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Humans are very tiny when compared to Nature…

Desert, Sand, Travel, Dune, Sand Dune



Nature makes Her own landscapes. She’s an artist.

rocky shore with water waves during daytime

Photo:  Karl JK Hedin

Have you ever noticed how beautiful places are until we get there with out garbage and destructive ways?

brown tree trunk on water falls

Photo:  Jonny Gios

Different world…a poem

forest during daytime

deep in the forest
where new leaves
are born
and moss grows wild
and living beings
crawl creep and fly
and fairies
hide their doorways
from nosey humans
and the breathing
of the trees
sounds like a soft breeze
a whole beautiful world


Photo:  Zoltan Tasi

Forest guardian…

brown and black owl on gray rock

none shall pass but the pure of heart

Being in a garden is like being hugged by nature…

green and orange flower garden

Photo:  Bella Foster

Nature…a poem

Waterfall, Cliff, River, Rocks, Moss

I don’t think nature
knows that it’s beautiful
I doubt that adjectives
are relevant
just is
and that’s
part of what
makes it beautiful

Photo:  Pixabay


Wave, Water, Sea, Ocean, Pacific

Picture:  Pixabay

The song…

green trees beside river during daytime

in the forest
where stillness lives
whispers can be heard
as nature sings
a song
of harmony
and beauty
a song
that humans
do not know


Photo: Robin Gaillot-Drevon

Have you ever noticed that the only garbage that exists comes from us? Nature is pristine. Nature doesn’t make garbage, or pollute itself. Only we do that.

water falls in the middle of green trees

Photo:  Francesco Tommasini

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