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The chicklets are starting to think about their Halloween costumes…


Chicklets…fall is on it’s way.

Everyone feels that fall is nipping at summer’s heels, so they had an end of summer pajama party last night.  They had snacks, watched a movie, and told stories.  They had a wonderful time.  Everyone was there and they started talking about the holiday seasons ahead.

The party was held in the barn, so the horses, goats and all the larger animals could attend.  It was quite wonderful.





Today is EAT BREAKFAST IN YOUR ROBE DAY.  Lacy is on her way to the dining barn, where everyone will be having corn French Toast and cereal.  Once a month they get to eat in their robes, so everyone is excited.  Some of those who live at The Coop can’t really wear robes, like the horses and goats, and the adult pigs, have a difficult time but those who can, wear them.


Violet is taking a few of the piglets who were rescued from the Factory Farm, for a walk.  Those piglets who are well enough, that is.  She’s carrying them in her backpack until they are stronger, and not so afraid.  It’s the piglets first taste of kindness and freedom.


A beautiful day for the chicklets to take rides in the Gondola…


The Rubber Duck Committee…

Ann and Jeffery are currently in charge of the Rubber Duck Committee.  Their purpose is to make sure the Rubber Duck Pond is fully stocked with colorful and happy Rubber Ducks.  They do a wonderful job and everyone is delighted when they spot a new Rubber Duck in the pond.  There are twenty-five chicklets on the Committee and they are very dedicated.

This is Violet…her story…below…

There was a raid on a Factory Farm last night.  The Roosters and Hens brought back survivors, many of whom needed medical attention.  Some are in the ICB (Intensive Care Barn), with round the clock treatment.

Violet is part of the Care Committee.  She is going to the Healing Barn to read stories, and pass out toys to the young who were rescued.  She will also chirp and peep softly, singing the babies to sleep, while the Warming Bunnies, cuddle the wounded and keep them warm.

She is not allowed to bring corn bread or cookies in her wagon, because the wounded and sick are on special diets.  The Hens will tell the committee when they can bring treats.  It’s the one time the chicklets truly abide by the rules, since they want everyone to get well as quickly as possible.

It’s a difficult committee on which to serve and many of the chicklets have broken hearts when they see the horror of what humans do to others.  But chicklets are filled with so much love that they willingly go into the hospital barns to care for those less fortunate than themselves.

After a raid, The Coop is on High Alert, which means everything is operating around the clock and the Hens work on shifts in the hospital.  The Housekeeping Committee works hard to keep up with clean nests, stalls, linens and towels and the Kitchen Committee works constantly to keep up with the needs of the wounded guests, as well as everyone else.

Unfortunately, it’s a routine everyone is used to, and all the chicklets, and those who live at The Coop, know their jobs all too well.  It’s a team effort that really works.  Hopefully, everyone will be saved.


It’s a hot day at The Coop and everyone is at the Rubber Duck Pond cooling off. There will soon be a picnic and then more play time.



the chicklets
don’t understand
how Christopher Robin
could outgrow his friends
the chicklets
love their friends
for life
I tried to explain
about growing up
and all the rest
but it just made them
because as I said
chicklets love
their friends for life
and I had to tell them that
that just doesn’t work
for humans






A reminder from the chicklets…

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