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Time…I need some…

TimeThis is a reblog from one of my journal pages, by the way.

I am taking a break from my computer for a bit…I will be back soon, so don’t go away:)

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They are selling pansies…spring is almost here


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IMG_2102The flower, on the Mother-in-law’s tongue, has opened:)

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Hannah Mc Guinness

IMG_2020Hannah Mc Guinness had a relatively normal life, well, as normal as could be expected for a person who tried to pretend that dead people weren’t constantly talking to her and asking her for help.  As a child, Hannah stopped telling adults what she saw and heard.  It just made them upset, so she ignored what was happening  around her and simply looked the other way.  As she got older that became more difficult to do and every now and then she took the time to listen to what someone had to say.   Eventually, she solved an old murder case, by finding the weapon the police had overlooked.  She was brought in for questioning, since few believed that the deceased victim actually told Hannah where the gun was hidden.   Once the police realized that Hannah would have been a child, at the time of the murder, she was released.  After that she didn’t tell the police anything.  That made the dead people upset but she didn’t want to go to jail for something she didn’t do.  Eventually the number of people begging Hannah to help them diminished.  It was a relief, of course, but she felt sad about letting everyone down.  She felt bad about letting killers remain free, as well.

One morning, while Hannah was eating her oatmeal, a man named Gary Flemmings joined her at the kitchen table.  He said he was tired of being in-between.  He said he just wanted to move on.  He said that he had to stay until things were straightened out.  Gary attempted to run his hands over his face and then he tried to pick up the cup of coffee that Hannah had placed in front of him.

“I miss coffee,” he said smiling.  “I wish I could smell it and just have one sip.”

“I’m sorry,” whispered Hannah.  “That must be hard for you.”

“It’s not so bad,” he said.

“What happened to you?”

“It was a stupid accident,” said Gary, trying to lean back in his chair.

“You have blood all over your shirt and pants.”

Gary looked down and laughed.  “Yeah, I guess I do.”

“Is it all your blood?”

“Yes.  He didn’t DO anything, that’s why it’s so important that you set things straight.”

Hannah nodded.  “Tell me.”

“We were in Vic’s garage, he was having trouble with his car.  He never did know anything about cars,” chuckled Gary.   “He tried to act like he knew everything but he barley knew where the engine was.”


“So, were had been working for about an hour when I went to get something out of  the trunk.  Vick told me to stop but I thought he was kidding.  I opened the trunk and saw…I saw….”

“What did you see Gary?”

“A gun.  My little brother had a gun in his car, so I asked him what he thought he was doing?  He said he needed money, he couldn’t take care of his family.  He said he was going to rob a bank.  MY little brother was going to rob a bank,” said Gary.  “A BANK.  So I asked him how much better off  his family was going to be while he was in jail.  He got mad.  I asked him why he didn’t just come to me, I would have given him everything I had.”

“But he didn’t,” said Hannah.

“No, he didn’t.  He said he was always coming to me for help and I told him that’s what big brothers were for.  We talked for a long time after that.  He said he was sorry for not telling me he was in trouble.  He said he wanted to do things on his own but no matter what he did there just wasn’t enough money to make ends meet.  Vic’s the only family I have.  I said you can have anything, you’re my brother, what’s mine is yours.  So, he told me how much he needed and we shook on it. Then I went to take the gun out of his trunk, so I could get rid of it.  I dropped it.  There was a bullet in the chamber and when it fell…”

“You shot yourself.”

“I did but my brother believes he did it.   He told his wife that if the gun wasn’t in the car I would still be alive.  You have to tell him that I’m okay and that it’s not his fault that I’m  clumsy.”

“He might not believe me.”

“Tell him that the shark ate the potato and he’ll believe you, I promise.”


“Just tell him. Please.  His entire family is suffering over something he didn’t do.”

Gary accompanied Hannah to Vic’s home.  Vic answered her knock and she explained why she was standing on his doorstep.   Vic started to close the door in her face so she said, in a very LOUD voice, “The shark ate the potato.”   Vic burst into tears.

Hannah told Vic that Gary was desperate to have him understand that his death was not his fault.  She told him that he couldn’t move on until Vic believed him.”

“I loved my brother.  He was my hero,” muttered Vic.

“I understand,” said Hannah, unconsciously patting his hand.

“I miss him.”

“He misses you too but he looks in on you all the time.”

“Probably when I’m in the bathtub or in bed,” he said, choking out a strangled laugh.

“Probably,” giggled Hannah.

“Tell him he’s so BORING that he’s lucky I stop by at all,” said Gary.

So the brothers talked back and forth, through Hannah, and after  a while, Gary started to fade. “He believes me,” he said happily.  “I can feel it.  Tell him I love him but I gotta run.  Tell him I’ll see him latter and that if he’s lucky, I’ll teach him how to fix a car.”

As Hannah was getting ready to leave, she said, “If it’s not too personal, could you please tell me what ‘the shark ate the potato’ means?”

“When I was two years old I decided I that I wasn’t going to eat anymore because I asked Santa for a pony for Christmas but my mother said that he couldn’t get it into the house.”

Hannah smiled.

“That night, Gary sat next to me with a plate full of mashed potatoes and started telling me stories about sharks that swam in the ocean.  He said they were huge and strong because they ate everything.  So he took a spoonful of potatoes and held it in front of me and said, ‘the shark ate the potato.  Naturally, I ate everything on the plate and my hunger strike was over.  The next year I asked Santa for a shark.”

Hannah burst out laughing and within seconds Vic joined her.  “He was very clever,” said Hannah.

“He was my big brother,” said Vic.  “Thank you Hannah.”

“You’re welcome and, by the way, Gary said to tell you that there’s a savings account passbook taped to the bottom of the middle drawer of the buffet in the dining room.  It’s in your name, so you just have to go to the bank.  He taped it there two years ago on your birthday.  He said big brothers always look out for their puny little brothers.”


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Vintage shotsTintypes of actors at Sundance…from Bored Panda

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Beautiful spiral galaxy, smaller than the Milky Way…from Astronomy Picture of the Day

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