between its legs.  It went down immediately.  She got up and looked at what appeared to be a cross between a small bear and a large dog.  It stared at her with pitiful eyes and then it whimpered.  She hated it when anyone whimpered.

“You okay?” she asked, the spoon still in her hand.

“No, not really,” said the bear/dog.

“Why were you running at me?”

“I wasn’t.  I was running away from the fighting.”

“Oh.  Sorry,” said LuLu.  “I didn’t know that.  What’s your name?”

“Grunt.  What’s yours?”

“LuLu,” she said.  “Look, I’d like to stay and help you but I have to go and end the war, so do you think you’ll be okay by yourself?  If you keep going you’ll meet up with my friends, eventually, and they’ll help you.”  Suddenly, LuLu saw Buttercup whiz by, riding Alice, who was running full out.  “Gotta go.  Nice meeting you.”  And she was off.”






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