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This is from Candy and it’s fantastic…watch the whole thing.

The Singer…

brown and black animal on water during daytime

This is Bernice.  She’s a huge Queen fan, in the most literal sense of the word. She’s singing her heart out at the moment, which is one reason…she’s by herself.  It’s not that she doesn’t have a lovely voice…exactly.  It’s just that she’s a bit…mmmm…it’s hard to explain,..maybe LOUD is the word I’m looking for.  Anyway, she’s having fun.  She usually sings in the morning, after a breakfast of and seaweed…other things.

She’s belting out ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST, at the moment.  Her only regret is that she never saw Queen play live in concert.  I bet if Freddie knew she loved him, he would have gone to her and sung a duet with this wonderful fan.

Bernice wanted to start a cover band, but no one would join her, so she sings alone.  She’s okay with that, she said.  Then she smiled and said she has a thing for Roger Taylor.  I told her that I could certainly understand that, since I felt the same way.


Photo:  Chris Stenger


A life well lived, well loved and celebrated…


Another one from Melanie…These are important political songs. Thanks Melanie.

From my friend, Perry: Sing along

My granddaughter just sent this to me… WATCH IT…it’s fabulous

Thanks to Melanie, here’s the song that goes at the end of Chapter on How they Met


Gotta love it…sing it…you know you want to…

OH, SNOWY NIGHT…sing to oh holey night…snicker, snicker, holey, get it?

Microphone, Boy, Studio, Screaming

oh snowy night
the stars are out there twinkling
but can’t be seen
‘cuz the clouds
are too thick

my brother’s sick
the dog just ate
our dinner
the tree fell over
my dad’s on the floor

my mom’s in tears
her laughter is contagious
I look around
and ask
is this outrageous

another happy moment
the tree will get done
but we’ll have
to order out

oh night
of snow
oh niiiiiiiight
oh night
of snooooooow


Dogs can sing too, you know, so here is: SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN, the canine version.

Dachshund, Rauhaardackel, Dog, Animal

you better not fight
you better not bite
you better not whine
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

he’s making a list
I don’t think he knows
about your mom’s shoe
or that you ate half the hose
Santa Claus is coming to town

he sees you when your eating
he knows when you’re asleep
Santa’s really creepy
so don’t even make a peep

you better not fight
you better not bite
you better not whine
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming TOOOOOOOO TOWN



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