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Book. Looking forward to reading this one…I hope it’s good. Fingers crossed.

New Book…about Sylvia Beach and Shakespeare and Company…review

This just came out.  I pre ordered it because I’m a huge fan of Sylvia Beach’s and of the bookstore.  One of the thrills of my life was going to Shakespeare and Company, TWICE.  It’s not her shop, of course, but just being there was magical.  I loved it.

Anyway, if you’re a fan, skip this book.  There are so many others that are better.  This is a work of FICTION, but the author does two things that turned me against the book.  She invaded Beach’s privacy, with regard to Adrienne Monnier.  She put words into Beach’s mouth and thoughts into her mind, that I think would embarrass Beach, since she was such a PRIVATE person.  She always called Monnier her, “very good friend.”  I thought doing that was disrespectful to Beach.

And the ending was so terrible.  She actually made James Joyce like he did something nice for Beach, when all he ever did was use and abuse her kindness and friendship.  She ends by saying that Joyce, who used anyone he could, but none as much as Beach, thanked her, in a very flowery way, and gave her a check from his advance on his book.  That is a lie and makes him seem as if he wasn’t the cheat, and cad that he was.  He almost bankrupted Beach, was never grateful, and just took everything he could from her.  So that alone made me dislike the book.  Horrible sappy ending.

The author admits to not researching this or that, which I guess doesn’t matter when writing historical fiction.  But here’s the thing…Sylvia Beach has a FOLLOWING.  She is still loved and respected by many.  So when things like this are written about her, it doesn’t “sit well,” with those of us who care about her.

In one of her video interviews, she said that she never made one cent from Ulysses.  “Not a penny.”

This might be historical fiction but it’s too close to the person we still KNOW, to make mistakes like this.

There is nothing at all in this book that can’t be found in books that are non-fiction and tell the truth.

I can’t believe anyone would make Joyce seem like he ever thought about anyone but himself.  OMG  Ridiculous.


This is a beautiful book. The artwork is fabulous and lots of fun. A great gift for anyone who loves whimsy and imagination.

Beth chose the PERFECT book to read to the chicklets on Chickmas Eve…

I’m not telling the chicklets the title of the book, but I know they will LOVE it.  Everyone knows that Santa’s crazy about birds.

The Sewing Committee is working hard to finish the new cushion they are making for Beth.  They are going to surprise her, so don’t tell anyone.  Chirp.


Great book…I’ve given it as gifts and people LOVE it. It’s fun, informative and brilliant. Weird and fabulous stuff inside.


This is so fantastic. The artwork, the truth about what’s being done to us, how we are manipulated. It’s the perfect gift. This book should be must reading in every school in the country, if we are ever to have an educated public.

This is one of the most beautiful books…for all ages…review

The artwork is incredible…full page pictures.  The book is fun, moving and sweet. It speaks to everyone, no matter the age.  It’s one of my favorites.  it would make a perfect gift for someone special, since this is a truly special book.  I can’t recommend it enough.

This book is gorgeous…every page a feast for the eyes, as far as beautiful animals go.

If you’re looking for a book filled with amazing pictures of animals, check this out.  Every detail is there and the animals are so beautiful.  Easy to fall in love with every single one of them.

A sweet book for cat lovers…review below

It’s a hardcover book of postcard-like pictures of cats, and a few others.  The book is unusual and very special.  The paper is thick and lovely. The pictures are absolutely adorable.  There are no words in the book, and the backs of the pictures are blank  You can remove them from the binding, if you would like to frame, or send them.  I’m not going to either, since I love the book the way it is.

For cat lovers, or just as a sweet surprise, check out this wonderful work of art.

A book that would make lovely gifts…

the lost spells is a gentle book about the beauty and wonder of nature.  It is filled with gorgeous watercolor illustrations.  It’s smaller size does nothing to hinder it’s powerful impact.  It would make a perfect gift for a nature, art, or book, lover.


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