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From: Candy. More things are coming out about the Humane Society and what they are doing with 26 MILLION dollars. The money is NOT going to the animals.

https://www.humanewatch.org/hsus-has-quietly-sent-26-million-to-the-caribbean/ Imagine how many animals could be helped by the money that kind people DONATE for that very purpose.  Greed. Advertisements

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Two articles about the Humane Society…bad news indeed. The first link is how the money is being spent, the second, with the photo is about sexual harassment. Both articles are from my friend Candy…an animal lover.


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Sleeping buddies…love doesn’t see species, or color…it just is.

Photo:  Pixabay

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Okay, so here’s ancient Vicious Beast, waiting for cheese. She’s being good, because she LOVES cheese.

I think the reasons animals don’t speak, has more to do with the bother of it all, than the actual physical properties, inherent in speaking.  They have TAILS and they have EARS that move.   They speak with those.  Wags, straight … Continue reading

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Horses…5 pictures

I started riding horses when I was about four.  My uncle’s brother ran a stables and my uncle shoed horses and was a Forest Ranger.  His horse’s name was Copper Penny but we just called her Penny. We didn’t have … Continue reading

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Love is a beautiful thing…


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Animals love each other…racism doesn’t exist…they are are more evolved than humans


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