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Elizabeth is participating in the easter bunny play. She’s playing the Goddess Athena. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Zeus and Hera. The dogs are playing their parts with Artemis.

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The chicklets have been into the Egg Dye, for the party. The hens said it would wash out in a few days but the chicklets like it an are going to do it again.

Rerun form 2017

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This is from last year. Mary and her Lamb. They are doing the reading on easter and using the same costume. The chicklet is going as Mary, the lamb is going as himself.

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Ida LOVES to make crepes. She showed up at The Coop yesterday afternoon and made everyone crepes for dinner. The chickles were thrilled.

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Hi: I’m chicklet Martha and I’m here to say that none of us know why she’s drawing things like this, when she could be drawing us. Anyway, he said his name is Forest Preserve Boy, so, I guess that’s his name.

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Scott heard about Sherlock Holmes and decided to become a private eye. He’s not sure what he’s going to do but he has a trench coat and a magnifying glass, so he’s ready for his first case. The hens want to hire him to find out who ate all the cookies last night but he said he’s not that kind of private eye.

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Chicklet Cutouts…2 pictures

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