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Ban GMO…

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TED Talk…

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Cooking and books…

do not try to cook and read at the same time because it rarely ends well and it takes a long time to get the burnt odor out of the house

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Buddha Hand…$4.99 a pound

I have no idea what this is but it was at my grocery store.  So weird.  Never saw it before.

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What is it with bananas?

I can buy bananas as green as grass and by the time I get home from the store and take them out of the bag they are yellow and ripe.  What’s with that?  Peaches can be as hard as a … Continue reading

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Creperie Saint-Germain…

Debbie and I ate at this French Restaurant yesterday, when we were in Evanston.  The restaurant was attractive and the waiters were nice but the food was heavy and not that good.  We won’t be going back. Creperie Saint-Germain 1512 … Continue reading

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