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Robin has just finished her largest canvas for her One Chicklet show. It’s called EGG RISE. It stands for the beginning/birth of all chicklets. She used an egg from the nursery as a model and will give the artwork to the baby chicklet when it hatches. For now it will be going into the Gallery, as soon as the Stage Crew finishes building it. Oh, and she added the birds in honor of Vincent Van Gogh…you can’t tell whether they are coming or going and she likes the mystery.

The chicklets wish you a Happy New Year…starting right now (story below)

The New Year’s Party was wonderful.  The Stage Crew finally got Cricket off the ceiling by popping the balloons, one at a time, until she was low enough to grab. When she was asked how she liked being up so high all day and night, she said, “I loved it.  I could see EVERYTHING.” The chicklets thought she was outstanding.

The Poetry Club, above, received a standing ovation, as did the tumblers.  The warming bunnies hopped to a hip-hop song written by a lovely Dutch bunny who just came to The Coop two months ago.

Two of the chicklets wore gowns designed by Resa and Holly sent her usual truck load of food which delighted the chicklets and the hens.  They said Holly makes the best corn bread they have ever had.  And that’s saying a lot.

Two of the horses stood on their back legs and turned in a circle.  Then they neighed a short song and took a bow.  It was amazing and they surprised everyone, since they had kept their act a secret.  One of the chicklets got on stage and showed everyone how to knit.  There was a lot of flapping and chirping for her act, since she is almost brand new and this was her first party.  The Vocal Club peeped several songs in harmony and everyone danced to the songs the DJ played.  There was also a sing-a-long and lots of games.

Gondola rides, around the Rubber Duck Pond, were a popular treat and the goats took everyone for hayrides in the carts.

The chicklets are hoping humans will be kinder to animals in the New Year. That they will eating them, hunting them and using them for clothing.  That they will stop experimenting on them or forcing them into Factory Farms.  That is their only wish.

Those rescued guests, who were still in the Hospital Wing, were read and sung to by chicklets.  They were also surrounded by Warming Bunnies, who snuggled around them and sent them warmth, love and healing energy.

A huge pajama party was the final event of the evening, or morning, actually.

Today the chicklets will begin the clean up, and start working on the Valentine’s Day Bash and the Art Gallery sets.  They have a lot of ideas and Cricket said she would wear the balloons again, if they thought it was a good idea.


Robin is another artist at The Coop. She received new paints and brushes for Chickmas and has been busy ever since. (see story below)

I took Robin to see Monet’s Garden, a couple of years ago.  She’s been painting this way ever since.  She loves black paint and said she likes the way it muddies the other colors.  The chicklets are going to set up a “One Chicklet Show” for her in the coming months.  The Stage Crew is already planning to build white walls and get new lighting.  They are also going to build a Gallery front, so the entire gallery will look authentic.  The Kitchen Crew said they will provide cheese, corn chips, a special seed mix, and something to drink.  Everyone is invited, so the Gallery will be built in the Party Center, so the horses, goats, cows and the giraffe can attend.  Robin is very excited and the chicklets think it’s going to be wonderful.

Josie, her big brother Jude and her baby brother Sparrow…

The chicklets put on a play last night called, The Chickmas Story.  It ran longer than expected, because one of the chicklets fell off the stage and had to go to the hospital wing. He’s fine and will be released this afternoon.

Sparrow fell asleep and Jude carried him back to his nest.  The little ones don’t get a bed until they are a bit older.  Everyone loved the play and they are thinking about doing it again for the Chickmas show but with new parts for the bunnies and two goats.  It’s  a work in progress

I’ve made a chicklet for my cousin, for every place we’ve been. I didn’t make one for her from Paris because she wanted Italy. The other day she said she didn’t have Paris. So this is part of her Xmas present.



Trini told Pinky that she loved Pink as well, so Pinky drew a picture for her…

The Ground Crew has been collecting leaves…

The Ground Crew is collecting leaves to make a giant pile, so the chicklets can jump into them. when they are finished they will have a bonfire.  The hens will be in charge of the fire, so no one gets singed or set on fire.  After the bonfire there will be ice cream, corn bread and left over Halloween candy, of which there is very little.  Then story time and bed.  Everyone is looking forward to it.  Well, not the hens exactly, but everyone else.


Iris gave a lecture yesterday.  All the chicklets and guests were there.  Below is her lecture, word for word:

“My beautiful friends and family, welcome.

This is about stars.  We do not look out at the stars, we move among them.  They are all around us.  The clostest star is the sun.  It’s so close, it keeps us warm.  If we were closer to our star we would die because it would be too hot.

Little ones, don’t worry, the sun won’t get that hot for a VERY long time.  I promise.  The sun is our star and our friend.  It takes eight minutes for light from the sun to get to us.  If the sun went out, that’s how long it would be until we froze to death, but little chicklets, you don’t have to worry about that either, so you can open your eyes again.

Are there any questions?

“Yes, other stars are on fire too.”

“I don’t know what we’re having for lunch.”

“Anything else?” she asked, looking around.

“Yes, I did draw the picture myself.  Thank you.”

“I don’t know who named the sun, but I agree that Fire would be a better name.”

Thank you all for coming to the lecture.  I think there’s ice cream in the kitchen.”



Maurice and his little sister Margot…

Maurice and his little sister Margot are still being French.  I took them to Paris a couple of years ago and ever since then they have been chirping and peeping with a French accent.  But, that’s either here nor there, as they say.

They both love Chickmas and while the Clean Up Crew hasn’t even finished cleaning up after the Halloween Party, Maurice has already been into the ornaments.  There was a lot of peeping about that and he promised to wait until the Halloween mess was gone before getting more boxes out of storage.  Although he did say this was a time of transition.  Everyone agreed but still asked him to wait.

Margot said that she’s thinking of becoming a ballerina and will be joining the Ballet club next week.  She wants to dance the Nutcracker for Chickmas.  I explained that the Nutcracker had nothing at all to do with smashing walnuts, or pecans, and she seemed to lose interest.  She said that she already had a hammer picked out, so she may have to make up her own ballet.

I told her I thought that was a great idea.   We can only wait and see.



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