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Cat Shadow Silhouette Black Animal Cat Cat

I know what’s in your heart
and mind
I know when you want to hold me
when you want me to jump onto your lap
lay on your book, your bed, your pillow
I know how to look cute so that you feed me
and give me treats
I know how to play with string
to amuse you
I know when to purrrrr  to make you love me
I know everything about you
and while you’re cradling me in your arms
softly cooing
you never think about the fact
that I’m the best killer on the planet


Quote: Pierre Bonnard, French artist

Yellow, Wall, Girl, Woman, People

One cannot
have too much

–Pierre Bonnard


I love this one…another of my granddaughter’s photo’s. CHICAGO and her boyfriend. :)


“You have a little ice cream….right there,” he said, leaning forward, licking it off her lip.”

“You’re not my boyfriend,” she said, shaking her head.

“I know.”

“You have to stop doing things like that.”


“You’re NOT my boyfriend, you’re a friend who is a boy, not the same thing.”


“How long have we known each other?” she asked.

He shrugged.  “A long time.”

“A very long time,” she said.  “If I could love you I would, but I don’t love you, that way.”

“I know.”

“Then why do you keep doing things like that?”

“Because you had ice cream on your face,” he said, scrapping the last drop of ice cream out of his sundae dish.

“You could have just told me that I had ice cream on my face, or given me a napkin.”

“I know.”

“You need to find a person who will love you back.”

“I know.”

“Will you do that?”


“I don’t believe you.”

“I know.”

“What do you love about me?” she sighed.  “Maybe that will help us figure out what the problem is.”

“I love everything about you.”

“Be specific.”

“Your eyes, your hair, your voice, your intelligence, your sense of humor, your beauty, your body, your music, your art, the books you read and give to me, the movies you like, the way you decorate, the…”

“That’s enough,” she said, putting her head down on the small, round, red, table.

“What do you love about me?” he asked, staring at her.

“The same things but you’re not my boyfriend.”

“I know,” he said, smiling.


beyond the fence — Paul Militaru

via beyond the fence — Paul Militaru




EQUALITY…my granddaughter made this…it’s of her boyfriend

Quote: Walter Farley, writer

Question, Question Mark, Survey, Problem

I believe that
half the trouble
in the world
comes from people asking
“What have I achieved?”
rather than
What have I enjoyed?”

–Walter Farley

Would you EVER see shirts with these stupid messages in the MEN’S department? (2 pictures)

THESE are the messages we are sending out to women.  Work hard, be nice, be SUPER and expect to be EXHAUSTED, working for OTHERS.  Insane!  And you’ll NEVER see anything like this on men’s shirts. “Be NICE???”  OMG  I’m surprised it didn’t say SMILE as well.

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