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Street art from TAB54

Excellent quote from: Patti Smith on A Pondering Mind blog

Street art from TAB54

One of a kind…photographer of the truth.

This post is so important…

I thought I knew what was happening to earth’s animals. Now I know what I knew, but better. Through the use of syllabic poetry, photography, video and text, Robbie takes us on a learning tour of South Africa’s creatures and their environment. I even learned a new term: Sixth Mass extinction. I don’t know much […]

Lion Scream – by Robbie Cheadle — Graffiti Lux Art & More

Listen to the forest and those who make it their home…

WWF AND HP WORK TO PROTECT THIS SPECIAL PLACE AND THE VOCAL ANIMALS THAT CALL IT HOME Brazil’s Atlantic Forest is one of the most biodiverse in the world, with many species found nowhere else on the planet. The forest provides for the jaguars, sloths, butterflies, birds, and thousands of other species that call it […]



The shutting down of the industry six years earlier than scheduled comes after decades of conflict Adam Morton, Adeshola Ore and Paul Karp Native forest logging in Victoria will end in December, six years earlier than previously planned, after the state government decided severe bushfires and legal campaigns had made it economically and environmentally unviable. The announcement by the Andrews […]

End of native logging in Victoria ‘a monumental win for forests’, say conservationists — Stigmatis News

From: waldina. The video is wonderful and this woman deserves recognition. Gigi

Today is the 153rd birthday of the botanist Ynes Mexia. She is considered one of the most successful botanists and plant collectors of her time, and she didn’t begin her career until she was 55 years old. Second acts and longevity are running themes of inspiration here and her story of it never being too […]

Happy 153rd Birthday Ynes Mexia — waldina

From Holly…

The last…

By Derek Cai | BBC News The last known Taiwanese “comfort woman” from World War Two has died aged 92, says a Taipei anti-sex trafficking group. An estimated 2,000 Taiwanese were forced into sexual slavery during World War II “Comfort women” refers to those forced to work in the Japanese army’s wartime brothels between 1932 […]

‘Comfort women’: Last known Taiwanese survivor dies at 92 — Stigmatis News

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