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3 ingredients…banana pancakes…Vegetarian…not vegan…from my cousin

2 TBs unbleached flour 1 mashed banana 1 egg Mix together…makes 3 pancakes.  Moist in middle when done.

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Whole Foods…

I went to Whole Foods yesterday.  When I was checking out the woman kept looking at me, then at my food.  I had an Ancient Grain bread, my very favorite, a French Boule, Pretzel bread sticks, two small French breads, … Continue reading

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Ban GMO…

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TED Talk…

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Cooking and books…

do not try to cook and read at the same time because it rarely ends well and it takes a long time to get the burnt odor out of the house

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Buddha Hand…$4.99 a pound

I have no idea what this is but it was at my grocery store.  So weird.  Never saw it before.

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