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Part of the Stage Crew…

The Moon Party is coming along nicely and should be set for next week sometime.  The Stage Crew is almost finished with the details and the Kitchen Crew has been busy baking and freezing goodies for the Moon Dinner.  Judy, … Continue reading

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Still on his skateboard…

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Party plans continue…(reblog)

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The chicklets are upset with me because they want to get on with the Moon Party and I haven’t been drawing anything…so they told me to repost something so no one forgets about them. Sigh. I’ve been doing other artwork and they reminded me that they come first, so hopefully, they will be back soon. Chirp

Reading is very important to the chicklets.  They have a multitude of bookclubs and discussion groups.  They don’t like to read books on chickens, or chicklets because, in their own words, “humans don’t have a clue and everything they write … Continue reading

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The chicklets asked me to remind you that other living beings are BEAUTIFUL and not food…

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Chicklet Sam…babysitter

Chicklet Sam, who is quite young, said he would babysit for a mother bird, while she went to bathe and get something to eat.  Fortunately, she wasn’t gone long.  Sam said the babies made a lot of noise and he … Continue reading

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