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The chicklets are setting up some of the games from past Valentine’s Day parties…this is one of them.

The chicklets get to spin the wheel and receive whatever prize the arrow lands on.  It was  a popular game when the Stage Crew first built it and they thought it would be fun to use it again.  

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The Photography Club posted pictures from a Valentine Day’s Party a few years ago…everyone is enjoying them


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They held the Poetry Slam early, so Lois could participate and then go to bed…so…

A few of the poets stayed behind to have their picture taken with Lois, who was the star of the New Year’s Eve Poetry Slam.  She recited two poems, which are below. Me by: Lois I might be small right … Continue reading

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It was after midnight and…

…Timmy was sleeping in the punch bowl, which had not been empty.  Tweets was still wearing her mask, one of the dogs was asleep under the table and Runway needed to go back to the Rhino House.  He was tired … Continue reading

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2020 The Year of the Rat…story below

The Camera Club has been working non-stop.  Between Chickmas Eve, Lois and the New Year’s Eve Party, they have been taking pictures like crazy.  So, when they were asked to take THE YEAR OF THE RAT photographs, they blocked off … Continue reading

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There’s a lot going on at The Coop…

Dandelion, wearing her new QUEEN shirt, and headphones, is in charge of Lois this morning.  She’s been pushing her in the swing and reading stories to her.  Lacey’s  along for support and Puppy, who never goes anywhere without his new … Continue reading

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Thistle got new leg warmers and a jumprope for Chickmas. Lois is riding in her new buggy and Lilith is in charge of her safety…

Everyone is so happy with all of their new toys and gifts.  Baby Lois wants to be everywhere at once, so the chicklets are taking turns pushing her around in a buggy, because it takes her too long to walk … Continue reading

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