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Some things…a poem

there are some things that live their entire lives unseen by our eyes they are born live and perish with only their song and friendly birds or animals to touch them now and then no human voices no fear just … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Some people believe that everything happens for a reason.  I guess it’s nice to believe that.  I mean, then they don’t have to think that someone’s out to get them, like a vengeful god, or just a streak of bad … Continue reading

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Before and after…

The beach was popular, I mean, why wouldn’t it be, it was beautiful.  White sand, surf and clear blue skies.  But no one can see those things any longer.  Footprints remain, that’s how recent the EVENT took place.  Out of … Continue reading

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People are fighting back…from: ADBUSTERS, no photographer mentioned.

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Important and excellent TED Talk…I think it’s 16 minutes long but really important to see.

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When we can no longer breath our air, we only have ourselves to blame…for letting companies pay fines, instead of cleaning up their acts.

coal Picture from: Pixabay

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okay, so…

Here’s the thing…we constantly read that if we just do certain things, use less of this or that, recycle, whatever, we can change the world, or at least our part of it.  I’m sorry, but that’s a lie.   You may … Continue reading

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