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How sweet is this…

Dog, Cat, Animals, Bull Terrier, Pets

Photo:  Pixabay

From: Bored Panda

Wild Animals From Up Close: 60 Portraits By This Photographer 


Photo:  Ahmed Galal

Everyday is Mother’s Day to a baby…

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Photo:  Pixabay

LOL From: Bored Panda

50 Pets Who Thought They Were Hiding, But Actually Weren’t

A sheep in dog’s clothing…

Sheep, Herd, Dog, Livestock, Grazing

Photo:  Pixabay

These photographs are wonderful…From: Bored Panda

Woman Carries And Comforts Cat Amid Air Raid Sirens Sounding In Kyiv, Ukraine

This is why I love independent bookstores, dogs and cats, from: Bored Panda

Bookstore Becomes More Magical When Golden Retriever Is Appointed As Manager

Dogs are pros, when it comes to having fun. They are filled with joy and for many of us, their joy is contagious.

brown long coat medium dog on brown field during daytime

Photo:  Kojirou Saski

And now…for something cute, from Bored Panda, just to show you I am not always SCREAMING ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE WORLD! Even if that’s what I want to do.

Artist Illustrates Honest Confessions From Pets, And Here Are The 30 Best Ones

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