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Neon…and How they Met

“I don’t get it,” she said to the guy behind the bar.” “Get what?” “Why would anyone want to come in here to cry?  Why would anyone want to cry at all? And why is crying okay?  Wouldn’t it make … Continue reading

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Do you think…in the end…we all say the same thing?

Photo:  Nadi Lindsay Pexels

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Neon…a very short story

? The bell on the front door rang. “How can I help you?” she asked, coming up to the counter. “I want to know what I’m going to get…eventually,” he said.  “If I’m going to eventually get something, why can … Continue reading

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Sometimes life is just that simple…

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Neon…WAR…A short story

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked. “I’m the bartender, so sure,” she said, pouring a non-alcoholic splash of liquid into a glass and knocking it back.  “Thanks.” “I’m new here.” “Tell me about it,” she said, wondering what … Continue reading

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No doubt about it…We’re…

Photo:  Tove Liu Pexels

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be a monster…7 pictures (dark chocolate s not included since it’s goo for your heart, so enjoy)

Have you noticed how everything that’s yummy and fun, is bad for us?  How we are taught to feel guilty, or hate ourselves, if we eat an entire bag of Oreos, half a cheesecake, or even a pint or two … Continue reading

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we are always HERE there’s no place else we can possibly be but HERE wherever HERE is if we’re there we’re HERE some might say you’re there but their there is your HERE because wherever you are is your HERE … Continue reading

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what does any of it really mean   Photo:  Emily Morter Unsplash

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Poetry in neon…a poem

poems flung into distant nights fly free whispering into un-expecting ears bringing new understanding of a changing reality   Photo:  Meadow Marie Unsplash

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