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Something wonderful…a freshly baked loaf of bread

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From: Bored Panda…

45 Simple Hacks Everyone Can Do To Make Groceries Last Longer

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My daughter’s chocolate chip cookies…they are SOOOOO DELICIOUS! We like them thin and crisp.


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Tater Tots. They were crispy and sooooo delicious.

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Melanie http://wordifull.com/ overnighted these DELICIOUS blueberry tartlets to me. They are DELICIOUS and she made EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH. Thank you Melanie. Yummmmmy!

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From: Candy

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Pears…a poem

green or red Anjou Bartlett Red Bartlett Bosc and Concord Seckel Comice Forelle or Starkrimson no matter their name pears are the ONLY fruit that play with us teasing cunning and sly they  have a ten minute window when they … Continue reading

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Yesterday I went to Whole Foods and the packaged lettuce shelves were empty.  Several people were standing there staring at the shelves.  I joined them.  When a person, who worked there, came out, I asked if they were going to … Continue reading

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Yummy salad for lunch yesterday…oranges, pecans, tomatoes and mixed greens

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I stopped to get a dozen donuts, for a Christmas treat, yesterday and started laughing when I saw the bright neon sign that said:  OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY.  Now, I realize that cops get hungry and there’s always someone … Continue reading

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