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Hero…but why do we have war and put brave and wonderful people in this position? Read this, he an amazing man.

Pinterest Article from Ranker.com There aren’t enough words to speak to this man’s incredible love and bravery.

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End the war…

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War is criminal…

War has long lasting effects that are so powerful they are passed down from one generation to another through whispers, photographs and HIStory.  Men REENACT battles, while dressed in COSTUMES, on old battlegrounds. Some people are so fascinated with war … Continue reading

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Profit…2 pictures

Picture from:  Pinterest Shotos.b.yx.Fbcdn.net And as long as we have war…we will have this, because this is the truth about war.  The children ALWAYS pay for the things adults do.

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Okay, so…

So, I was putting gas in my car and a guy walks around the other pump and points at one of the bumper stickers on my back window. “MAKE ART NOT WAR,” he said. I nodded, smiled and said, “Maybe … Continue reading

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I made this a while ago and posted it before but when I was in Barnes today, I saw a book on war.  It was written by a soldier who had been in a lot of wars, in a lot … Continue reading

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Words from a veteran…

Picture from:  Pinterest I agree one hundred percent.  Unfortunately, the politicians who start wars stay where it’s safe and never get hurt.  They send our loved ones to die for them instead.  The above words are true and the only … Continue reading

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