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Goose, Bird, Flight, Flying

as far as we know
a goose
doesn’t think
about flying
she just flies
is what she does
it’s as natural to her
as breathing
we can’t know for sure
but I doubt she thinks about
not being able to fly
about having to walk
or crawl everywhere
it doesn’t seem as if she would
compare herself to other beings
and wonder why they were always
on the ground
and not in the air
I think our species is the only one
that thinks about what others
can and cannot do
the only one
that thinks of never ending destruction
and deadly weapons
that could end all life on the planet
I think we’re the only broken ones here
I think every other species
just lives
and does’t worship death
I don’t think a goose hates
or wants more than she needs
I think a goose is balanced
and in harmony with nature
she isn’t other
but part of
we are the ones who are
out of place
we don’t belong here
we are the enemy
to every
living thing


brown tree trunk on brown soil

Once upon a time, there was a special forest.  It was called Whisper.  Not everyone could find it, even if they looked for it.  The trees themselves decided who could, or could not see them.

If you happened to be walking down the street and suddenly found yourself on the forest path, well, you could be sure the trees had something to tell you.  The path was staggered, and just long enough to let those who visited, know what they were supposed to learn, because as once on the path, each tree Whispered something to the walker.  Each tree…had something to say, an important message to impart.

No one who walked the path, was ever the same.  They came away from the forest with new insights, a sense of joy and a better understanding of life itself.  It was like a Near Tree Experience, where a person leaves their body and is shown pictures and told amazing things.

Trees know everything.  They’ve been here from the beginning.  Their stories are handed down from tree to tree, from forest to forest, by the ancient ones, who were here from the first light.  Not all the things they show people are pleasant.  They show clear-cutting, the destruction of the rain forests the ugliness of humans and how they are destroying the earth, and everything on it.

But for the most part, they sing softly and tell exciting stories of the First Trees.  They tell of children, and other animals, climbing in their branches, laughing and napping among their leaves.  They tell of the love they have for each other and all of nature.  They whisper about how we have lost our hearts, hidden them away for money, power and status, leaving trees and nature itself behind, to fend for itself, as we cement the earth and pollute The Mother.

The Whispering continues until the path ends.  A person can only walk in the forest once in their lifetime.  The secrets the trees tell are too big, to hear them more than once. It’s a beautiful place, a living museum of time itself.  If you’re very fortunate, maybe someday, you’ll be invited to experience the Whispers.


Photo Mario Dobelmann

In the beginning…was nature.

brown trees in forest during daytime

Photo: Guinaz Shaidullina

Wow…from: Bored Panda

The 30 Most Stunning Photos Of Nature From Last Year’s International Photo Awards


Elephant, Tusk, Trunk, Pachyderm

with all the beauty
in the world
we concentrate
against each other
and nature itself
what’s with that

Daughter’s pictures of a leaves…(2 pictures) and a poem

some believe that
leaves turn colors
in the fall
because of a chemical
but it’s not true
leaves turn
to celebrate
their freedom
the freedom
to detach
from the tree
and fly


The trees are starting to dress up for fall…

The Beauty of Life Around us…

blue jellyfish in white background

the beauty
and wonder
of life
comes in
all shapes
and sizes
that’s how
how nature

some humans
to see what nature
has to offer
and instead
choose to
live their lives
by ugliness

Photo: Nikolaa Kovalenkolcolin

The beauty of Nature…



Photo:  Henry Bauer

The heart of the forest…a poem

Bobcat, Forest, Nature, Predator, Beast

 in the forest
many hearts beat
keeping time with
Mother Nature
who hears
each and every one

Her children

and free


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