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What if… (Neon)

exit neon light signage

what if
after our very last breath
EXIT sign
lights up
and tells us
where to go
what if we want to go
in a different direction
what if there are
NO directions
what if
we are all asleep
right now
our current reality
into being
and life
is nothing more
than that


Photo:  Dustin Tramel

Everyone has one…what’s yours?

Photo:  Cristi Ursea

Here’s what I want to know…

Question Mark, Note, Duplicate, Request


How can someone be acquitted when there are witnesses who can testify to wrongdoing BUT THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK?  How is it possible that EVERYONE KNOWS that there is damning evidence THAT IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE HEARD?  How does that NOT make someone guilty as charged?

How is it possible for a government and the legal system to say something does not exist when we all know it does?  Take Area 51.  We have pictures of it.  It’s a no fly over zone, but satellites can still take pictures of it and we have photographs of it from long ago.

It’s HEAVILY guarded, as is the entire surrounding area, where no one is allowed to go.  There are motion sensors in the ground so sensitive it can pick up the movement of a snake. WE CAN SEE THE PLACE.

The  people who work there are flown in and out on white unmarked planes.  There are pictures of that as well.  A woman’s husband, who died from working there, couldn’t win her case in court because they said the place did not exist, even thought he went there everyday and was hurt (poisoned) on the job.  The lawyer had picture of the work site in his hand and the judge said the place did not exist.  The lawyer was so upset. He didn’t understand that the world is made of lies.  Now he knows.

For a place that doesn’t exist I wonder why they have signs up that say they will kill you if you try to get in there.  I wonder why the president is not allowed to enter Area 51.

But most of all, I wonder WHO IS IN CHARGE OF A PLACE THAT THE PRESIDENT CANNOT ENTER? Who is telling him that he can’t come in?  Who is actually running the country/world that we don’t know about?  We certainly are not in charge, that’s for sure.  And yet, we go about our lives, slaving away for who?  You might say, for ourselves, but we’re just hamsters on a wheel.

Who is calling the shots?  Who is in charge?  And why do we allow others to say they will kill us if we go where nothing is supposed to exist?

Billy Clinton promised to find out about things.  A lot of presidents have said they would find out about information that’s hidden from the public, and none of them could do it.  When asked, they all changed the subject.  I can’t remember which prez it was but Geo Bush Sr., told him to shut up and no one was going to tell him anything.  It was above his level.

And where were Obama and Clinton taken, and by what people, when they wee announcing who would be running for president.  They disappeared and even the secret service didn’t know where they went.  When they came back, Obama was running and Clinton shut up.  Who took them?  What happened?

We are the sheep in a huge, tightly controlled field.  You know what happens to sheep, don’t you?


Here’s my question…

Giza Pyramid Pyramids Of Giza Egypt Monume

Some scientists believe that the pyramids hold secrets that would allow us to cure disease and improve our lives.  Others think that something’s there, they don’t know what that something is.

The question I have:…should we dig, or do whatever is necessary, to find out what’s actually in the great pyramid, or should we leave it untouched and just look at it as a monument?  They have done minor, tiny, tests, which simply resulted in more questions, but if there is a chance that what’s inside is important to life, should we dig, with the least amount of damage possible, or walk away?  What do you think?

We have no idea…

who we are

what we are

where we came from

where we are going

why we’re here

what we’re supposed to do

what the universe is

what’s beyond what we think is out there

what IS out there

whether anything actually means anything

how much power we each has that is being kept from us

if we are simply a pocket dimension

if we’re real

if anything is real

why we ARE violence

what time is

what exists beyond time

where black holes lead

why entropy exists (not the scientific version, but WHY it’s here, not what it does because it’s here)

if peace is possible, or real

if we simply slide from one life into another and another, for eternity

if there is an eternity

what love is

why we refuse to cooperate

why we insist on destroying the planet and life in general

religion/cult exists to divide us

why there is so much hatred

why disease exists

why so many accept their conditioning and brainwashing


We can explain some of these things with what we consider to be logic, science, beliefs, etc.  but the truth is, we don’t really know anything and all.  All of our definitions are from our human minds and our minds are  limited because they are inside of us.  Everything we see is filtered through the human mind.  Being human only lets us see a tiny bit of what actually is.  And if you ask, how I know that, just think of the fact that we can’t see in the dark, in infra red, can’t see like eagles can, smell like dogs can, can’t do a million tiny things that other living beings can do.  That’s because our brain isn’t set for those things, which means we are limited to what our brains allow.


Don’t most people…

read more than one book at a time

like their toast dark and crispy

love chocolate

like to travel

go barefoot whenever they can

long to have the body they did when they were seventeen

adore cats

think summer and maybe spring are the best seasons

love the ocean

have fun in Las Vegas

understand that bread actually is the staff of life

wish they weren’t too old to ride a skateboard

feel surprised when their kids turn into adults

love ice cream

think pizza is one of the best things ever

constantly buy books to add to their never ending TBR (to be read) pile

write/draw in their books

love nature

wish war would end

miss brick and mortar bookstores

think that Amazon is going to take over the world

love music

wish the people they loved wouldn’t die before they did

wish politicians were human

think the “isms” are evil

think watermelon is the best melon

think every gun should be melted down

believe fracking should be stopped immediately

feel that poisoning the earth/water/air is wrong

think that GMOs should be banned, as they are in other countries

think that  kindness matters

that some differences can never be bridged

think that you don’t have to like people because they happen to be family

want to be free

like to wade int he wet sand at the edge of the ocean

think birds are absolutely gorgeous

believe that life should be fun

believe that no one should go hungry

feel that men should stop hurting women and children

think that pie is something special

believe that most people like to sing, even if they can’t

believe that we’re all just trying to survive




Do you believe…

…that we know the truth
about anything

…that there there
has ever been an
honest politician

…that diversity
is the answer
to a lot of our

…that America
is a joke

…that freedom
no longer exists

…that war
across the entire planet
is our future

…that children are
being uneducated in

…that art
needs to be
more political

…that our government
will start killing people
in the streets

…that sunshine
is the best medicine

…that children and adults
are over medicated

…that militarizing the police
is a horrific idea

…that junk food
is actually good
for us

…that people
still love to read

…that news programs
should be removed
from TV because they
are bad for our health

…that the so called president
should be removed from office
because he’s bad for the health of
our country

…that kids should be able to
read comic books for book
reports in school

…that teachers should not
have to follow all the rules

…that hunters should be

…that religion
should be abolished

…that rapist priests
should go to jail
for life

…that stuffed animals
are real when we
aren’t looking at them

…that bullies are
given special privilages

…that teen suicide
should be a WARNING
that we are doing somehtng

…that we need to
ask more questions

…that we should stop being
nice and make more demands

…that we should teach kids
that they are lied to all the time

…that we should realized that WE
are being lied to all the time

…that hot chocolate is

…that chocolate chip cookies
are better when warm

…that candy corn
is weird

…that adults wish
they could dress up
and be silly more
than once a year
on Halloween

..,that life will
ever be open
to everyone

…that bread
is beautiful

…that sick people
with no hope of recovery
should be allowed to die
with dignity

…that being
barefoot is
the best thing ever

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