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Taking tomorrow off, so two LuLu’s are on today.  Apparently my Reader is locked and encrypted and I have no idea why.  I’m going to try and get it unlocked today.  Have a lovely day…see you Thursday.

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LuLu’s Pie Shoppe…63

“What are you doing?” asked Will, watching LuLu slide a pastry knife into the side of  her boot.

“I’m preparing, what do you think I’m doing?”

“You’re preparing with pastry tools?”

“I am.”

“Are you planning on fighting them by baking pies?”

“I would, if I thought that would work.  I’ve used these tools for a very long time,” said LuLu, sweetly, running a pastry knife down the side of Will’s face. They are very pointy and very sharp, in case you haven’t notices. Besides,” she said, standing straighter, “my aunt might throw Excalibur my way again.  If not, you may have noticed that I’m pretty resourceful.”

Will kissed her and she kissed back.  “Whatever works for you,” he said, seriously.  “But take this iron knife and these iron nails.”

“Why are you wearing gloves?”

“Can’t touch iron.  I don’t know if you can either.  Fairies and iron don’t mix.”

LuLu picked up the nails and felt a slight stinging but nothing too terrible.  “I’m good,” she said.  “Thanks.”

“Do you know any spells?”

“Spells?” asked LuLu.  “I don’t think so.  Destiny can burn things, so that has to be good.”

“It is good but if you think you need to say something, even if you don’t understand why, or what, just say it, okay.”


“Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m never afraid,” smiled LuLu.  “Don’t waste your time being afraid for me.”

“It’s just that you know nothing about Fairy.  It’s not always what it seems.  It’s tricky and….”

“Don’t worry.”

“There are glamours that make you think you are seeing one thing when it’s actually something else.”

“Hmmm.  Can you see through them?” asked LuLu.

“Most of the time.  It depends on who made the glamour.”

“Well, just tell me if you see one.”

“LuLu, you’re walking into this blind.”

“No I’m not.  I’m walking into it with the beings and people I love.”

“I’ll tell you if I see anything,” sighed Will.

“Thanks.  Hand me that whisk, please.”



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Welcome to Make a Mate…


Make a Mate

a start up company to meet your EVERY need.

Step One:  Fill out the application in your packet, checking off everything you want in a mate.  Step Two:   Make absolutely sure your finished drawing, looks exactly the way you want your dream person to appear.  Follow the instructions on the CD carefully. Step Three: List all of the things you want your ideal mate to know about you, so those things may be implanted into his/her system during the printing process.

Once your forms have been completed, give them to the person at the front of the room.  Your ideal partner will be made on our new 3-D printer.   Your finished mate will be ready be for pick-up within two and one half hours.

Thank you for choosing Make a Mate to make your life complete. Please tell your friends about us.  For everyone you send our way, assuming they join our happy group, we will print one child, or a large dog for you, free of charge, just to show our appreciation.

There is a thirty day tweaking guarantee.  If, for some reason, you are not happy with any aspect of your ideal mate, you may bring him/her in for a quick update, or any limited tweaking he/she my need.

Please go into the room on your left, where you will find an array of refreshments and films for your enjoyment.  Your name will be called when your perfect mate is ready.  We strongly suggest that you wait at least forty-five minutes before leaving the building with your new mate.  If any problems arise, they will be seen during that time period.

Have a nice day.


If, for any reason, your payment is delayed, or denied, your perfect mate, as well as any bonus beings, will disintegrate without warning.   Do NOT attempt to clean up your ideal mate, or bonus beings.  Remove all humans from the premises and wait outside until one of our special clean up services arrive at your home.

This is, of course, a very rare occurrence, but if it should happen, you will not be allowed to build another perfect mate for a period of two years.  Should you choose to rebuild, you will be expected to pay the full price four months in advance.

If you have any questions, concerning these issues, please call the Clean-up, or Accounting numbers, on the back of this sheet.

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LuLu’s Pie Shoppe…64

“LuLu,” said the sparkling woman, walking through the kitchen wall.

“Wow!” said LuLu.  “Great entrance, right Will?”  Will was on both knees, his head bowed.

“Get up,” whispered LuLu, pushing him.

“Child,” said the woman, “he cannot rise.  I’m too much for him to see.”

“Well, I can see you.”

“Of course you can see me. I’m your Grandmother.”

“Grandmother?” sighed LuLu.  “Where have you been all my life?”

“There was no need to interfere in your daily routine.”

“Yeah, see, I don’t think so.  Kids need their grandmothers.  Especially their Fairy Grandmothers.”

“I’m not that kind of grandmother,” huffed LuLu’s Grandmother. “I’ve come to talk to you about what you are about to get yourself into.”

