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To the children of the world…my wish for you.

Cuddly Toys, Teddy Bear, Teddy, Bear

I wish you sunshine
soft blankets
and hugs
to be loved for who you are
to live in peace
without fear
to be able to learn
from teachers who care
to be healthy
and have health care
if you need help
I wish for your dreams
to come true
I want you to have
delicious food
to be able to play
and have friends
to find joy
in simple things
to not hate the generations
who left you an earth in crisis
to have dreams
that come true
to find love
to be kind
to care for animals
and all living things
I wish for you to be happy
and free
to never let yourself be
controlled by others
but to simply
be your own
a work of art
made by you
who have
the potential
to make a new
and better world
these are the things
I wish for you


Photo:  Pixabay

Okay, so…

New Year, Christmas, Holiday, Winter

It’s -30 degrees right now.  It was -36 (with the windchill factor) when I was eating breakfast with Emmie, so it’s warming up…LOLOLOLOL The wind is 24 mph.  The person I hired to do my driveway hasn’t been well.  I hope he feels better soon, he’s one of the nicest people, always happy and smiling. I’m glad the snow is only a few inches high.  It’s not the driveway that would stop me from getting out, it’s the bottom, where the plows build up a WALL so that none of us can get over it, even my Jeep can’t get through some of it, when it’s bad.  Happily, for those who like it, there will definitely be a white Christmas.

Emmie found my lost bluetooth this morning, so that was a nice surprise.  She was playing with it.  She doesn’t play with her toys, just with other things, like a leaf or balled up bit of paper I roll toward her.  She does not do boxes either.  They just sit on the floor and she walks around them.

My daughter and son-in-law have covid, so Christmas has been moved to January.  I took down all of my decorations and started cleaning.  Christmas is pretty much over.

A friend of mine just texted that 104,000 people left Illinois this year.  Easy to understand from the weather alone, which is a huge factor.  But also from the corruption, violence, high cost of living and, well, THE WEATHER AGAIN!!!!

The gifts are wrapped, the banana bread baked (and now in the freezer).  Christmas will take place later, when everyone is healthy and can make it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, filled with joy, good food, good people and animals, and happy surprises.  Merry, merry and may all good things come your way.


Photo:  Pixabay

Have yourself a merry little Christmas with glitter and shiny things, good food and those you care about.

a pile of different colored ornaments sitting on top of each other

Photo:  Eugene Golovesov


a bird sitting on top of a pile of wrapped presents

Photo:  Anita Austvika

Cookie time…

Free Gingerbread Cookies on Cutting Board Stock Photo

Photo:  Nati

Merry, Merry…

Free Dachshund Dog Wearing a Red Sweater Stock Photo

Photo:  Dominbika Roseclay

“It’s all about the lights…a short holiday story.

Free Multicolored Link Light Decor Stock Photo

“It’s all about the lights,” she said, testing a handful.

“No.  It’s all about the presents,” he laughed.



“People?”  she asked.

“Some,” he answered.


“No.  Memories get changed with time.  They don’t last.  It’s all about the gifts.  You can look at something and remember who gave it to you and think about how you felt getting, or giving something.”

“That’s true, but there would be no holiday without lights.  That’s what the season is for…the return of the light.  Yule, stolen from the pagans, by the greedy men, who have not been able to erase the true meaning of this time of year.”

He looked at her.  “That’s true.  But there’s no reason we can’t have both…the lights and the gifts.”

“Perfect,” she nodded.  “I read something that said, Collect moments not things, and thought how silly that was.  You can’t collect moments.  Things are connections that last.  Moments are fleeting.  Things get handed down, or passed to those who need reminding,” she said.

“Definitely. Too many people don’t realize how important things are.  Like this engagement ring,” he said, slipping it onto her finger.  “Things stand for something, and this stands for love.”

“It’s beautiful,” she whispered, staring at the ring.

“So are you,” he said.

“It’s still all about the lights,” she snickered, watching the flickers of color flash through the diamond on her finger.

“It’s all about the gifts,” he said, pulling her close.


Photo:  Adonyi Gábor


Getting ready for Christmas…

Photo:  Eugenia Remark

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Free Close-Up Photography of White Cat Besides Christmas Lights Stock Photo

Photo:  Eftodii Aurelia

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Photo:  Anita Austvika

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