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Okay, so…Schrodinger’s Cat

I think we are more like Schrodinger’s Cat than we would like to admit. I mean think about it.  We each carry our own portion of reality around with us, in our minds, (I see that as cartoon bubbles over … Continue reading

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The conversation…sex ed

“What’s with this tail?” asked Roger, trying to look at his backside but simply going around in circles. “It’s to help you swim,” answered Todd, knowingly. “Wouldn’t arms be better?” “No.  They would just get in your way and slow … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

How many people do you think would rather be living different lives than the one they are currently living?  How many people are living lives that were over a long time ago, (widows, widowers)?  How many people are staying in … Continue reading

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Hi. My name is Gigi and I’m a bookaholic…

Book buying, book loving, book reading, books in stacks on every surface in a person’s house, isn’t really a vice, but it is an addiction.  Truthfully, I would have to live a couple of lifetimes to read all of the books … Continue reading

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Computer, a book and thoughts…

I only have access to pictures I’ve used or planned on using soon.  Can’t get to my photographs and can’t add the new ones I took.  Now, my mail won’t open.  I can still get to “comments,” however, and I’m … Continue reading

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Mildred is the matriarch of an outlaw band of wild guinea pigs.  She is clever, intelligent and a fierce fighter.   She has gone up against wild dogs, raccoons and more than one possum and she has the scars to … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Isn’t it funny how one day we can be incredibly happy and the next day all we want to do is drive into a viaduct going a 100 mph.  See that’s why wishes don’t come true right away.  Because we … Continue reading

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