“Does mom know your here?  And let Will get up, I really hate all that subservient garbage.  It’s disgusting and pathetic,” she added, pulling at Will’s arm.  “If you’re not going to let him up, then go away.”

“Your mother told me you would be like this,” she sighed and fluttered her fingers in Will’s direction.

Will shook his head and wobbled to his feet. He rubbed his eyes, opened them and quickly put his hand in front of his face.  “Bright,” was all he said.

“I’m here to help you,” said her Grandmother.  “There’s only one thing you need to know, if you are to survive.”

“Must be a pretty big thing,” said LuLu, impatiently.

“It is.”

“I’m listening already.  Just tell me.”

Don’t think.  Just do,” said her Grandmother, knowingly.

“That’s it?”

“You don’t know enough about Fairy to function in that environment and maybe that’s a good thing.  I’m hoping that it is.  So, just let your intuition be your guide.”

“And where will you be, while I’m not thinking, just doing?”

“It doesn’t matter where….”

“It kind of does.  Your daughter and granddaughter are going to war.  Where will you be?”

“Your eyes are like mine,” said her Grandmother.

“Don’t care,” said LuLu.  “I have things to do, so if that’s all ya got….see ya.”

“LuLu, I can’t get involved.”

“Why not?”


“Whose rules?  Aren’t you in charge of the rules?”

“Some of them and why are you putting that whisk in your pocket?”

“It’s a weapon.”

“It’s not a weapon,” said her Grandmother.  “It’s a cooking implement.  It’s a whisk.”

“To you maybe.”

“You’re very sarcastic.”

“Thank you,” said LuLu.

“Is she always like this?” asked LuLu’s Grandmother, turning Her attention to Will.

“Yes.  Always,” said Will.

“Take these pills as soon as you step foot in Fairy.”


“They will let you see through glamours for as long as you’re there.  If you leave Fairy,even for a moment, the pill will not work if you go back.  So stay there until your job is finished.”

“Okay then.  I’m good,” said LuLu, rummaging around in a drawer.  “Thanks for the pills and thanks for introducing yourself.”

“Why aren’t you afraid of me?” asked her Grandmother.

“Oh, she’s not afraid of anything,” said Will, smiling brightly.  LuLu turned and kissed him, making happy little noises.

“He’s right.  I’m not afraid of anything and besides, I have a whisk and a pastry knife.”

Will choked back a laugh.

“Well, I’ll let you two get back to whatever you were doing,” said her Grandmother.  “Be safe and I love you.”

“Oh please,” said LuLu.  “You don’t even know me, let alone love me.  HE loves me,” she said, pointing at Will.  Love doesn’t matter if you can’t feel it, or know it exists.  You weren’t part of my life.  I don’t even know you.  That might not be your fault, but it’s easy to love the idea of someone, which has nothing at all to do with the actual PERSON.  If you knew me, you might not even like me.”

Her Grandmother smiled.  You’re so much like your mother and like me,” she said.  “I don’t need your permission to love you.  I don’t need your permission for anything.” Then she turned and walked out the way she came in, taking her sparkles with her.

“That was intense,” said Will, blinking rapidly.  “The Grandmothers never show themselves like that.”

“Don’t care,” said LuLu.  “We have to go.”

“Ack, ack kaaaaaak,” hacked Alice, spitting a pixie onto the floor at LuLu’s feet.

“I’m soaking wet and you bit holes in my dress, you, you, you, CAT!” said the angry pixie.

Alice was too busy licking her foot to listen to the pixie, so no questions, or apologies, were forthcoming.  Finally she said, “I’m going with you LuLu.”  Then she hacked up a fur ball and went after a catnip mouse.

Rosy landed next to the pixie and helped her up.  “Are you okay?”

“Do I look okay?” she snapped.  “I came to help and get caught by a fur face,” she said, sticking her tongue out at the cat.

“I know her,” said Rosy, looking at LuLu.  “She’s okay.”

“Good.  You talk to her while I answer the door,” sighed LuLu, flinging the back door open.

Stan stood there, looking confused and droopy.

“Hi Stan,” said LuLu.  “I happy to see you but I’m just on my way out.”

“I’m ready,” asked Stan, a pizza paddle in his hand. “Where are we going?”





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My computer will not let me get into my Reader.  If you don’t hear from me, that’s the reason.  I’ve shut my computer off, several times, but still, nothing.  Really sorry about this.  I’ll be back on your blogs when I can get it fixed.  Hopefully, that will be soon.  Meanwhile…I’ll try to check in when I see you on my blog.

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Read this and see where American women stand, compared to other countries. Candy just sent this to me and it makes me sick.

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