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with all the beauty in the world we concentrate on war against each other and nature itself what’s with that

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Daughter’s pictures of a leaves…(2 pictures) and a poem

some believe that leaves turn colors in the fall because of a chemical reaction but it’s not true leaves turn colors to celebrate their freedom the freedom to detach from the tree and fly

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The trees are starting to dress up for fall…

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The Beauty of Life Around us…

the beauty and wonder of life comes in all shapes colors and sizes that’s how nature expresses joy how nature celebrates DIVERSITY unfortunately some humans refuse to see what nature has to offer and instead choose to live their lives … Continue reading

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The beauty of Nature…

beauty peace tranquility stillness harmony   Photo:  Henry Bauer unsplash

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The heart of the forest…a poem

 in the forest many hearts beat keeping time with Mother Nature who hears each and every one Her children beautiful and free all touched by HER magic

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This robin, in my daughter’s yard, sort of fell asleep while standing on the rock in the bird bath.  He woke up when some other birds landed by him.

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  Picture:  Pixabay

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My daughter took this on her daily walk…

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it was a foggy damp day steamy and drizzly but the beauty of the trees the water and the pier could not be denied

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