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The orange one is out, so…

Ikhsan Sugiarto Pexels

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Pretty much says it all…

M.B.M. Unplash

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Books…a sign…poem

it doesn’t matter how battered the sign how ragged or worn to those who love the touch of paper and the printed word bound by covers the word BOOKS is simply irroestiable   Photo:  César Viteri Unsplash

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What matters…

I think the greatest thing anyone can do is THINK FOR THEMSELVES nothing matters more than that absolutely NOTHING   photo:  Clark Tibbs Unsplash

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If we don’t have to go out…

I know most of us want to go out and enjoy the final days of summer, but if we are ever going to get control of the virus, even a little, let’s stay home whenever we can. Eleven hundred people … Continue reading

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My daughter went for a walk and this is the sign she saw on someone’s lawn…

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This was on the side of a building…in Bucktown (another Chicago neighborhood)

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Okay…so here’s ANOTHER brilliant saying/sign…one can only ASSUME that it’s fine to drive poorly, dangerously, or even carelessly, around OTHER children, who may NOT be loved…this is exactly what I mean. Who would LIVE in a place where people put this on a SIGN? Obviously, the people who live there believe that the only children who should be safe, are the children they love.

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