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Robin has just finished her largest canvas for her One Chicklet show. It’s called EGG RISE. It stands for the beginning/birth of all chicklets. She used an egg from the nursery as a model and will give the artwork to the baby chicklet when it hatches. For now it will be going into the Gallery, as soon as the Stage Crew finishes building it. Oh, and she added the birds in honor of Vincent Van Gogh…you can’t tell whether they are coming or going and she likes the mystery.

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The chicklets wish you a Happy New Year…starting right now (story below)

The New Year’s Party was wonderful.  The Stage Crew finally got Cricket off the ceiling by popping the balloons, one at a time, until she was low enough to grab. When she was asked how she liked being up so … Continue reading

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Robin is another artist at The Coop. She received new paints and brushes for Chickmas and has been busy ever since. (see story below)

I took Robin to see Monet’s Garden, a couple of years ago.  She’s been painting this way ever since.  She loves black paint and said she likes the way it muddies the other colors.  The chicklets are going to set … Continue reading

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Josie, her big brother Jude and her baby brother Sparrow…

The chicklets put on a play last night called, The Chickmas Story.  It ran longer than expected, because one of the chicklets fell off the stage and had to go to the hospital wing. He’s fine and will be released … Continue reading

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I’ve made a chicklet for my cousin, for every place we’ve been. I didn’t make one for her from Paris because she wanted Italy. The other day she said she didn’t have Paris. So this is part of her Xmas present.


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Trini told Pinky that she loved Pink as well, so Pinky drew a picture for her…

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The Ground Crew has been collecting leaves…

The Ground Crew is collecting leaves to make a giant pile, so the chicklets can jump into them. when they are finished they will have a bonfire.  The hens will be in charge of the fire, so no one gets … Continue reading

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Iris gave a lecture yesterday.  All the chicklets and guests were there.  Below is her lecture, word for word: “My beautiful friends and family, welcome. This is about stars.  We do not look out at the stars, we move among … Continue reading

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Maurice and his little sister Margot…

Maurice and his little sister Margot are still being French.  I took them to Paris a couple of years ago and ever since then they have been chirping and peeping with a French accent.  But, that’s either here nor there, … Continue reading

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