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The Eve before Chickmas…(reblog)

Twas the eve before chickmas and all through The Coop the chicklets were peeping and looking for loot they ate all the cookies the bread and the corn and nothing was left for the next Chickmas morn   the hens … Continue reading

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Lucy and Cinnamon entertain the chicklets at breakfast with a new Chickmas poem…Lucy was going to play her sax but decided to hum to the poem instead…that way the chicklets would be able to hear the words…(rerun)

Chickmas time everyone tells me that Chickmas Time is a very special season a time when humans are happier when they are kinder when they get together and exchange gifts a time when they kill and eat pigs who are … Continue reading

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Tony and his dog Calvin have a Chickmas poem for you…they hope you enjoy it…

  Merry Chickmas The chicklets wish everyone a Merry Chickmas these are the things to remember at Chickmas time pick up your clothes keep your beak clean don’t get paste on your feet wear a scarf if it’s cold outside … Continue reading

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The Poetry Club just finished their Slam. All of the members, plus Ratling, the toy rat, who is the mascot/muse.

The Poetry Slam was a smashing success.  There was much peeping and chirping and the members of the club were delighted.  Below are a few of the poems from the reading. Ghosts At Halloween ghosts float around and scare people … Continue reading

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Poetry Reading…

The Chickmas Poetry Reading was held today  Marigold is only two and a half months old but she wanted to participate.  She is the youngest chicklet to ever read a poem on stage.  Everyone was very excited about her debut.  … Continue reading

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Pictures and poems from the Valentine’s Day Party…Everyone had a wonderful time

The Poetry Slam was wonderful. Pinky received a standing ovation and many minutes of peeps and chirps.  Here is her poem: HEARTS a chicklet’s heart is filled with love there’s room for everyone because all beings are beautiful and kind … Continue reading

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Fast Eddie and the Poetry Slam…

The chicklets held an impromptu Poetry Slam last night in honor of New Year’s Eve.  Fast Eddie, so named because he can write poetry faster than anyone else, read several poems and received a standing ovation.  He said poetry is … Continue reading

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