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My pant is blooming…it seems really happy.


blue and black abstract painting

Once in space, things changed radically.  Worlds were…molten, their colors golden and shifting.  Huge storm centers rolled around, as other bits broke off and danced in the silence.  The astronauts were fascinated, and glued to their tiny windows.  The photographs being sent back to NASA had the planets looking solid, some even rather static.  Two different realities existed at the same time.

The tiny spaceship (see the itty bitty golden dot far left, half way down), looked lost amid the action, and was swallowed up by the the goings-on.  The beauty, of course, could not be denied, but there was no place to land.  Therefore, the astronauts, tried very hard to break away from the squishy, but lovely, planet’s gravitation pull.  Sadly, that proved to be impossible and they are now going with the flow, if you will.  Forever.  Or until the end of the universe, whichever comes first.


Photo:  Solen Feyissa

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