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These look so delicious…Mine never look like that…sigh.

Photo:  Marta Dzedyshko Pexels

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Maybe this will cheer you up…

Photo:  Heather Barnes Upsplash

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A beautiful Christmas treat…

chocolate and berries   Elana Elena Unplash

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be a monster…7 pictures (dark chocolate s not included since it’s goo for your heart, so enjoy)

Have you noticed how everything that’s yummy and fun, is bad for us?  How we are taught to feel guilty, or hate ourselves, if we eat an entire bag of Oreos, half a cheesecake, or even a pint or two … Continue reading

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A Christmas memory that keeps giving…Oreos and milk

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All I can say is YUM!!!! I LOVE French fries with, catsup, mayo, mustard, pretty much anything.

Photo:  Eiliv-Sonas Aceron Upsplash

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Something wonderful…a freshly baked loaf of bread

Photo:  Pixabay

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From: Bored Panda…

45 Simple Hacks Everyone Can Do To Make Groceries Last Longer

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My daughter’s chocolate chip cookies…they are SOOOOO DELICIOUS! We like them thin and crisp.


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Tater Tots. They were crispy and sooooo delicious.

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