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From: Bored Panda

Woman Records A Bobcat Family Having A Blast On Her Front Porch

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A heap of…love

like a heap of small children sweet animals nestle together in a pile of love and summer dreams

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From Candy…raccoon and second picture is…raccoon and Shuggy, her cat. LOL

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Two sweet fawns by my granddaughter’s apartment building…she’s in downstate IL at school.

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Friends know how to share…

Picture:  Pixabay

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Okay, so…

I’ve been thinking about how much time we have to spend, being taught how to live on our own.  Think about it.  Years and years of our lives are spent being conditioned, brainwashed, living by the RULES, forced to go … Continue reading

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Remember Doug, the dog?

Doug was back in school, even thought he got by enough to graduate once before.  This was an Intermediate class.  My cousin said that if he wasn’t so cute….well, you can guess the rest.  That’s my wee cousin, my cousin’s … Continue reading

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They are trying to save the animals…3 pictures

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