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Today is: National Free Thought Day…

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I LOVE Feynman, I don’t know how many of you do, but I’m posting this for any fans he may have, who look at my blog…A TED Talk

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Wild horses and kids…

In order to tame a wild horse, you have to break him.  It’s the same with kids.  Horses have to be broken in order to be ridden.  Kids have to be broken in order to fit into society.  We were … Continue reading

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I have no clue…

Pixabay I don’t have the faintest idea what this is, but I love it.  It must be an undersea creature because it looks wavy…like it’s calling to a fish, coaxing it to come closer. Maybe it likes plankton, or maybe … Continue reading

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Pixabay I think we should be able to stand on clouds and look over the edge to see where the light is coming from.  Clouds are HEAVY, they weigh TONS, and standing on them only makes sense.  I’ve always loved … Continue reading

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Okay, so…Shangri La

Pixabay We are a weird bunch, no matter how you look at it.  Searching for the Fountain of Youth, Atlantis, The Golden Goose, Buried Treasure, and all the rest.  But Shangri La, now that’s something interesting.  Movies have been made … Continue reading

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Thoughts and stuff…

All he kids are home from college.  Everyone is coming here Tuesday night (and bringing others),  for fun and frolicking.  That means I have to move my decorations off the tables and other things because we need ROOM to spread … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

If we all married someone a different color than ourselves, it wouldn’t take very long for everyone to be one beautiful color.  People who were black or white would stand out and be considered “Other.”  Kids would look in books … Continue reading

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I don’t think that we were every friends…but this statement is relevant today…


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Okay, so…

Melanie, from, is coming to stay for a week.  She’s flying in Tuesday morning and the fun will begin.  We are going to yummy restaurants, cool bookstores (that’s a necessity) and maybe, if the weather is agreeable, downtown.  We … Continue reading

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