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Daniel…the interview


Picture from Pixabay



“Hi.  My name is Daniel and I’m a goat.”

“Have you been in a 12 Step Program, Daniel?”

“Not really.  I saw something about it on television.”

“How do you like being a goat?”

“It’s better than being a human.”

“Why would you say that?”

“If I want to move I don’t have anything to pack.  I just walk to wherever I want to go.”

“Good point.  Anything else?”

“My kids grow up and I don’t have to take care of them for the rest of my life.  I don’t have to work, or sit in traffic.  I’m not addicted to anything.  I don’t have to shop, or wear clothes.  I can eat almost anything.  I don’t need money and I don’t have to obey a corrupt government.  I don’t have to go to war.  I don’t have to believe in any gods, or devils, or demons, or angles and….”

“Okay then. Is there anything you would like to have that humans have?”


“Anything else?”

“Cafe tables with little umbrellas.”


“Yes, really.  I think they are delightful.”

“Is that it?”

“No.  I would like a camera and some of those yellow, cheesy crackers that look like fish.”

“I have some of those in my backpack, would you like to have them?”

“Yes please.”

“What do you do for pleasure, Daniel?”

“I eat grass, run around and climb on things.  Most of the time I dance.”

“You dance?”

“I do.  I like tap, Modern, Jazz  and Jitterbug.”

“Do you have a partner?”

“Sometimes, but I don’t mind dancing alone.”

“You seem quite happy and well adjusted.”

“Why wouldn’t I be happy?  I can do anything I want to do.  Sometimes I read all day, or just lay around.  Sometimes I climb and dance.  I’m free.”

“Well, it was nice talking with you.”

“All I did was answer your questions.”

“That’s true.  Is there anything you’d like to ask me before I go?”

“Yes.  Why does your species kill everything?”


Love this…

Artist Ed Paschke
American, 1939-2004
Pedifem, 1987
Oil on canvas

I love the movement and rhythm in this work.  It’s fabulous.

Chihuly glass installation in the entrance of the Milwaukee Art Museum…

Fabulous…and that’s Debbie in the picture.

Artist Trading Card (ATC)

Watercolor pencil

Here’s a sweet fuzzy to make you smile :)


Fuzzy caterpillars are just so cute.

SPOTLIGHT won best picture…


I don’t watch the awards program so I just found out this morning that SPOTLIGHT won for BEST PICTURE and I couldn’t be happier.


Journal page…

The Milwaukee Art Museum…

This is pat of the entrance area.  It’s so beautiful.  That’s Lake Michigan you see through the window.  The roof above this area is where the wings/sails are…it’s the part that opens and closes.

Part of the ceiling.



Picture from Pixabay

It was a long night.  Babs turned two, so we got together and had a huge birthday party for her.  She loved it.  Everyone, well everyone but Alfred, brought gifts.  Babs got so many fish, she shared them with all of us and by the time the party was over, all the food was gone.  She got a couple feathers. a string, a ribbon and a scrunched up piece of newspaper.  She was very happy and grateful for the bash.  At least twenty cats showed up.  We held the party in the alley behind the Fish & Chips Shop.  A nice lady puts a big bowl of water behind the fire escape for us everyday,  so it seemed like the right place.

Buttons is sweet on Babs.  He follows her wherever she goes.  Babs used to be a house cat and the people she lived with took her to a vet and now she can’t have kittens.  Buttons said he wanted a big family but he’s willing to give that idea up, if she will just stay with him and settle down.  I think she’s warming up to him.  I saw her lick his ear when he walked by.

I went out with her a couple of times but we’ve always just been friends.  She liked my brother for a week or two, but said he was too immature to take seriously.  Everyone loves him but he’s not mate material, that’s for sure.  Cats don’t always stay together anyway, we’re Free Spirits, if you know what I mean.

Well, I’m really tired.  I only slept for ten or eleven hours yesterday. But that’s not why I look like this.  Pete and Bess brought a whole bag of catnip to the party.  I’m nipped out.  So, I’m going to close my eyes for a bit, while you look at a few different posts.  I don’t know how you humans get along with only seven or eight hours a night.  No wonder you’re all so crabby.  Have a nice day and remember…be nice to animals…all of them.

Journal page…

Masks and rubber stamps

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