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brown tree trunk on brown soil

Once upon a time, there was a special forest.  It was called Whisper.  Not everyone could find it, even if they looked for it.  The trees themselves decided who could, or could not see them.

If you happened to be walking down the street and suddenly found yourself on the forest path, well, you could be sure the trees had something to tell you.  The path was staggered, and just long enough to let those who visited, know what they were supposed to learn, because as once on the path, each tree Whispered something to the walker.  Each tree…had something to say, an important message to impart.

No one who walked the path, was ever the same.  They came away from the forest with new insights, a sense of joy and a better understanding of life itself.  It was like a Near Tree Experience, where a person leaves their body and is shown pictures and told amazing things.

Trees know everything.  They’ve been here from the beginning.  Their stories are handed down from tree to tree, from forest to forest, by the ancient ones, who were here from the first light.  Not all the things they show people are pleasant.  They show clear-cutting, the destruction of the rain forests the ugliness of humans and how they are destroying the earth, and everything on it.

But for the most part, they sing softly and tell exciting stories of the First Trees.  They tell of children, and other animals, climbing in their branches, laughing and napping among their leaves.  They tell of the love they have for each other and all of nature.  They whisper about how we have lost our hearts, hidden them away for money, power and status, leaving trees and nature itself behind, to fend for itself, as we cement the earth and pollute The Mother.

The Whispering continues until the path ends.  A person can only walk in the forest once in their lifetime.  The secrets the trees tell are too big, to hear them more than once. It’s a beautiful place, a living museum of time itself.  If you’re very fortunate, maybe someday, you’ll be invited to experience the Whispers.


Photo Mario Dobelmann

Have you ever…

Woman in Brown Long Sleeve Shirt With White Bird Flying

Have you ever noticed how humans are always reaching out to other species?  Pictures on the internet show us feeding horses, goats, llamas, cows…pretty much ANYONE.

We’re always trying to pet them, hug them, hold them, touch them, kiss them, keep them, give them things.  We never stop.   Yet people shoot them, poison them, wear them and EAT them.

What’s with that?

I didn’t think you were supposed to kill what you love.


Taryn Elliott


According to washington there is no climate change…

Sea, Water, Beach, Stairs, North Sea


Supernova, Space, Manipulation

the cosmic egg breaks
the tree
rooted in earth

The humans are gone, there’s time for us…

Turtle, Coast, Amphibian, Animal

Picture:  Pixabay

This is a PBS show on Climate change…the facts. It’s excellent.

Social Distancing…


Picture: Pixabay


City, Skyline, District, Round, Arched

Mother Nature
had an understudy
an intelligent and hard working
who was in charge of
urban areas
some small cities
as well
but most of
of her time was taken up
because that’s where
most of problems were
after all her years of service
she didn’t notice any difference
she felt unfulfilled
as if nothing she did
humans continued to
not only each other
but everything around them
as well
so she handed in her resignation
took off her
heavy crown
filled wth skyscrapers
and other symbols of
urban life
and walked away
Mother Nature
understood since
she was feeling
exactly the same way
and that’s when she decided
to stop protecting
the humans
and take a few days off
when she finally returned
it was to a world sick with
so she studied what was happening
she wasn’t worried
since the human species
was destructive and deadly
so their extinction wouldn’t be
a loss
but while she was looking around
she noticed that those
in positions of power were
using the virus for their own benefit
especially the american idiot
that’s when she decided
to let things run their course
feeling that humans were undeserving
of her help
having dealt with the matter
she made herself a cup of tea
and sat down to look through
seed catalogues
and pet the bunnies
who usually scampered around her feet
that’s when she noticed
for the first time in a very long time
there was a feeling of hope in the air
the idea of human extinction
had filled every other living thing
with joy


Picture: Pixabay

In the words of Freddie Mercury…I want to be free

most of us want to be free
some people think the best things in life
are free
that only works
if you have enough money to
notice the free things
I wonder if homeless people
feel free
on a cold winter night in Chicago
a lot of silly sayings
only mean something
if you already have what you want
having money
gives you
and let’s not forget
that love isn’t always free
not by a long shot
and neither are a lot of other things
not really
those who have enough
enjoy living in a fantasy world
it’s easy to see the wild flower
or look at the sky
and ocean and think
look at that
and it’s all free
as long you follow the rules
and don’t get kicked off the sand
with your shopping bags
and grocery cart
for loitering
the truth is
most of us don’t even look
at what’s around us
and if we do
we just get back into our cars
and go home to a hot meal
and our families
safe and sound
because we have money
people without money
can see beauty
of course
maybe more than those
who have cash and credit
but we wax poetic
write sayings
that don’t actually make
sense to anyone but those
who see things the same way
as the authors
a tribe of like minded people
everyone else just wonder’s
what the hell is going on
but the things people say
come directly from
their own experience
their own worldview
their own economic situation
nothing is free
we pollute the air and water
we don’t appreciate it
or see its beauty
we KILL it
then write about it
while we’re on oxygen
because we poisoned the air
and the water
to the point where it takes
an actual pandemic
to clean the pollution
from of the air and water
and once we can go out
we will poison everything all over again
because that’s the way we are
we never learn
from our mistakes

Here’s the thing…

has changed
in the natural world
because of the virus
it’s just
that’s having a
everything else
the earth
and everything
on it
doesn’t need us for
only good things
when we aren’t
out and about
I think we should think

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