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Dogs and cats…2 pictures

brown short coated dog wearing santa hat

It’s easier dressing up dogs, than it is cats.  Dogs put up with a lot and they don’t mind being silly.  Most cats, on the other hand, can go insane if you put things on them, running up the walls and knocking things off shelves, in a mad attempt to remove whatever it is you put on them.  Cats hate to look ridiculous.  Dogs…just smile and go along with the insane people they love.

Dogs are cooperative.  Cats couldn’t care less what anyone else wants.  Cats don’t actually recognize any other way but their own.

orange cat

Cats are more likely to climb the tree, rather than let you put a hat on them.   They live by different rules.  Dogs, like to please others and cats like to please themselves.  Dogs get pleasure from making others happy, cats get pleasure from making themselves happy and if some of their happiness happens to tub off on you…it’s by accident, but still nice.

Dogs and cats will both eat, or shred, the tree, the ornaments, the gifts, the ribbons and pretty much anything else.  They have that in common.  Hence the Christmas time visits to the vet.

Dogs will let you know they love their Dogmas presents by playing with their squeaky toys right away.  Cats, will ignore whatever they get until everyone is asleep.  When they are sure no one can see them, they toss their catnip mice high into the air, slide across the kitchen floor, playing mouse hockey and generally have a good time…alone.

Dogs have human friends.  Cats have staff.  Dogs will wait patiently for attention.  Cats will throw themselves on whatever you’re doing until you give them what they want.  Dogs will take their medicine, cats will send you to the ER.  Dogs will do as they are told.  Cats will tell you what you can do.  Dogs think they’re lucky to have you. Cats think you’re lucky to have them.

Both are loving.  Both are caring.  Cats will lay around or on you, if you are sick or unhappy.  They will climb on you and snuggle, in an effort to make you feel better.  Dogs are the same way.  Dogs appear to get stressed  more easily, but cats are good at hiding their feelings.   Dogs are very good at not biting.  Cats bite, scratch and hiss now and then.  They also do Halloween cat, walking sideways, fluffing up to look bigger and scarier, but all that does is make cat lovers, love them more.

Dogs and cats both save lives.  Okay, dogs make great service dogs and go to war.  I really haven’t seen any war cats, but they might have been napping.  Cats do not lead the blind, or come when called.  Cats never feel sorry for anything they do.  Dogs hide and turn away, knowing whatever it was they did, was the wrong thing.

There is no contest between them.  Dogs and cats get along and are often great friends.  Our personalities sometimes make us cat or dog people, because of who we are.  I love dogs, but I’m definitely a cat person.  I would love to run with wolves, or a tiger.  Okay maybe a German Shepherd and a stray.  Either way, I would love them madly.  But it’s all about cats for me, even though I have a great love for dogs.

If people don’t like cats, they probably won’t like me.  I’m cat-like, although I can’t jump to the top of the refrigerator.  I can’t even jump onto the counter tops.  Climb maybe, but jump…no.  So when I say that I’m cat-like, I don’t mean that I can fly or run up a wall.  I don’t nap either.  In truth, I guess we’re all a little of both, with heavy leanings toward one or the other.  I’m sure there are those who are equally in love with both.  They would be cadg lovers I guess.  We do love our labels, after all.

So, during this christmas holiday, dress up your dog and expect to see your cat in the tree.  That’s just the way things are.


Dog photo:  Jamie Street

Cat photo:  Jessica Lewis



Have yourself a merry little christmas…

I love outdoor trees that light up the night at christmas time…

Christmas tree with string lights

Photo:  Jon Sailer

The reindeer…

brown and black 4 legged animal on white snow covered ground during daytime

We’re kind of immortal, just like Santa.  Well, that’s not quite true.  There have been a couple of Santa’s, since the beginning of time, but it’s as close to immortal as one can possibly get, without actually being it.  Never mind.

So you’ve probably heard (I wanted to say herd, but the other reindeer told me not to pun or fool around) that we went on strike after Ms. Claus left.  We decided to work with her, since she takes things seriously and bakes cookies for us.  She also spends time with us and hugs us a lot.  Santa didn’t even blink an eye when we all left.  He has completely lost his focus.  I mean, you’d think that working one day a year. he could get his act together but it’s not happening.

