Stop the violence…from Spock and Kirk


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Quote from Marilyn…


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Quote from Colleen Sgroi…Art


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Art keeps the us from falling over the edge…

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I know where I’d sit…


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We get to choose…everyday.

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Timmy and Clarence…


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“There are so many stairs,” said Timmy.

“You’re right,” agreed Clarence, “but we’re half way to the top.”

“It’s easier going down.”

“That’s true but the food is up there.”

“Maybe we should take a nap and continue when we wake up,” suggested Timmy.

“There really are a lot of stairs,” said Clarence.

“Indeed,” said Timmy.

“Just a short nap then?” asked Clarence.

“What a wonderful idea,” said Timmy.  “You’re so clever.”

The two kittens curled into a tight ball on the stair because true friends stick together and sometimes that means taking a few minutes to catch their breath before getting to where they want to go.





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Street art…


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Balancing act…


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It seems to me that we are upsetting the delicate balance that Mother Nature has going.  The thing to keep in mind is that She knows how to RESTORE the balance, even if that means getting rid of the thing doing the “upsetting.”

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