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Wanna see Pluto? Check out this 2 minute fly-by from: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Pluto Flyover from New Horizons

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Instead of vet bills, you’ll have to go to a mechanic…but if it’s a robot dog you’re looking for…it’s almost here. A TED Talk and watch how at the end he slides over the question of military interest in robots…they’re funding it.

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Another rose…

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Emily may look sweet and unassuming but…see photo 2

She usually isn’t attracted to Nuggie Mouse (that’s the squirrel’s name).  But for some reason she was stalking her last night, so I had to stand there until Nuggie ate her peanuts and ran away.

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Seriously…we need more political art for the masses…so get busy…thank you (this is an old journal page that I think I posted a really long time ago)

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Okay, so…

I just got an email from an old friend/sorority sister.  In it was a this: “Life doesn’t come wrapped with a bow but it’s still a gift.” How do we know that life is a gift and not a punishment? … Continue reading

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I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden today…a tangerine rose

The roses (and the people) were boiling in the blazing sun and after being almost drowned, a few weeks ago, they still looked pretty fabulous…at least some of them.  The deep red, velvety roses never do as well as the … Continue reading

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Believe it…


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Street art…Matrix is alive and well and so is Neo


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How to wash your foot…uh…paw

Emily flopped down on the patio to bathe.  She spread her claws and went to work.  She likes her paws to be very white, so she works hard to keep them that way.

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