The rest of the reindeer want you to know that we will be on the job Christmas Eve.  Ms. Claus has everything worked out and the gifts will be under the trees.  She said she’s going to check the list more than twice and make sure every child gets a gift, except for the bullies and mean kids.  Ms. Claus said that people make too many excuses for bad behavior and give bullies too many chances. She said adults don’t want to take the time to do anything about what bullies do.  It doesn’t matter why they are the way they are, the point is that the kids they bully often kill themselves, or are destroyed by what bullies are allowed to do to them.  She believes the focus should be on saving others from the bullies, no matter what they have to them.  She feels that it’s time we stop letting bullies, no matter their age or position in power, have their own way.  No one should be able to destroy others and make school or work a living hell.  She said we won’t be stopping at any of their houses.

Anyway,  we’re on the job, so no worries.  We appreciate the cookies, carrots and sugar cubes you put out for us.  Thank you.  We might only work one night a year, but it’s a very long night, as we follow the moon around the earth.  Ms. Claus has a spa day set aside for us on Christmas Day.  We’re looking forward to that.

We’ve been working out four hours a day.  Flying in formation and flying with heavy loads.  We stay in shape, but it’s always a good idea to warm up before the big night.

Some of the elves have moved in with us, so our friends are taking care of us and it’s wonderful to be together again.  Well, get your jingle on and be sure to put twinkle lights EVERYWHERE.  Merry, merry.  See you soon.  You won’t see us, of course, but still….


Photo:  Nicolas Lafargue

Absolutely the WORST Christmas IN MY ENTIRE LIFE…here’s why

Medicine, Pills, Capsules

I only take medicine if I can’t move, or to stop from having to go to the hospital before I drop dead…that’s how much I don’t like it.  I react badly to everything and I have to ask my allergist to check everything I take, although he’s the one who gave this to me.  Just because he might suggest something doesn’t mean I will take it and I usually don’t.  He knows that about me, having known me for a million years.  No, the dinosaurs were already dead, so I didn’t see any.

So, I went to see him and he said I was fine, and the allergy cough was all in my throat, (under my chin throat), so maybe I should try Pepcid.  I didn’t want to do it.

Here’s the thing.  When people talk about taking care of their bodies, that seems strange to me since I expect my BODY  to take care of me.  If it doesn’t think I can jump from one rooftop to another it better learn how fast, or stop me in some way, because I expect it to do what it should do, and what it should do, is anything I want it to.  So I just expect it to take care of itself, unless I break something.

Anyway, I didn’t take it and then I did.  I took a couple of them a day or two before Christmas Eve.

When EVERYONE asks you, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?”  and they look at you funny, you should listen to them.  But when you’re screwed up, you think there’s something wrong with all of THEM.  So, my daughter, the kids, everyone kept asking me what was wrong until I wanted to move to another country and never see or hear from any of them again.  My cousin, over the phone, kept asking me if, “If I was alright!”

I stayed at the Christmas Eve party for about 2 hours and just left.  Driving home I was thinking about how much I hated Christmas and pretty much everyone I knew, as well as people I didn’t know.  I got home, fed Emily, and took down all the decorations.  I had to stop myself from THROWING THEM ALL OUT.

People were calling me, but not asking what was wrong, because they knew they shouldn’t ask that anymore.  They wanted to make sure I was breathing.

I NEVER EVER, EVER GET DEPRESSED.  I’m like an A+ type personality, the Energizer Bunny and I’m always looking for fun and fabulous ways to enjoy everything.  Somehow, that person had disappeared.

That night, I couldn’t sleep, which is something else that NEVER EVER EVER HAPPENS TO ME.

I woke up with people calling to “check” on me.  I must have said, “I’M FINE,” ten zillion times.  I was not fine.  I finally realized I wasn’t fine when I went speed walking and a sappy, slow song came on playlist, AND I LISTENED TO THE WORDS AND THEY MEANT SOMETHING TO ME.  I stopped on the sidewalk and said, “Shit, there’s something wrong with me.”

