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We need to think more about the kind of future we want…see… the future doesn’t make itself…we do…if war, hatred and destruction is what we want to pass on to our children…then we are on the right path…if we’d like to leave them something different…then we have to head in a another direction.

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The Conversation…

Pixabay “Mom, why do they keep telling me to fight for my country?” “Because the men in power want more money and even more power.” “They said that if I loved my country I would kill other people.  People I … Continue reading

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Choices…3 pictures

What kind of future lies ahead for children? This? or this… It’s up to us to stop the insane men in power from killing kids, isn’t it? All pictures from: Pixabay

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This is NOT the answer to anything…it’s the the insanity of a species made visible.


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Pixabay “War.  What’s it good for?” “It makes greedy guys richer.” “Ah, I knew there had to be a reason.”

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November 11th…

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Major James A. Magnusson…USAF…shot down in North Viet Nam on 4/4/65

I hope he made it.

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