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EVERYTHING belongs to cats…

Free A Cat and a Dog Together on a Grass Field Stock Photo

Photo:  Ioan-Dan Plesa

Irish Elk…Art,Extinction

fragile lives…a series by artist Noah Negishi, to bring awareness of animals that have gone extinct.  This is the Irish Elk.


Photo:  Noah Negishi

Love watching the day take form…

Photo:  Neil Bates


Photo:  Ainur Knakimov

These are wonderful…from: Bored Panda

45 Wholesome Pics Of Adopted Pets That Show What Joy Giving Them A Second Chance Brings To Everybody (August Edition)

Cats in a box…

Free An Orange Tabby and Brown Cats in a Cardboard Box Stock Photo

Photo: Arina Krasnikova

Different strokes…

Onions, Cut, Fresh, Vegetable, Veggie

I look at the pictures in books, of people living off the land, minimalist life styles, growing their own food, working in their garden, and all I can say is, “Not in a million years.”  The pictures are beautiful, taken at all the right angles, showcasing the wonderfulness of it all, and I think of what a living hell it would be, if I had to live that way.  Different strokes.

My cousin is a farmer.  She lives in Chicago, but she’s always planted beans, peppers and a bunch of other things.  I reap the benefits, now and then, but all I can see is work, and a rivalry between her and the bunnies (who just about ate everything she planted this year).  She would never hurt a bunny, but I can see her inner farmer, shaking her head and biting her lip.  I tell her to have a cookie out of the bag I’m holding, and she just stares at me.  “You can just buy cookies,” I say.  “No planting, buying seeds, watering, fighting with wildlife, or anything.  I can see that she’s thinking of me as one of the bunnies.  She wants me to go away.

I don’t get it, but then when I had a zoo living in my house, people didn’t get that either.  “Why would you want to do all that work?” they would ask.  Feeding, cleaning up after dogs, cats, lizards, birds, guinea pigs and hamsters, even a chinchilla, and my huge Iguana.  I would tell them it wasn’t work.  I loved them, so it was a pleasure having and caring for them.  That’s the way my cousin feels about her beets.  Different strokes.

You can’t pet or snuggle with beets.  I don’t know if she’s tried it, but who knows what farmers do when no one is looking.


Photo:  Pixabay



My granddaughter’s cats…21 is the blond one and Effy is the other one. 21 is so photogenic. And Effy is gorgeous.

Fashion sheep…

white horse on green grass field during daytime

Photo:  Anne Zwickermann

How sweet is this…

Dog, Cat, Animals, Bull Terrier, Pets

Photo:  Pixabay

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