Fortunately, I had stopped taking the Pepcid (I only took a few of them).  So, I got back to being myself Christmas afternoon, but it was like coming out a weird dream.

Here’s what I learned:

I have more sympathy and understanding of what people must go through when they’re clinically depressed.

When everyone you know tells you your weird…you’re weird.

When everything is suddenly flat, gray and you think it’s time to kill yourself…something is wrong and you need to stop whatever your doing before you’re dead and it’s too late.

Segue:  A couple of years ago my daughter was taking Zyrtec.  We were out for lunch.  I said, “Something’s wrong with you.”

Just read the above conversation, since it was pretty much the same back and forth.  She saw everything flat, gray and thought the blood running from her wrists would look pretty on the top of the water in the bathtub.  She called the doctor and he said, “Sure, it can make you suicidal.”

It happened to my granddaughter after one pill.

People die from taking over the counter drugs because they make them suicidal and drain all the joy out of life like the Dementors in Harry Potter. EXACTLY LIKE THAT!

I literally missed Christmas because of a stupid pill.  I’m NOT TAKING ANYTHING again, unless it’s a z pac.  I can take those.

Honestly,  IF ANY OF YOU ARE TAKING ANYTHING AND YOU FEEL HORRIBLE, STOP TAKING THE MEDICATION.  If you hate everyone, without a good reason, and you think you’d be better off dead, or being dead seems pleasant, then you need to stop taking whatever you’re taking immediately and call the doctor.

So, I’m me again.  My daughter said, “OMG I’m so glad you’re normal (yes, I realize that’s all relative), all I could think of was, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?”  I didn’t ask her what she meant by that.  I don’t want to know.  She said, “You weren’t talking or anything.”

These seemingly simple pills can cause horrific problems.  Thankfully, I didn’t take them like I was supposed to, as usual.  I only took a few and not twice a day.  So, I’m warning all of you.  Be really careful.  You can’t tell whether or not you’re okay.  You just feel icky, but it seems NORMAL.

Teens and adults have died from these OTC drugs.  Committed suicide because of them.

Anyway, that was my Christmas.  Argggg.  Sucked.  Emily didn’t seem to notice, or if she did, she didn’t say anything. She just let me pet her, like the good cat that she is.  Even crazy, I still loved her.

Fortunately, there’s a party this weekend, so I can have fun then.  But…be careful with what you buy from the drugstore’s OTC stash.  It can be the last thing you ever do.


Silent night – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

silent night
is relative
depending on where you are
people sing songs
from times so long ago
they have no meaning
for those who are alive today
babies scream
people get shot
dogs bark
people fight
are born
ER’s are busy
sirens sound
planes fly over head
cars screech
televisions blare
music blasts
people are at parties
I bet few have ever seen a manger
or even know what one is
so unless a person
lives in a rural area
where there is no war
or violence
silent night
takes on a different meaning
where all is not calm
although it is sometimes bright


via Silent night – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

Okay, so…Quan Yin

Vietnam, Da Nang, Hero Corp

I like Quan Yin.  I have statues of her around my house.  She’s peaceful and keeps her eyes closed.  She keeps her eyes closed because she vowed to keep them shut, until all suffering on earth has ended.  In other words, she won’t open her eyes until we become extinct.

Here’s my problem with Quan Yin.  Keeping your eyes closed doesn’t really help anyone.  It’s kind of like fasting.  If you die from not eating, for whatever cause you’re fighting for, you just become a symbol and they make T-shirts with your face on them.  Sure people might get fired up in the beginning, but they’re alive and can actually do something, while the the other person is dead and can just relax and let other people handle the problem.  It’s pretty much the same with all the gods we make up.  It’s definitely time for Quan Yin to open her eyes and get to work.

How does sitting still, with your eyes closed, help ANYONE at all?  It doesn’t.  If she’s suffering because of the suffering going on on earth, how could she possibly believe that not looking, will help anyone, or anything?

