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Pepper, her little sister, Spice and their friend Coyote had an early meeting this morning. They are planning a welcome spring party. Spice is shy and leans on her sister a lot. She’s also sleepy, but the meeting went very well.

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Jane and her brother Robert…

When a chicklet bakes her/his first corn bread, they stand on the FIRST TIME table and have their picture taken.  The photo is placed in the book of FIRST TIME, so all of the chicklets can see who baked their … Continue reading

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This committee gets little attention but they are extremely important. These are the chicklets and guinea pig in charge of getting the invitations and newsletters out to everyone. (story below)

From left to right:  Cheryl, Nina, Eric and Josalin. Their job is is to inform everyone who lives outside The Coop of upcoming events, as well when raids on Factory Farms will take place.  When they send party invitations, they … Continue reading

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The Do Re Mi trio is going to sing several songs at the party. They had a final fitting for their costumes today and everything went extremely well.

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Lola…practicing for her dance number at the show. It’s a little ballet and a little something else but she said it’s going to be wonderful and I believe her.

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Ginger is on her way to a snowperson/animal exhibit. The chicklets love to sculpt snow. After the show there’s going to be hot chocolate and cornbread with chocolate chips. It’s a good day to have fun.

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The Valentine’s Day Box (reblog) The Valentine’s Day Box has been used every year since Tulip made it. This year is no exception.

Tulip believes she was born to build.  A carpenter at heart, she gathers bits of wood and found objects in order to create her beautiful pieces of art.  Because of her well known talent, she was given the very important … Continue reading

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