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What’s happening with the military?

Is the war over?  Are they still fighting?  Are military people getting the virus?  Are they “isolating?”  Why don’t we hear anything about what’s going on with them?

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Today is: National POW/MIA day…

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Three more anti-war posters from the exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center…

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Viet Nam…Chicago Cultural Center 4 pictures

This exhibit was is what art is all about…telling people the truth.

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Childhood pictures should not look like this…

What are we dong?  Barbwire shouldn’t even exist.  Just having it, means something is wrong.  Human Rights violations take place every second…everywhere.  America is doing it.  Everyone is doing it.  Why do we pretend to have GROUPS who watch for … Continue reading

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WE NEVER LEARN…ANYTHING…5 pictures And the people in power, who call for war, do not fight. War = profit $$$ and it won’t go away.

This is the Holocaust Memorial (above) Military graveyard Omaha Beach Memorial Viet Nam Memorial Normandy

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Women fight patriarchy and death…from: ADBUSTERS Magazine, by Luiz Vasconcelos

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From: Resa

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If we truly cared about life…this wouldn’t exist…

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Okay, so…war

Someone wrote to me today saying that we’ve always had war and that war is just part of thing. War has become never ending.  It doesn’t stop.  We used to have peace between wars, but not anymore. The thing that … Continue reading

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