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The Spider and The Fly

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“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals” Nick Gillespie, journalist

via “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals” — Art of Quotation

Okay, so…

I want you to know that I don’t have a single solution to any of our problems.  Not one.  People don’t get along.  Neighbors can hate each other, even kill each other, cheat with their neighbor’s spouse…I thought the catholics had a thing about that one.  Anyway, when I write things, it’s just about what I see or think.  I don’t know if we can ever live together peacefully.  I do know we are more divided than ever.

France is having terrible problems with refugees and so are a lot of other countries.  We are each DIFFERENT from each other and it’s almost impossible to merge cultures together in a nice orderly fashion.  People come here and practice their beliefs, beliefs that are horrific and illegal in this country.  The police do their best to stop them from doing those things.

A tour guid in Italy told me that they hated tourists and the huge busses that crowded their streets and the only reason they put up with it was because they needed the money.

A Frenchman was yelling at some tourists for ruining their culture by coming over in droves.  He used the every popular,  “go back where you came from,” to make his point.  A Frenchwoman said, “And where do you think the money would come from then?”  Because EVERYTHING is about money.

So, we aren’t friends, we are tolerated for what we can give to other countries.  We can make friends there and even keep in touch with people, but as a WHOLE we are allowed to visit because we are willing to pay for that privilege and they need the money.

People move to get out of neighborhoods they hate.  Quit jobs because they can’t stand their co workers, or bosses.  Get divorced because they can’t stand each other.  Stop talking to family member because they can’t get along.  We have to face the fact that we really aren’t pack animals.  We are loners who live together, quite well for all of our differences.

We all know the stories from Ellis Island, right?  I mean, a lot of our ancestors came through there and they didn’t assimilate, when they landed in New York.  They were sent to live in neighborhoods with THEIR OWN KIND.  They were called awful names and were pretty much despised, until the next group of immigrants landed and took their place.

We are not a welcoming species, no matter how hard we try and kid ourselves.  Because of that, I don’t know how anything will change.  Well, that’s not true, exactly.  If people are pushed far enough they will join forces and work together to accomplish a goal.  It’s like a big gang that is willing to join forces for a limited time.  It works because it’s a large group of individuals with a laser focus.  Too often, in normal situations, even groups with the best intentions, have those individuals among them, who have their own agendas and that can break strong bonds apart.  Splinter groups form and then infighting can start, until there’s nothing left.

We don’t get along.  I guess we can’t do anything until we accept that.  We all want different things and even when we agree on what we want, we usually can’t agree on how  to go about getting whatever it is.

The more we are different from each other the bigger the differences in our experiences and world views.  That can be exciting, fun and interesting, of course, but it can also be negative and dangerous.  A lot of people feel threatened by new people.  Groups can fail because the old guard refuses to listen to new ideas from new people.  There are a lot of reasons groups fall apart.

My library offers many different book clubs but the only people who go are those willing to read the books they offer.  That leaves tons of others who stay home because the book is chosen by people who like to read a certain kind of book.  No way around that.  Same problem kids have in school.  The only choice is to read it or not.  That leaves people staying home and kids failing.   Can’t read what you don’t care about. Can’t work with people who don’t care about the same thing in the same way.

So, I don’t know what we can do, I just know that something needs to be done.  And if we don’t do anything, something will be done without us.



Okay, so…

It’s all about loss.  Most people don’t act, or stand up for what they think is right, because they are afraid it will cost them too much.  They fear losing what they already have.  This is how the masses are manipulated and stopped from bringing about change.  It’s a real fear, so it’s understandable.

People don’t look at the big picture, they only see their personal personal photo.  That’s done on purpose.  Divide and conquer.   If people don’t pay the government what they want, they can lose their house, or end up in jail.  If they stand up to protect the rights of others, they may be shot, beaten, imprisoned, or killed.  Think of every dead person who stood up for the rights of all of us, be it, civil rights, the right to end an unjust war, or to stop our government from doing all the terrible things it does.  Those people paid with their lives.  We celebrate their birthdays and then they disappear until next year, or they show up during Black History Month, or Women’s History Month.  White men don’t have a History Month because every single day of the year belongs to them.  Only the powerless were given a month to remind them that they exist and that those in power can give them a month, if they petition and ask nicely.  The Native American’s asked for Columbus Day to be changed to honor the Native Americans, but the white guys said, “No.”  That’s real power.  To be able to say no to something that blatantly hateful and OBVIOUSLY needs to be changed.   Anyway, what all the dead people did while they were alive is written in books and studied but the changes they fought for and died for are not to be seen in great measure.

