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Here’s a sign that promises something good…Resa, is a pie maker, but lives way to far away for me to rush to her house and sit out in front until she gives me a slice of blueberry. Sigh. A poem, of sorts.

red and white love neon light signage

I love the crust
I eat that first
I just snap the crust
off the back of the slice
and gobble it down
then I eat a bit of the inside
and look for more crust
I love blueberry
with vanilla bean ice cream
that melts over warm pie
cherry would be my second choice
and I suppose
if I were desperate
I’d eat apple
especially the crust
always with ice cream
pie is one of the best things
on this rock
after chocolate
of course
but some pies
actually vie for first place
now and then
just sayin’
warm pie
cold ice cream


Photo:  Martin de Arriba

Big sign, big idea, big everything, when you’re just a kid…

toddler looking at believe in yourself graffiti

Photo:  Katrina Wright

Sign of the times…

Phtot:  Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Sign of the times…

Photo:  Jon Tyson


Sign of the times…

Sign of the times…

Free Hanging Message Board  Stock Photo

Photo:  Lorraine Steriopol

Sign of the times…

selective color of Stop eating animals signage

Photo:  Simon Berger

Sign of the Times…

blue and brown welcome to the beach signage

Photo:  Ehimetalor Unuabona


Sign of the times…

FREEDOM includes protesting a government gone bad…

man in black coat holding blue and white signage

Photo: Marc Pell

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