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Okay, so…

I was walking past the salad bar in the grocery store today and noticed that they had put little signs with the amount of calories in front of every single thing.  Insane.  They could at least put a flap over … Continue reading

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I thought it was okay to use Pinterest photographs on our blogs.  I always give the artists credit and put all the available info under the picture.  It has come to my attention that this is walking a fine line, … Continue reading

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The way I thanked them was to keep their fight for freedom going…

Picture from:  Pinterest I have a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies.  Most women/girls know little, or nothing, about the brave and dedicated women who came before them because what women did is NOT taught in schools.  Now days, a few … Continue reading

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Picture from:  Pinterest Spirit remembered being human.  She remembered wearing clothes and reading books.  She thought she was happy then, in a body, living in a house, eating at a table, but once she was running through the snow, her … Continue reading

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To women who want to soar…

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Friends come in all shapes and sizes…

Picture from:  Pinterest Love this so much:)

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Outside is where we belong…

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I think this is what freedom looks like…of course I don’t know for sure, but this is what it would look like to me…

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Schools are doing this…everyday…making many, many, many, kids hate reading. That’s their JOB

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The raven’s lament…

    Picture from: Pinterest I posted this poem in  October of 2013   the raven sat upon his branch his beak was open wide I wish I’d met that Mr. Poe I’d have his crusty hide he made us … Continue reading

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