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From: Bored Panda…do NOT miss a single picture…so wonderful and adorable.

50 Times Vets Encountered The Cutest Pets At Work And Just Had To Take A Picture

My granddaughter and her boyfriend are moving to Vegas…they are on their way and here are their babies. She made a tent for them, so they feel safe and it’s going well. Today is day two. 2 pictures

Old friends hold a special place in our hearts…

Close-Up Photography of Two Dogs

Photo:  bin ziegler

All cats, no matter their size, like to play UPSIDE DOWN CAT!

Two Gray Lions Laying on Sand

Photo:  Gary White


pink and gray pig beside dog

“Excuse me.  Are you supposed t be here?”


“Are you going to take the ball?”


“What kind of dog are you?”


“My name is Ted.”


“This is so weird,” said Ted, finally walking away.


Photo:  David Clode


These are really cool…from: Bored Panda

74 Unsettling Yet Intriguing Photo Manipulations Depicting Russian Streets Featuring Gigantic Animals By Vadim Solovyev (New Pics)

A day at the beach…

White and Gray Bird on the Bag of Brown and Black Pig Swimming on the Beach during Daytime

Ben and Jerry decided to spend the day in the sun.  Best friends for life, they swam and played on the beach, enjoying each other’s company.


Photo:  Pixabay

Mother’s Day is EVERYDAY…

gray elephant on brown grass field during daytime

Photo:  RC redcharlie

“The dog can’t go for a walk…he’s busy,” said the cat. “I’ll let you know when he’s free.”.”

Photo:  Louis-Philippe Poitras

These photographs are wonderful…from: Bored Panda

Woman Puts Camera On Bird Feeder In Her Yard, Here Is What It Has Caught (30 New Pics) 

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