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The Stage Crew is busy putting the final touches on the party room…It’s going to be another wonderful time at The Coop.

The Coop is in full Medical Alert, but those coming off their shifts, are leaning on each other for support. Their hearts are broken by the cruelty they have seen.

Pain is sweeping through The Coop.  Everyone is working hard, doing what they can to care for those who need their help.  It’s around the clock care, in the beginning.  Warming Bunnies, nurses, doctors, Housekeeping, everyone, is working in shifts.  Those who were in better shape have been taken by others who will care for them, so the hospital isn’t so crowded.  Chicklets are peeping softly, and reading to those in need.  The cats, and dogs, everyone is doing their part.  The next 24 hours are crucial, for those who are severely injured.


The days are getting shorter, so the chicklets are getting ready for a lot more moon time.


This is Ducky…and here’s his story…

Ducky read a book about school and patrol boys and girls.  He was very excited and went to the Costume Department, with his drawing of a patrol belt.  The chicklets in the Costume Department were happy to make the belt, according to his instructions. It only took them a couple of days.

Once he had his patrol belt, he immediately ran into two rather large problems. One, school was out and two, there aren’t any real streets at The Coop, just paths and lanes.  Ducky was disappointed and everyone could tell that his dream wasn’t coming true.

So, the Stage crew stopped working on the sets for the Vegas Party and made a street sign for the path in front of the kitchen.  Now, several times a day, chicklets line up behind Ducky, as he stands by the path, and wait for him to give them the all clear, so they can cross to the other side.

Ducky is thrilled, and the chicklets are happy to help him fulfill his role as Patrol chicklet.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to help out a friend who’s looking for a rainbow.

The chicklets are working on rides for the Vegas Party…The Flamingo is definitely on the list…



The chicklets are getting their shirts ready for Mother’s Day. Everyone is looking forward to celebrating the hens.

Mother's Day

The Flamingo…Chicklets and Las Vegas


I haven’t taken the chicklets to Vegas in a couple of years.  We always stay at the Aria, since they took all the fun out of NY, NY years ago.   But the chicklets love to visit the Flamingo everyday, because of the beautiful birds, koi, and garden area.  They were going through old photographs and found this one.  Now they want me to take them on a vacation.  I’ve explained that we can’t go, because of the virus, so they are thinking of having a Las Vegas party this summer.

The Stage Crew built the Flamingo on Wheels for the baby chicklets, because some of them wished they could have gone with us.  Now that all the chicklets have seen the photo, they’re getting the flamingo out of storage.  I’m sure the party will be fun, and the Stage Crew is already drawing up plans for slot machines that take corn kernels.  They said the roulette tables will be a snap.

The entertainment is going to be spectacular and very flashy, according to the costume and entertainment committees.  Still, they admit, it won’t be the same as being there.  The Sound Committee is going to work on a machine that will make a lot of noise, so the chicklets will think they are in the casino.

Truth be told, the chicklets spent most of their time in Vegas, shopping and going to shows. Pressing the button on the slot machines hurt their beaks, and the One Arm Bandits had them sitting on top of the machine, then jumping onto the lever.  Lots of accidents and not much fun.  I think they lost six and a half dollars between them.

They love the fountains at the Bellagio and sit on the railings peeping with glee and chirping to the music.  They also love the street artists, especially the violinists.  Two of them were hypnotized by all the flashing lights, which was a problem at first, but we worked it out. But because of that, the Lighting Committee is going to be very careful about how they light things up.

The excitement is spreading, and the Cooking Committee is setting up a meeting with the hens about the menu.

I think it might be fun.  The Entertainment Committee is planning on comedy acts (I’m looking forward to that one) and lots of singing and dancing.  They were thinking of doing things like Cirque du Soleil, but no one thinks they can really pull it off, and none of the chicklets are willing to dive into water, or run up and down a slanting wall, like  they do in Ká.  So it will take some time for them to get everything straight.  We just have to wait and see what happens.  I’m sure it will be…interesting.

Aster and her best friend Zee Zee, entertained the audience with their Valentine’s Day Butterfly Dance

Chicklet Aster did a Valentine’s Day Butterfly dance.  She made her own costume, with the help of the Costume Committee.  Her dance was wonderful, since she asked the butterflies to teach her how to move.  They were happy to show her, so she flitted around the stage, her wings flapping, as she skipped and hopped.

Zee Zee, her partner, choose to show a butterfly at rest, although she did keep the beat for Aster with her tail.

All in all, everyone loved their routine and it was a great success.


More chickens…I would like to hold them and pet them and tell them stories about brave chickens and what they did.

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