So, people would rather be safe than change the world.  No matter how much, or how little, we have, it’s ours and we don’t want to take the chance that the government WILL take anything away from us. Although they take our children and send them to die, because the government can take anything it wants.  They can do that because people are busy protecting what they have, instead of protecting their rights.  See how that works?

Don’t you find it strange that schools don’t teach children how to approach their government officials to bring about change?  They are not taught how to write petitions, how to organize, how to protest.  Children are taught to OBEY.  I guess it’s up to parents to teach their children how to stand up for themselves.  I’m sure a lot of you had parents who took you to demonstrations, rallies, taught you freedom songs, covered you with protest buttons, took you lectures on how to start grassroots organizations and all the rest, right?

The government uses threats and murder to keep people in line.  When the UNARMED students at Kent State were killed, one of the teachers was hysterical, screaming in the street, telling the students to run because THE NATIONAL GUARD WAS GOING TO OPEN FIRE AND START SHOOTING THEM.  They have it on tape.  The army guy in charge telling the kids they were going to shoot them.  That’s the American way.  How broken is a guy who would order more broken guys to SHOOT innocent, unarmed, college students in the street?  I didn’t do any research on what happened to the guys who killed the kids but I doubt that anything happened.  It’s okay for the government to kill it’s unarmed citizens when it wants to.

So if you think your free, your just being held in place by fear.  People who live in a free society have the right to protest, without being shot, beaten, jailed, or killed.  Chicago Democratic Convention is another example.  Well, there are a lot of examples, actually.

But we never join together.  We are kept apart by lies and conditioning. We are kept isolated from each other, which weakens us and takes away our power.

America is on her knees and if the statue of Liberty could move, she’d be on her way back to France. Her symbolic meaning has changed to what could have been. instead of what is.  We have failed to keep our country whole, or healthy, and you know, it never really was either of those things.  There has always been prejudice, sexism, and all the other isms.  Injustice and hatred is what this country is founded upon.  Well, actually, it’s founded on DEATH.  Death is the white man’s answer to everything.  Slavery, the death of Native Americans.  You know…that kind of DEATH.  So, maybe there’s nothing to save.  Maybe we have to face the fact the the south will never get over the Civil War (I’ll never know what that’s all about), and that racism and sexism will never end.  That crazier and crazier white men will rise to power until we simply implode and are either gone forever, or we will begin again.  If we begin again, the first law that should be passed is that white males cannot be in positions of power for at least four billion years.  After that, the law can be revisited but not before then.  Unless that happens, everything will simply repeat itself.  Men in general should be kept on the sidelines. Yes, even the “good” ones.  It is a fact that men in a room, take over.  Women are silenced and that’s how things  have been set up.  They suck up the air and power and do as they please…so no men.  I’ve seen them do it again and again.  I’ve literally STOOD ON CHAIRS AND STARTED SCREAMING because women were being ignored AGAIN!  Women have also been conditioned to back off, when men start in.  They act differently around them and until we can overcome that brainwashing and all the other crap, we need to work alone.  Women back off because men can pretty much do anything they want to them.  So…think about that.  In the past women have been taught to be “yes men,” so they wouldn’t be beaten or tortured. Giving in is a survival strategy that doesn’t work.  Not much has changed for a lot of women.  Anyway…  While I do have several crystal balls, they aren’t telling me what’s going to happen in the future.  Maybe that’s because I don’t actually ask them.  My generation is lining up to be on it’s way out soon.  Well, soon enough.

American has rotted from the inside.  Rotted from our government’s greed and NEVER ENDING need for MORE POWER  Fear and greed are not words I would have put into the definition of America, when I was a kid.  But they are fitting now.  At least to me.

Fear is in charge.  Greed is what’s running the machine.  Your Silence Won’t Protect You.  Silence is what got us to here.

To those…a poem

Photo: Pixabay

to those
who have fallen through the cracks
been trampled in the dust
on diets of violence
and loss
your voices
your screams
your hunger
your desires
your genius
your creativity
your beauty
the war for human rights
and equality
seem unending
but the tide is turning
hold fast to your dreams
it’s not over yet

From: The Art of Quotation

“The people who succeeded and did well” in the news media, he said in a speech to the media watchdog group Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting in 1993, “were those who didn’t stand up, who didn’t write the big stories, who looked the other way when history was happening in front of them, and went […]

via In Memory: “The people who succeeded and did well… looked the other way when history was happening in front of them” — Art of Quotation

Humans are not the only ones who love their children…


Horses…5 pictures

I started riding horses when I was about four.  My uncle’s brother ran a stables and my uncle shoed horses and was a Forest Ranger.  His horse’s name was Copper Penny but we just called her Penny.

