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Mother Nature uses all the colors in Her crayon box…

Waterfall, Cascade, River, Creek, Trees



We are so tiny and weak, when compared to the environment.  The people in the photo couldn’t even pick up one of the large rocks in the foreground.  And yet…we can destroy everything.  There’s something wrong with that.

From: Bored Panda

The Winners Of “The Environmental Photographer Of The Year 2021” Have Been Announced (26 Pics)

Am I the only one who thinks it’s stupid to have to FIGHT others to stop the destruction of the planet as we know it?

Photo:  Markus Spiske

Baby penguin…message

if you love me
you’ll help keep me alive
by working to save my
thank you
from the bottom
of my baby penguin


Photo:  Rod Long

A picture is worth…

Photo:  Tobias Rademacher

Can I look now? Is the world all better yet?

Boy, Portrait, Child, Hands, Hide


Time to wake up… Quote

Apocalypse, City, Ruins, Buildings

We are living on the brink of the apocalypse,
but the world is asleep.

–Joel C. Rosenberg


Photo:  Pixabay

Crutches…a poem

Free stock photo of architecture, bridge, building

Humans cover the earth “crutches.”  It’s as if we, as a species, are disabled.  We have stairs, piers, railings, ropes, cables, shelters, cars, stop lights, electronics, trains, chairs, dishes, forks, drinking and eye glasses, shoes, medication, doctors, ad infinitum.

We are the only species that can’t seem to live/survive with nothing, as the rest of the animal world does.  And they have less and less all the time, since we destroy their habitats, and food sources.  We poison them, along with ourselves, and generally kill everything.  But the fact is, they are in perfect harmony with their environment, until we destroy it.

We, on the other hand, can’t do anything without help.  Even hard core campers and wild men, take guns, a tent, food and gear when they go into the “wilderness.”  No one goes naked with nothing at all.  But every other species does it.

That seems really strange to me.  We are animals, but weaker and without as many survival skills as the rest of the wild kingdom has, when it comes to being on our own.  People who get lost in the wilderness can die, if not found.  How does that make sense?  We build skyscrapers and jets but if we get lost, we can die.  How did we make it this far?  Seems as if our distant ancestors were a lot tougher than we are.  Sure, they didn’t have the wheel, but they got along without it, and that’s the point.

I don’t know…just seems that things are a little off.  Mothers still have to protect their kids from males, although climbing a tree doesn’t usually work for us and our babies can’t even hold up their own heads, let along climb a tree.  And yes, we still have to defend our territory now and then, but our instincts have become dull, or we never had them to begin with.  Other animals can smell, run, jump, climb, dig, and fly.  We just kind of wander around and need ladders, ropes, shovels and planes.  On our own, we’re kind of helpless.

We’re ground animals and not very good at digging with our hands.  Granted a lion couldn’t build the Eiffel Tower, but why would she want to?  So much of the things we do is to satisfy our never ending search for beauty, or inspiration.

We like pretty things, like the birds that collect bits of colored glass and sparkly things.  Still, without our “stuff,” many of us wouldn’t survive very long.  Too cold, too hot, to everything.  We don’t have the protection other animals have and we get bitten, scratched  and tangled in things.  We don’t have waterproof coats or camouflage.  We are vulnerable.

And sure, a panda may never write poetry, although he may think of poems, knowing he can’t hold a pen, but still…the poetry we write, won’t keep us alive.

I don’t know, just weird, as I said.  Like naked newborn mice…that’s what we remind me of.  Helpless and frail.  Other babies fall out of their mothers, hit the ground, get a few licks from their mom, then get up and run with the herd.  Our kids have to learn to sit up.  OMG  Weak and vulnerable.

Weird.  We really are weird.

Environment…a poem

gray rocky mountain under white clouds during daytime

much of the planet
is inhospitable
we visit
at our own risk
the mountains
and forests
don’t care
if we survive
while we’re there
those places are not
continental plates
and mountains
are born
seeds are dropped
and forests grow
the animals
who scurry
and burrow
are welcome
we are not
they enrich the earth
we do not
they are part of
we are Her


Photo:  Casey Horner

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