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Abundance…why isn’t it for everyone?

sliced orange fruit and green leaves on white ceramic plate

Photo:  Anto Meneghini

A healthy breakfast starts and ends with chocolate chip cookies…definitely. Mine (I only had one) was delicious.

close-up photo of baked cookies

Photo:  Jennifer Pallian

Take a moment for chocolate…

white and brown chocolate ice cream on white ceramic plate

Photo:  Thilia Ruiz


white and red cake with black and white icing on top

Photo:  Deva Williamson

These look so delicious…Mine never look like that…sigh.

Pancakes With Black Berries on White Ceramic Plate

Photo:  Marta Dzedyshko

Maybe this will cheer you up…

clear glass with white liquid

Photo:  Heather Barnes

A beautiful Christmas treat…

black berries on white paper

chocolate and berries


Elana Elena

be a monster…7 pictures (dark chocolate s not included since it’s goo for your heart, so enjoy)

white neon light signage on brick wall

Have you noticed how everything that’s yummy and fun, is bad for us?  How we are taught to feel guilty, or hate ourselves, if we eat an entire bag of Oreos, half a cheesecake, or even a pint or two of Ben & Jerry?   Not to mention a rack of onion rings, an XL order of fries,  or a beautiful deep dish, or thin crust pizza.

Well, during this extremely difficult holiday season, be a monster…eat desserts.  Eat whatever you like.    Life is short, be a monster.

Food, Restaurant, Cafe, Dining, Dinner

French Fries, Potatoes, Food, Snack

Pizza, Food, Meal, Dish, Snack, Tasty

Ice, Chocolate Ice, Sky, Clouds, Dessert

Cheesecake, Table, Dessert, Cream, Food

Cake, Pastry, Sweet, Sugar, Unhealthy

Neon sign:   Sherman Yang

All other pictures from:  Pixabay


A Christmas memory that keeps giving…Oreos and milk

brown ceramic mug with white liquid

All I can say is YUM!!!! I LOVE French fries with, catsup, mayo, mustard, pretty much anything.

Photo:  Eiliv-Sonas Aceron

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