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Short, cute, TED Talk…


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Lovely TED Talk about our feathered friends…

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This TED Talk will show you what’s coming our way…it’s a truly important talk with a good speaker. It’s an important Talk to watch. Scary but at least he tries to give some answers. I don’t think what he proposes is going to work, however, except as concepts and things on paper but you decide for yourself. Basic wages, to me mean no raises, and stagnation. I don’t know where the money will come from that can pay everyone but the people who control what everyone gets will be as corrupt as what we have now, so good luck with that. The thing is…we don’t HAVE to let machines put everyone out of work. No one can MAKE us do that, but we will, because we can.

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Important TED Talk…This lack of witnessing and information is happening in America today. Our current government is a threat to many, as white supremacy gets a stronger foothold, as deportations continue. What has America become?

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This is an outstanding TED Talk…so important on so many levels…17 minutes long.

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An almost 5 minute dance…the robot takes over a bit at the end…and for many of us, it’s hard to remember that the robot is a machine. I think everything has intelligence…I can write a story about how the robot longs to dance and looks forward to the dancer returning, to make life more beautiful…but maybe that’s just me.

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This 7 minute and some seconds TED Talk is wonderful…

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