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If we truly cared about life…this wouldn’t exist…

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Okay, so…war

Someone wrote to me today saying that we’ve always had war and that war is just part of thing. War has become never ending.  It doesn’t stop.  We used to have peace between wars, but not anymore. The thing that … Continue reading

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War is a choice…Violence is a choice…killing is a choice.

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Okay, so…school killings

So, eight more dead in school shooting in Texas*.  The solution…have SWAT bring kids to school in armored vehicles.  School would be a bunker with no windows, of course.  One door in, one door out, SWAT at the entrances and … Continue reading

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bullets pierce the bodies of innocents as men play war games for profit lives destroyed before they have begun so the rich and powerful who are never in the line of fire can have more

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If this isn’t the kind of future we want for our kids, we need to do something right now. The government doesn’t care how many die because there’s a never ending supply of pawns, slaves to sacrifice. Remember, they are never in danger. If we want it to end, we have to end it.


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The Weeping Mother…

Pixabay Some have seen her, sitting by the train tracks that carry the bodies of dead soldiers to  airfields, where they will be shipped home to waiting parents, spouses, children, siblings and friends.  The Weeping Mother represents all mothers, who … Continue reading

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