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Everyone is on there way to a group committee meeting for the set up of the Valentine’s Day Party…there’s still a lot to be done.

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Mimi is head of the menu committee for the Valentine’s Day Party.  She had the same job last year, so she knows exactly what to do.  Since last year’s menu selection was  fabulous, everyone is wondering what she will select … Continue reading

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After the Poetry List went missing, the chicklets called upon super sleuth, Nancy Chicklet Drew.  She has been working on the case since the beginning, and has come to the conclusion that the paper was eaten by one of the … Continue reading

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Jeanne is on the decorating committee…

Jeanne and the other chicklets on the Decorating Committee, are working very hard to get things ready for the Valentine’s Day party.  The Committee is responsible for decorating the barns, the guest rooms, the kitchen, the nursery, the hospital,and, of … Continue reading

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Some of the hens would like to help the humans but they only know how to take care of animals, birds, lizards, chicklets, and anything else that’s not human…like sheep, goats, piggies, skunks, hamsters, cows…well you know. EVERYTHING else.

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To the world with love…from the chicklets…PEACE

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A New Year’s Eve message from the chicklets…

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Yoga for chicklets…

One of the hens suggested that the chicklets do yoga, to burn off some of their energy.  It didn’t work.  They fell asleep, fell over, laughed and rolled around on the floor.  The hens gave up and decided it definitely … Continue reading

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Lots of snowpeople being built around The Coop…everyone is having fun.

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No one explained exactly how to make a SNOW ANGEL…

…so while the rest of the chicklets, and their friends, were laying in the snow, flapping their wings back and forth, Sally was…well…she was making a different kind of Snow Angel.

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