We didn’t have fancy riding outfits or anything special.  I wore levi’s, cowboy boots and a shirt, so did everyone else.  We rode English. (English saddles are small and light weight.  There is no horn and they are wonderful).  We were expected to sit up straight and that was is.  We didn’t dismount, we slid off our horses.  We fed them sugar cubes, carrots and apples.  I did this almost every weekend, thanks to my uncle.  It was wonderful.

I LOVE horses but to me, horses are wild beings.  They travel in groups.  I loved them but the thing is, even if they loved me back, they had no choice about what happened to them.  Humans don’t give animal a choice…we use them for our own purposes.  As a child I was put on a horse’s back and expected to ride…and that was that.

People are treated the same way, of course, but people can fight back, if they have the courage, horses can’t.

We break them, harness them, shoe them, saddle them, TIE them to things and leave them to WAIT, until we want to USE them again.  A wild being, tied up…waiting.

We use them. Torture them, Hurt them.  We RACE them, shoot them up with illegal drugs and kill them if they hurt their legs.  We FORCE them to pull heavy loads, farm, pull carriages down the streets of cities.  We take over their lives and never think about what it costs them.  Never think about what we steal from them, their freedom, their spirit, their lives.  We just take whatever we want…all the time.

I’ve demonstrated against rodeos and circuses.  I should have been demonstrating against race tracks, as well.  Fortunately, they are having a difficult time, now days. A lot of tracks are closing.

As a child, I didn’t know any better, always having been on a horse.  My aunts and uncles square danced on horses.  I mean, I was conditioned to believe that riding a horse was okay, and really, it’s not, even though we love them so much.  Horses wait in stalls/boxes for us to come back to them.  The lucky ones can roam in fenced in meadows and graze, run and play but not all horses are that fortunate.

Humans and horses can form strong, loving bonds that last a life time.  Many horses are well cared for and have long and happy lives, mostly because they don’t know anything else, just like people.  People love their horses.  Unfortunately, too many horses are horribly abused, used and discarded or even eaten.

We are a terrible species.  We seem to believe we’re the ONLY living things that matter.  We’re wrong, of course, and I don’t think it will be long before we find out just how wrong we are and I’m okay with that.  We deserve what we get for the way we have lived and treated living things.  You can call it payback, or karma, you can call it anything you like but we will pay for what we have done to the earth and every living thing on it.

Just remember that every time people buy tickets to a rodeo, or to a circus, they contribute to animal abuse. Every time people place a bet, they contribute to animal abuse (greyhounds as well).  People have a choice.  The animals do not.

Why do we believe that if we love horses, it’s okay to have them?  As if loving them is enough for them.  How did we get to that point?  More lies we tell ourselves?  I think that’s what it is.  We need animals, whether they’re horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, or anything else.  We want birds, lizards, snakes, mice, rats, even spiders…we want all of them.  We trust them.  I’m not sure we can live without them.   They, on the other hand, can definitely live without us.  Without our violence and abuse.  Pampered pets may have a difficult time surviving on their own but that’s only because we have made them dependent.  For those who can survive without us, and live to pass their genes on to others, they can live free, for better. or for worse.  No guns, no arrows, no traps, no factory farming, no slaughter, no bets, no cages, no dinner plates, no straps, harnesses, chocker collars, electric fences, tanks, no anything…just freedom.

Humans, who often complain about “cabin fever,” when they’re in their houses for too long, never seem to think that animals might feel the same way, locked into whatever thing they have been placed into.  I don’t get that.  I don’t get a lot of things, I just know that making animals work for us, using them as entertainment, is wrong.  It’s slavery.  We just call it something else.  We always call the bad things we do…something else. Like calling a bomb/missile a Peacekeeper.  That’s what we do…we pretend and lie to ourselves.  That’s what allows us to live with the terrible things we do, or don’t do anything about.

All pictures are from: Pixabay


The story…


The doe was hoping the fairy was awake, as she peeked around the corner of the open book.    She liked the sound of her voice, all the animals did.  The fairy had been reading to them for quite a long time.  One book after another…each more exciting and wonderful, than the last.  The doe wasn’t sure if the book was about a forest and forest animals, or if they were the story itself.  Sometimes it was hard to tell.  The fairy looked as if she was dreaming, so the doe wandered away to nibble on the grass that grew in great patches, behind the book.  She stayed close by, so that she could hear the fairy’s laughter when she woke. While she ate, she thought of how wonderful it was to be a deer.  To be free to chart her own course and enjoy her life, in her own quiet way.  Then she thought of the story and once again wondered if she was real, or just made up of words.



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