I look at her face (there’s a statue right next to me), and she looks peaceful, I mean she’s a statue, but her appearance is peaceful.  It shouldn’t be.  She should be more like Kali, with  a necklace of skulls around her neck, I don’t see Kali helping the cause either but still, she’s at least vicious and with the program.  Maybe Kali does her thing at night, who knows.

I’ve known a lot of people who have gone through their lives with their eyes closed.  They caused a lot of harm to others, even to their own kids, but they thought it was easier not to look, rather than be present and act.

I guess Quan is from that school of thought.  It’s never easier to sit back and close your eyes, not in the long run.  If you do that, the bad guys will always win.  See, this is where it gets tricky.  WE might not win, but we can hold our ground.  I think that’s important when you’re fighting someone stronger than you are, richer, with an entire MILITARY MACHINE behind them and all the money in the world.  So, we, the little regular people, can’t just give up and close our eyes, or there will be nothing left.  Standing up to overwhelming odds still has to be done.  It’s only infants and tiny toddlers who believe that if they close their eyes, or put a diaper on their face, things really disappear.

Quan Yin needs to bloody well wake up and stand with us, with her eyes OPEN.  That’s the thing about gods, they are usually bystanders.  Well, that and the fact that we really don’t matter at all.  And the part about none of them being real to begin with…I mean surely THAT counts for them not showing up.  They don’t exist.  I think they’re metaphors, that’s all.

We need to stop making excuses for the gods we make up and face the fact that we’re in his, whatever it is, alone.  ALL the gods are pretend, that’s why they never do anything. They can’t, since they aren’t real. Made up gods are just the way men in costumes steal from people.  I’d like to know who made up Quan Yin.  I mean who makes up someone who won’t open their eyes?  Did the people who made her up think that people would feel sorry for her and suddenly become good, so she could see again?  And suffering comes in all kinds of forms, so good luck.

Having said that, we need Diana and her hounds, we need all of the Goddesses to give us, their daughters, the power to overcome male violence and inequality.  That’s really all I want for Christmas, an end to patriarchy.  That’s all I EVER want.   No one even has to wrap it.

Merry, merry and ho ho ho.


Fairytale of New York – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

every year at Christmas
New York disappears
no one really notices
but that’s what happens
it’s picked up by two giants
who are very strong indeed
and carried to a secret fairytale place
to be evaluated
and dissected by lab techs
who determine whether or not
the human species
should be allowed to continue
the techs check out the buildings
they listen to our songs
they watch to see what people do
all night and all day long
are they mean or are they happy
do they fight or are they kind
are they loving
are they helpful
are they clean
and do they shine
do they care for other species
for the birds and fish and such
or are they selfish and too greedy
to care so very much
are they filled with love or hatred
equality or rage
do they think of life as wholesome
or something set upon a stage
should the humans days be numbered
or should they get another chance
to try and be much better
and help the world advance
but sadly the decision
based on what was seen
put us on probation
because we’re really mean
we’re a danger to all life forms
we contribute nothing that good
the vote was four to three
to remove us from the hood
but one tech
she said something
that gave us just an edge
and rather than delete us
they gave us six more months instead
if we show no signs of improvement
do nothing to change our ways
they will simply wipe us out
and hope for better days


via Fairytale of New York – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

Resa wrote this in the COMMENT section of one of my posts and it’s wonderful

So, there is a fire hall that has a Golden, as their firehouse dog.
They have been collecting toys, Christmas gifts for underprivileged kids. The fire people noticed a few toys missing. They didn’t know what the???
They put a cam on the toys. Turns out the dog had been picking out ones he liked, and was hiding them near his bed… under a desk or something. They replaced all missing toys.
No charges will be laid.
Lol! I was warmed and amused when I saw this today.



Cat, Two, Black, Greece, Animals

my (adult) daughter
and I am
we can’t figure out
how each other’s
braIn works
she redid the cookies
I put on the cookie sheet
they weren’t the exact same size
and I didn’t flatten them perfectly
she kept picking them up
and re-rolling them
it was really funny
she couldn’t help herself
I thought they were fine

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