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The chicklets got the Valentine’s Day game out of storage and are excited to use it again this year…

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Quote from George Orwell…


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Freedom fighters…

Pinterest gives consent

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What will we leave behind?

Pixabay Ahmadreza89

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Okay, so…Schrodinger’s Cat

I think we are more like Schrodinger’s Cat than we would like to admit. I mean think about it.  We each carry our own portion of reality around with us, in our minds, (I see that as cartoon bubbles over … Continue reading

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Little piece of street art found in Stockholm’s undeground that says “Girls just wanna have fundamental human rights” by Jessica Hallbäck. Enjoy your day! via Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? — STREET ART RAT

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From the fabulous HOUSE OF HEART

We are chips of carbon raining from an ancient galaxy, clusters of stars, dense and fiery, electrons hot and rising, cosmic matter embedding astral bodies burning in our mind. We are earth and heaven, desert locusts rising, blossoming vines linking, … Continue reading

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Quote: Banksy


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Women…fight back

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